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6651 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Feb 2003 at 8:10 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-20 08:22:14 AM  
It may not be funny, but it is sad...and does make me feel better about MYself
2003-02-20 08:22:18 AM  
I wish this girl would STOP doing whatever the hell she's doing. I'm all for boobies and everything, but this is getting on my nerves.
2003-02-20 08:25:28 AM  
man, i was looking at those pics and they reminded me of our house about 15yrs ago...then i saw that it was grown men making the forts...

-can i use the term 'our house'? or is that me being a 'typical bumpkin in the south'?

quick someone find What_Would_Jimi_Do!!
2003-02-20 08:26:21 AM  
oh god i'm embarassed for those poor socially retarded fools - what age are they? do they really think this sort of behaviour is amusing or normal?

I'd be willing to wager a large amount of cash these guys computer's play a large part in their sex lives
2003-02-20 08:27:18 AM  
What a waste of bandwidth. Does that site ever have anything worth looking at? Sad, sad people, must have run out of RPG's, so they regressed.
2003-02-20 08:28:17 AM  
Yeah, it was cool to see the forts, and then wierd to see guys old enough to be balding and have goatees playing in them.
2003-02-20 08:29:01 AM  
I remember making huge blanket forts. Made one that covered my whole room and my brother and I had a nerf fight.
2003-02-20 08:30:10 AM  
2003-02-20 08:30:36 AM  
I always found the best way to win was to set fire to the opposition.
2003-02-20 08:31:06 AM  
Huzzah! I remembered my password after many moons of wondering! And now.... I go make a pillow fort!
2003-02-20 08:33:56 AM  
Jeez you people. You're so repressed. Listen to yourselves. :-)


I tell yea if more people embraced their childhood rather than pushed it away like some taboo thing we'd have fewer wars. If Osama Bin Laden was blowing up GI Joes with firecrackers he'd have been too bosy to blow up the WTC. And if Saddam Hussein just got himself one of those cool chemistry SETS, then he wouldn't be playing with big boy toys like chemical WEAPONS.

Watch more cartoons. :-)
2003-02-20 08:35:56 AM  
Having read that caption for the first time, i was expecting to read about dutch ovens.
2003-02-20 08:43:22 AM  
Now if only this article had been about nekkid college girls having pillow fights, everyone would be happy.
2003-02-20 08:49:12 AM  
You think these guys are running low on ideas for content or something
2003-02-20 08:50:03 AM  
Heh, gave me a chuckle or two.

I've seen worse.
2003-02-20 08:51:31 AM  
I don't know about anyone else but going with the whole embrace your childhood. Making blanket forts sounds really fun right about now.
2003-02-20 08:53:11 AM  
Like, nostalgia is just a thing of the past.

Just let it go, man. Let it go.
2003-02-20 08:53:40 AM  
I think this was funnier than a lot of the humor stuff put up. Kind of a recapturing your youth type thing interjected with some modern and adult twists... Or maybe it's just 5am and I think everything is funny...
2003-02-20 08:55:05 AM  
Besides you can't beat those hacked rom reviews. They teh funneh!!
2003-02-20 08:57:34 AM  
I never had a PC or 'fridge in my pillow fort. Technology sure has changed.
2003-02-20 09:04:46 AM  
I was lucky if I could scrounge a cardboard tube. Sure wish I had laser armbands...
2003-02-20 09:12:05 AM  
It wasn't all that funny, but it did bring back some memories of my own wasted youth, which was only wasted like maybe a month ago or so...

So they are grown men acting like 6 year olds and some of you act like your above that sort of things. I bet if we could ask your wives/girl friends/life-partners we would find that most men act like 6 year olds on a pretty much daily basis.
2003-02-20 09:23:32 AM  
One or two chuckles, but I laughed harder wondering if any of these guys has ever touched a real breast (chicken does not count).
2003-02-20 09:32:40 AM  
God bless the fallen of the "Great Pillow Fort War", they are the true heroes.
2003-02-20 09:48:45 AM  
Reliving your youth - Pillow & Sheet Fort War

I was expecting an article about dutch ovens.
2003-02-20 09:49:56 AM  
I'm with everybody saying that reliving your youth isn't a bad thing. Pillow forts were the shiat.
2003-02-20 09:59:48 AM  
That is quite possibly the gayest thing I have ever seen in my life. Doing that stuff at the age of say, 8 is understandable.

Doing it as an adult... well that's Michael Jackson stuf there.

Majik mushrooms are bad, mmkay?
2003-02-20 10:05:35 AM  
In pre-school our teacher asked if anyone knew how to build a fort, and I volunteered and was allowed to make one. And then at nap-time I got to sleep inside it! Yeah, I felt pretty special.

One of my favorite ways to build a "fort" was to take a fitted sheet and attach the edge of it to the top of the back of a box fan. Then the sheet would inflate and I'd have a small air-conditioned space to play in. (fitted sheets were better than normal sheets because the elastic prevented them from flapping around.)
2003-02-20 10:06:24 AM  
That was frelling hilarious! I used to build these things as a little kid all the time. Cover the stairs in a couple sheets, the banister, etc. Allthough when I did it we had nerf guns for weapons, none of this "laser gauntlet" crap.

Allthough now that I look over the article...two things come to mind. First, this somewhat explains why I have a certain friend that is hell bent in turning my little storage area into a "chong room" with a few sheets covering the walls and ceiling, with matresses on the floor. Granted it would be cool to have a little area you crawl into when you want to get your buzz on, and it would be a flashback to youth...damnit, now I want to build the damn thing. Argh.
And secondly, is it just me or is like x-entertainment, only without the suck? Matt used to farking rock before he turned the website into another freaking UGO portal.
The Zod page on I-mockery is the shizzynit, btw.
2003-02-20 10:08:21 AM  
02-20-03 09:59:48 AM GojiraXP
That is quite possibly the gayest thing I have ever seen in my life.

Scary, I was just about to type the EXACT same thing.
2003-02-20 10:08:27 AM  
Quick1: LOL!

There is no connection between TotalFark and getting articles accepted. I was TotalFark until a few weeks ago (working on that CC debt this year) and was denied time and again. [id]And I'm funny and original![/id]

I have noticed that whiners never get articles posted, though.
2003-02-20 10:25:34 AM  
Domo-Kun kicks ass. Good going, crew:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-20 10:36:07 AM  
GojiraXP: You are quick to judge what is immature for someone who's in his 30's and lists games as his first interest (yes i know you mentioned they are in no order).
2003-02-20 10:43:37 AM  
... and sorry Gojira, more boredom than anything, but you also state that you have essentially removed yourself from the human existence other than work.

Glass house living rock throwing motherfarker! ;-)
2003-02-20 10:43:45 AM  
"All I'm gonna use this bed for is sleeping, eating, and maybe building a little fort."
2003-02-20 10:45:05 AM  
I built couch-cushion-and-blanket forts a lot, but they were more like "hermit caves" than actual "forts," because the only activities that happened in them were reading books or taking naps or peeking out to watch TV. And they didn't have any cool defense systems or anything.

Sometimes I think I got cheated by having a boring girly/nerdy childhood...
2003-02-20 11:04:04 AM  
We spend all our time making and preparing blanket forts in our lives. But what truly stands the test of time and eternity? Very deep.
2003-02-20 11:09:39 AM  
Squitchy - Do whiners never get posted, or do you only notice they never get posted because they whine about it?
2003-02-20 12:01:31 PM  
Paying for TotalFark is liking paying for, why bother when you can someplace else and get it for free?..
2003-02-20 12:09:41 PM  
how old are these guys? haha
2003-02-20 12:14:13 PM  
Don't be rippin' on pillow forts... they kick any Afghan cave in the groin.
2003-02-20 12:43:15 PM  
Hmm... I just built a fort with my gf last weekend (we're 22) out of sheets and her canopy bed and some couches. It was a lot of fun, but it's super weird to see that we're not the only one's who miss building pillow forts. I guess we didn't fight anyone in it though.
2003-02-20 02:40:33 PM  
I thought it was hillarious readong about how one of the guy's was farting up a storm in there. I could just imagine that going on... oh the horror. I'm sure the guy was laughing about it which let a little more squeak out and that just made him giggle more resulting in a horrible biological weapons attack... or would that be checmical weapons...

Maybe they should have stuck the guy's ass into the opposing team's fort. But I guess that might have been a violation of international treaties or something.
2003-02-20 02:55:25 PM  
Some folks just have waaay too much time on their hands.
of course we used to do that on cold'n'snowy mornings-
and build card houses and all sorts of other stuff. THEN
I learned to ski. cold'n'snowy mornings were never,ever
the same- and i left the forts to the younger kids, having
showed'em everything...
2003-02-20 04:02:18 PM  
2003-02-20 05:04:18 PM  
REliving my youth? I may be 26, but if building blanket forts is wrong, I don't want to be right.
2003-02-20 05:54:51 PM  
I thought it was funny. I still have a bunch of those mini-ninjas.
2003-02-20 06:03:50 PM  
I guess anyone who complains about Pillow Forts never had one of their own. Jealous?

Man, those were some cool times. Something about seeing it in web form brings back them memories. Good times.
2003-02-20 06:37:28 PM  
...even better...

in a few world history classes at my school, people get to reenact WWI trech warfare with paper balls, desk forts, and people going out into the center as tanks.

...good times...good times...
2003-02-20 07:30:15 PM  
hhahahhaISG, no doubt the cable and internet is the next level! The best my cool dude forts ever has was Intellivision hookup and access to a dank and dirty crawlspace for taunting enemy with random floor pounds.

While my brothers smelly butt forts had the upstairs bathroom ambush objective, and encompassed the intercom board for relaying info from NO-MANS land, the kitchen.

of course back then we did have the BEST war ammo, rubber bands with computer punch-card V-bombs!!
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