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(SFGate)   9/11 suspect convicted on 3,066 counts, gets 15 years. Narrowly avoids 3,067th strike law   ( divider line
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2003-02-19 02:01:23 PM  
Exactly... why only 15 years?
2003-02-19 02:02:25 PM  
Only 15 years because he was tried in Germany, not in the U.S. where we would execute him a couple thousand times in a row just for the hell of it.
2003-02-19 02:02:30 PM  
Who is going to convict Shrub and all the others responsible for training and funding these terorists?
2003-02-19 02:02:56 PM  
no worries. he'll be reformed in 15 years.
2003-02-19 02:03:39 PM  
Look for an angry "welcome home" party when he gets out.
2003-02-19 02:03:43 PM  
From what I read on the Guardian, there wasn't a very strong case against him. Maybe he's just "Collateral Damage," like that Arnold movie. Which was horrible, utterly horrible.
2003-02-19 02:03:51 PM  
He'll be on parole in 8 months
2003-02-19 02:04:13 PM  
In France he would have received a medal.
2003-02-19 02:04:20 PM  
Motherfunker, why don't you sue the police trainers or the politicians who fund the police the next time a former cop blows up an airliner?

Dumb! Dumb! Dumb!
2003-02-19 02:04:22 PM  
The trial actually ended a month ago... court records show the last few weeks' dialogue:

"Mr. Foreman, what say you regarding charge number 1?"


"Mr. Foreman, what say you regarding charge number 2?"

"Guilty.  Look, he's guilty on all of them.  Can't you just run with that?"

"No.  Mr. Foreman, what say you regarding charge number 3?"

And so on.
2003-02-19 02:04:33 PM  
bring back the rope ... hang 'em high.
2003-02-19 02:04:46 PM  
roughly 43 hours per murder. That'll teach him.
2003-02-19 02:05:04 PM  
15 years????

Damn, he was convicted over 3000 times. German courts are pretty sweet!
2003-02-19 02:05:08 PM  
Hopefully after he gets out of prison someone will kidnap him and torture him to death.
2003-02-19 02:05:50 PM  
I would be very surprised if he made it 3 months in prison (that is if he is in solitary) I wouldn't even give him 3 hours in general population.
2003-02-19 02:06:28 PM  
I agree with christ puncher
2003-02-19 02:06:40 PM  
I don't want to sue anybody, i just want responsiblity to be brought to the root of the situation, and those who had anything to do with it held accountable.
2003-02-19 02:07:03 PM  
another reason to love the germans.
2003-02-19 02:08:50 PM  
Good headline ;)

Oh and Syngergism, Drew isn't just a moderator. He happens to own the site. What you see here is not a democracy. If the mods or admins decide to can you, you're canned. If you wanna speak freely, start your own site.
2003-02-19 02:08:57 PM  
Would I be wrong to say I hope this guy gets anally raped while in prison?
2003-02-19 02:09:08 PM  
If you look at:​ndard

You will see he got Life in prison.
2003-02-19 02:09:27 PM  
/me hopes German prisons haven't changed much from WWII
2003-02-19 02:10:38 PM  
2003-02-19 02:11:07 PM  
Funny headline.
2003-02-19 02:11:36 PM  
I think that we can now officially stop referring to him as "suspect". 3,066 convictions should be enough to label him "criminal".
2003-02-19 02:11:48 PM  
Rabble! Rabble! Rabble!!
Lets just do what Israel does and kidnap him and give em' the old roach clips on the nuts routine. Marky Mark Style!!!
[image from too old to be available]
Ok, wrong movie but you get the point.
2003-02-19 02:12:12 PM  
Phargle That's a very sly, underhanded attempt to threadjack you posted.
2003-02-19 02:12:16 PM  
And he was not extradited Stateside why?
2003-02-19 02:13:34 PM  
If we are lucky, we might get a Capital Punishment debate going, that would be swell.
2003-02-19 02:13:39 PM  

I thought I knew what bullshiat was, then I followed your link.

Thanks for clarifying it for me.
2003-02-19 02:14:35 PM  
15 yrs for 3,066 offenses and a friend of mine got 25 for helping to bury a body. Talk about justice.
2003-02-19 02:14:48 PM  
That guys so lucky he doesnt live in texas :|
2003-02-19 02:14:50 PM  
How farking absurd. What does that say to the rest of the world about justice for such a horrific crime? That is less than 2 days in jail per conviction.
2003-02-19 02:14:52 PM  
Well, if they predict e will only live for 15 years in jail, then what do we have to complain about?
2003-02-19 02:15:46 PM  
Steelwelder: And he was not extradited Stateside why?

Because the Germans were afraid that the USA would coddle him and sentence him to a really short prison term despite the fact that he help kill over 3,000 people?
2003-02-19 02:16:58 PM  

If the 911 attack was being planned posssibly 5-10 years prior to the attack, why would Bush be sued? Wouldn't that be Clinton? Not saying that any US President was an accomplice. Just doing some simple math.
2003-02-19 02:17:08 PM  
Hmm. I was just reading Noam Chomsky's new book, a collection of interviews about 9/11. Interesting stuff. Wonder what he would have to say about this article.
2003-02-19 02:17:42 PM  
Hmm...what's the over/under on his survival? I guess since it's Germany he might last a little longer, but there's got to be a few US sympathizers there that will give him the Dahmer treatment (where the inmate turns into hamburger and no one saw it happen...oops!)
2003-02-19 02:17:49 PM  
In Nazi France, terrorist convicts you!
2003-02-19 02:18:04 PM  
yea..I'm flabberboggled and mindghasted by this too...only 15 years? thats just sooooo not right.
2003-02-19 02:18:19 PM  

You'd hate to be this guy's cellmate.

"I'm in for drug dealing. What are you in for, new cellmate ?"

"Well, my first charge was for murder, the second for killing kittens, the third for littering, the fourth ...
(10 hours later)
"... and the 2,314th one was for leaving the toilet seat up, and the 2,315th one was for typing "It's a trap ! on, and the 2,316th one..."

2003-02-19 02:18:24 PM  
We might have to give him more rights as a defendant if he were in the US-->

From the This Is London article:

The five judges acknowledged that the loose-knit nature of al Qaeda meant there was little more than circumstantial evidence to link him to the plot but emphasised this was enough for a guilty verdict.
2003-02-19 02:18:37 PM  
42.9 hours per murder.

(Note that the justice tag ended before my calculation. Just makin' sure.)
2003-02-19 02:18:38 PM  
365 * 15 = 5475

5475 / 3066 = roughly 1.78.

why less than 2 days per count?

i'd love to see a list of the things he was convicted for, and the possible min/max sentence for each.
2003-02-19 02:18:49 PM  
I just wish they'd stop using the term "suspect" to describe this person. It's inaccurate and soft.

While under investigation, one is a suspect.
Upon the laying of charges, a suspect becomes an accused.
At the beginning of trial, the accused becomes a defendant.
Upon conviction, the defendant is (duh) a convict.

This numbnuts stopped being a suspect a long time ago.

But that's what to expect from a soft, sensationalistic, corrupt and commercialized news media. Enjoy!
2003-02-19 02:19:37 PM  
15 years is life in Germany?! If they only live that long in Germany, I'm glad I don't live there.
2003-02-19 02:19:44 PM  
They should have tried each count seperately, then he could have 3,000 back to back 15 year sentances, and billions in legal fees.
2003-02-19 02:19:45 PM  
Too bad he wasn't caught in Turkey or Texas.
2003-02-19 02:19:51 PM  
This guy will be out of prison in less than 5 years, when the muslims completely overrun Europe and let him out.
2003-02-19 02:19:54 PM  
I just said Bush because he is the current administration.
I really have no love for Clinton either, in fact most presidents since Roosevelt irk me. And again, i don't want to sue anyone, just the responsible held accountable.
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