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(Daily Bull)   UN forces Greece to apologize for Alexander the Great   ( divider line
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1295 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Sep 2001 at 12:00 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-10 12:28:52 AM  
wasn't Alexander the Great part of the Holy Roman Empire centralized in modern day Italy?
2001-09-10 01:04:56 AM  
No, ATG lived around 300 BC.
2001-09-10 02:44:59 AM  
Damn greeks....
2001-09-10 03:53:01 AM  
Ladies and gentlemen! ATG was Macedonian!
Thank you. Thank you.
2001-09-10 07:52:34 AM  
wow that title actually made me chuckle, didn't even see the tag ;-)

great article idea
2001-09-10 08:53:20 AM  
That article is pure brilliance!
2001-09-10 09:49:09 AM  
It's just one step away from pure chaos. Next, Egypt will have to apologize for the whole Ramses series, Mongolia will have to apologize for the wrath of Khans, Iraq (Babylon) will have to apologize for Nebudchadnezzer, Iran (Persia) for Darius and Xerxes, Poland for polka music, and Japan for Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z.
2001-09-10 10:06:01 AM  
America doesn't haven't to apologise for anything - it's too young to know any better.
2001-09-10 10:52:59 AM  
Finally some good satire. It's been a while since I've read something of satire that was both original and funny. Kudos.
2001-09-10 11:04:05 AM  
I appologize for Tigranes the Great, but then somebody needs to appologize for Pompey the Great. Then Julius Ceasar has to appologize to Pompey. I guess everybody has to appologize to everybody else, except the French, they always surrender, we all need to appologize to them.
2001-09-10 11:10:23 AM  
Goatman: lol.

hts: I disagree. France needs to apologize for the French and those stupid berets.
2001-09-10 11:42:30 AM  
Does Greece also have to apologize about that whole goat sex thing too?
2001-09-10 12:05:04 PM  
Does Greece also have to apologize for introducing ass farking to the world?
2001-09-10 12:29:10 PM  
Just grab your ankles. That will do.
2001-09-10 01:51:09 PM  
Doofus : That was around before Greece was.
2001-09-10 04:50:10 PM  
Yes, Sethor, darling, I know that. However, it's such a popular pastime in Greece, and it IS known as the "Greek" position.
2001-09-10 05:40:14 PM  
Good, but not enough. Let's talk reparations!
2001-09-10 05:51:55 PM  
U.N. can SUCK IT.....
2001-09-10 08:42:05 PM  
Thank you for all the comments! They are really appreciated. :)
2001-09-11 05:51:19 AM  
hate to admit it, but it is really funny. No I don't mean that. I mean I really really liked it. Okay. I laughed out loud. Shot bru.

Only thing is though, countries that haven't stopped doing the same thing really should apologise.
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