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(AZCentral)   Law forces cabbies to wear socks, pants   ( divider line
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3150 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Feb 2003 at 11:54 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-19 11:57:00 AM  
First pants.
2003-02-19 11:57:32 AM  
Don't you hate pants?!?
2003-02-19 11:57:36 AM  
Then socks, what is the world coming to?
2003-02-19 11:57:38 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

"Whatever you do, don't look down."
2003-02-19 11:57:48 AM  
and no more open-toe shoes

Smelly feet are the worst.
2003-02-19 11:58:36 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-19 11:58:55 AM  
2003-02-19 11:59:43 AM  
they already required towels on there heads..
2003-02-19 12:00:57 PM  
cab drivers here in hawaii are pretty cool. they dress nice, and speak clear english. my cab driver the other day was so cool, he drove up my mile long dirt drive way (which cab drivers never do) and carried a heavy box inside for me.
2003-02-19 12:01:27 PM  
Actually, I used to really enjoy getting ripped and driving around town naked. no shiat.
2003-02-19 12:01:35 PM  
I think people who try this hard to intrude into other's lives via stupid laws need to be forced to wear shorts and t-shirts and open-toed shoes.
2003-02-19 12:02:47 PM  
Fuzzygirl18... huh huh uh huh, you said heavy box.
2003-02-19 12:03:22 PM  

I heard this just in time.....I was going to invest in NUDECABBIES, Inc.

Instead, I think I'll short NUDECABBIES and throw my money in Tits 'N Taxis.....
2003-02-19 12:04:33 PM  
Eh. I think Philly has some of the worst cabs, to say nothing of the drivers, in the country. Most of our cabs are cabs that were formerly used and abused by NYC taxi companies, and then sold to the companies down here. Prior to their use as NYC cabs, they were NYPD cars. So, basically, we are getting what is left of a car after criminals have puked/bled/shiat in them, cops have tapped hookers and/or suspects in them, and then have been subject to similar treatment at the hands of NYC raghead taxi drivers. Small wonder that they smell and run like hell.
2003-02-19 12:04:45 PM  
I would have written the law to require hot pants.

Hot pants, get yer hot pants!!
2003-02-19 12:05:08 PM  
The trousers have already won.
2003-02-19 12:06:26 PM  
Seriously, try it sometime.
Step 1) Get wasted
Step 2) Get naked, pop on ten-gallon hat, hop in SUV
Step 3) Drive around in an area it's somewhat safe to drive in when farked up

Really is fun.
2003-02-19 12:06:50 PM  
So does this mean they won't require you to sit up front and help them with the pink gearshift anymore?
2003-02-19 12:07:36 PM  
A law that tells you how to dress. Nice.

I can understand the open-toe shoe thing. You can argue safty while driving. Everything else seems to be something that the law shouldn't be able to inforce. Go F yo self law. Go F yourself already.
2003-02-19 12:09:36 PM  
But I PREFER Lesbian Monkey Hooker Naked Cab Drivers. Who DOESN'T?
2003-02-19 12:09:51 PM  
I remember when my best friend and I were in Chicago once, and we had just ripped off some bum who hooked us up with a sack of bud. He was chasing us down the street and so we jumped in a cab, and the cabbie was only wearing boxers. I think he thought they were shorts... /shrug. Anyways, he got us out of there quickly and we tipped him well.
2003-02-19 12:12:08 PM  
Alright, driving naked I can handle, but ripping off people's bud is just evil.
2003-02-19 12:18:02 PM  
Admit it. A few of you Farkers are feverishly searching for the Dennis Miller "cab ride" quote.
2003-02-19 12:28:20 PM  
You already have a shiatty we'll make you wear uncomfortable clothing too.

2003-02-19 12:32:29 PM  
What about my Utilikilt! I never wear pants any more!! Let the breeze blow free!
2003-02-19 12:39:29 PM  
My cabbie better be wearing pants. He won't get a tip from me if I can see his tip.
2003-02-19 12:56:02 PM  
I actually prefer my cabbies to not wear pants. It makes them less likely to chase me down the street after bolting on the fare.

Re: stealing bud from a bum. What the hell is this world coming to? You let him run after you? Should have given him a good-old-fashioned beat down after snatching his drugs. Shoulda taken his pants too. Why the hell not?

I'm not wearing any pants right now, as a matter of fact. It's liberating and I'm fresh.
2003-02-19 01:54:11 PM  
At least they didn't forbid female drivers to work topless.
2003-02-19 02:32:30 PM  
this new law is a crime against humanity...
2003-02-19 03:41:49 PM  
personally, i prefer my cabbies pants-free.
2003-02-20 12:50:03 AM  
I had a cabbie in the Loop once who was watching cartoons on a little t.v. as he darted in and out of traffic. We almost bit the dust several times. He smelled bad too, but I don't think it had anything to do with pants and shoes.
2003-02-20 01:26:08 AM  
Morons. It's probably their clothes that smell. Driving for hours is stressful. You sweat into your clothing and it starts to smell. Duh. Maybe they should hire a consulting firm for thousands of dollars to tell them what a few working brain cells should.

Drivers need clean clothes however scantily dressed and showers. Have people sample cab rides and fine smelly cab drivers. Problem solved. Send me my check.
2003-02-20 05:07:14 AM  
Impaler, what's wrong with sandals? Sandals aren't unsafe while driving. A closed dress shoe with a smooth, leather sole is a lot more slippery than an open shoe with a rubber sole. Women with high heels (and closed toes :)) are told in driver's ed to take their shoes off while driving rather than drive with those slippery things. There've been accidents from lose shoe-strings. A lose-fitting slip-on closed shoe could more easily come off than a snug-fitting sandal.

And Moonman, feet smell when you take closed shoes off. What you smell is a substance made by bacteria breaking down sweat under anaerobe circumstances (with too little oxygen). That's why feet smell when you take off shoes, why your armpits will smell, etc, and while sweat on your back will dry with very little of a stink. A cabby wearing sandals all day won't have smelly feet.

Also, I don't see what's wrong with a T-shirt. If it's a hot day, I bet by mid-afternoon, there's more of a smell in the cab if the guy has to wear hot, sweaty clothes all day than when he's allowed a T-shirt.

People are complaining about the smell and dirty clothes, but instead of addressing that issue directly, requiring simply *clean* clothes, and perhaps deodorant or such, they require a few things that have to do with outward appearance only. Sneakers have to be the stinkiest footwear *ever*, when not kept clean and allowed to air out regularly, but they're perfectly okay under these new rules! Anyone who lives in a warm climate knows nothing makes you sweaty more quickly than wearing loads of warm clothes on a hot day, yet with these new rules, that's *required*! They may have a problem, but their 'solution' makes no sense whatsover.
2003-02-26 03:50:46 PM  
"Because we go from one end to the other stylewise, it kind of benefits us because we can't get stuck in just one category," Chris Volz of the band Flaw said last September.

As if reading from the same script, Incubus drummer Jose Pasillas sounded optimistic about his band's chances for longevity: "We kind of encompass a lot of different styles."

These guys are asshats. My band has been around for 9 years and only has one style: Rock and Roll. It's sometimes hard to book in the local clubs because the owners are always looking for the "next new style of the month" and Rock is just too vague for these people to understand. We have a loyal following and don't ever plan to change to accommodate the musical tastes of the day. The bands that we play with are the same way. I'd rather remain underground and do what I like than be successful playing crap of the month...

The local classifieds say the same thing; "I'm a guitarist who is totally original, influences are Incubus, Puddle of Mudd, Staind, etc. I plan to make it in the music world so join me or be left behind".

Ahhahahahahahaaa...these kids are such dorks...

BTW: What ever happened to that American Idol chick? Did YOU buy her cd?
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