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(Some Guy)   "Jennifer Love Hewitt is like the dumpster behind a cheap hotel -- the trash filled with dirty condoms."   ( divider line
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54425 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Feb 2003 at 11:03 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-19 10:21:06 AM  
Did anyone see Jennifer Love Hewitt in Heartbreakers? I had a sizable, unscratchable pelvic extension watching that movie.

I've heard about something called "masterbation" and think I should maybe give it a try...... soon.....
2003-02-19 11:06:12 AM  
she'd be hot if she never talked
2003-02-19 11:07:44 AM  
um...that's not Jennifer Love Hewitt is it?
2003-02-19 11:07:46 AM  
I'd hit it.
2003-02-19 11:07:53 AM  
02-19-03 11:06:12 AM Flgooner
she'd be hot if she never talked

She'd be even hotter if she never sang.
2003-02-19 11:08:24 AM  
i lost my Ugly Stick
2003-02-19 11:08:49 AM  
THat's pretty funny. I like the point-counterpoint approach to rating women. Is Eliza Dushku the cutie from "Bring it On"?
2003-02-19 11:09:08 AM  
I thought J.Lo Hewitt was nice in Tuxedo... Not too stupid, not overly full of her self.
2003-02-19 11:09:57 AM  
Wow. Well as long as I was the one filling her with condoms, I wouldn't mind. At a guess, both of these wonderful gentleman are akin to the Comic Book Guy.
2003-02-19 11:10:19 AM  
This could be the greatest debate ever on fark
2003-02-19 11:10:26 AM  
You guys are fun.e.
2003-02-19 11:10:28 AM  
Eliza Dushku was also chrissy in Jay and Silent Bob

or was she missy.... or the other one...
2003-02-19 11:11:12 AM  
i would hit that like it owed me moeny.
2003-02-19 11:11:35 AM  
Shannon Elizabeth is built like a goddess. And she cool as a stripper in G-vs-E.
2003-02-19 11:11:39 AM  
JLH is supa-hot. Of course I'm partial because my girlfriend looks a lot like her.
2003-02-19 11:12:36 AM  
yeah, and one of those dirty condoms is mine
2003-02-19 11:12:43 AM  
ps by "moeny" i mean money
2003-02-19 11:12:53 AM  
er, she "was" cool as a stripper.. And Hizzout I think that's why I feel the same way about Shannon E. I never knew she was 30 though..
2003-02-19 11:13:12 AM  
who wouldnt hit Jennifer Love?
2003-02-19 11:13:17 AM  
Princess Madeleine, you never returned my calls. Why? Don't you still cherish that time I oggled your pictures on a website?
2003-02-19 11:14:02 AM  
No one can stand up to the beauty of Kirsten Dunst. No one. And yes...I would walk through 3 lanes of traffic on my hands to hit it with any of those girls. Why does getting a webpage suddenly make guys raise their standards 1000-fold? Methinks they are just jealous that they can't get none from the hotties. I'm upset too but at least I'm being mature about it.
2003-02-19 11:14:03 AM  
That pic looks like its from the 80s for some reason....

I lost my Ugly Stick of Ugliness
2003-02-19 11:15:16 AM  
It's quite obvious from here that 'Ray' is a moron.
Drooling, pants-pissing MORON.
2003-02-19 11:15:39 AM  
Eliza was also Faith on Buffy the Vanpire Slayer
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-19 11:16:30 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

It was perfect, I had to.
2003-02-19 11:16:48 AM  
Yes on the Elisha Cuthbert... anyone else see her modeling that wifebeater on '24' last night?

I'd hit it with a nuclear bomb set to go off in Los Angeles sometime today.
2003-02-19 11:17:06 AM  
Has anyone heard her song "Let's Go Bang"? Betcha she had to blow the mixer dude to make her sound halfway decent.
2003-02-19 11:19:14 AM  
Even though I could not get to the damn page, I would hit all three. I think out of all of them I prefer Dushku though. She is so damn hot and sassy.

/can't believe I just used the word sassy.
2003-02-19 11:19:21 AM  
I'd hit pretty much anything that has a pulse.
2003-02-19 11:19:41 AM  
"Eliza was also Faith on Buffy the Vanpire Slayer"

As she will be again soon on Angel. God I love brunettes.
2003-02-19 11:19:47 AM  
why wasn't voting enabled for this link? the options could be:
"Is this page gay?"
"Is this page Liberace gay?"

it's like someone took a fark forum and made a page out of it.. "I'd hit it" or "I wouldn't hit it" makes for totally uncompelling reading.. I'd hit the web page owners with a stick.. repeatedly.. until they stop making stupid web pages
2003-02-19 11:19:54 AM  
I don't think I'd hit any female celebrity, this one included. Too much to worry about.
2003-02-19 11:20:10 AM  
Off topic: great observation on the home page of Generation Fark: "walking box of pubic lice (aka Christina Aguilera)". BUWAHHHHAHHHAHH!
2003-02-19 11:20:11 AM  
Did anyone actually read the linked article? I'm with Ray all the way on his picks and pans.
2003-02-19 11:20:18 AM  

Amen to that. I'd hit it with a decoy bomb, too.
2003-02-19 11:20:54 AM  

WOrcester, huh? I'm just north of you. The twin cities.
2003-02-19 11:21:24 AM  
Is it my imagination, or did neither of these two morons include Jennifer Connelly on their list?
2003-02-19 11:21:47 AM  
Obviously, no one saw the Daily Show last night. Otherwise, you would all be talking about how hot Bebe Neuwirth is.

If I ever found out either her or Amy Sedaris was free and like guys with low self esteem and who worked for nothing for a non profit. I would so be there.
2003-02-19 11:22:33 AM  
I wouldn't hit it.


Bomb it until it was destroyed and could never be used again.
2003-02-19 11:23:13 AM  
She may be a cum dumpster, but she's my cum dumpster!
2003-02-19 11:26:36 AM  
Political Correctness 101

Slut = SR (Semen Recepticle)
Slut = Pressure Relief Valve

Example: That woman is the biggest pressure relief valve on our block.
2003-02-19 11:27:19 AM  
wow, a post for a Cornell site. cool.
2003-02-19 11:28:15 AM  
Yes, I did see the Daily Show last night, and I would have to agree with you about Bebe Neuwirth, she might be a little bit older than me, but I'd hit it.
2003-02-19 11:29:08 AM  
Whilst the girls on that page are hot (except for that princess whats-her-face...yikes!... but they all had bad photos so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt), anywyas, whilst the girls on that page we're hot, the actual debate was the most unfunny piece of crap I'd read in a while.

"I guess Ray likes women who make a habit of getting sticky webs sprayed on them." <-- I mean, what the crap is that? Is it meant to be funny?

Eh, I'm done now. <--what does that mena? You decide!
2003-02-19 11:30:37 AM  

Dumpster my ass....

[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]

2003-02-19 11:30:44 AM  
If you can't beat em, join em:

(Note I'm not at home or I'd tackle the difficult task of adding the text to the pic)

"I'd carpet bomb it with 30 tons of ordnance...if you know what I mean /norm"

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-19 11:31:24 AM  
Hey StrongBrad -

You are getting dangeriously close to name infringement or something like that. I might have to become a lawyer and beat you about the pants.
2003-02-19 11:31:56 AM  
BillDarryl - Yeah, she filled out that wife beater well. But Kim is still a stupid character. Getting fooled into hiding in a bomb shelter with Kevin Dillon's character; she's gonna get drilled.
2003-02-19 11:32:05 AM  
Ah yes, fark forums. Making 'tards feel at home on the Internet since 2000.
2003-02-19 11:32:48 AM  
oh i am so shocked by that raunchy headline.
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