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5696 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Feb 2003 at 11:48 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-18 09:44:32 AM  
They sound unstable.
2003-02-18 10:45:40 AM  
Maybe they're using the tail hair for wigs.
Wigs that smell like horse shiat.
2003-02-18 11:50:49 AM  
Horse thieves?! Hang 'em!!
2003-02-18 11:51:18 AM  
Then they're not really horse thieves, just tail thieves.

2003-02-18 11:52:15 AM  
It's Yo-Yo Ma. I can prove it.
2003-02-18 11:53:26 AM  
that's one way to get some tail.
2003-02-18 11:55:06 AM  

I don't like that story at all. No sir, I don't.

[image from too old to be available]

2003-02-18 11:55:24 AM  
Don't you have to steal horses to be a horse thief? It's farking stupid how often journalists nowadays will slaughter a story in the name of "comedy" that isn't even funny.
2003-02-18 11:55:45 AM  
...they are being used in the illicit manufacture of violin bows or horse hair jewelry.

Illicit? What kind of criminal is this?
2003-02-18 11:56:14 AM  
"illicit manufacture of violin bows"? I can see it now:

"Three people have been detained by police after a vehicle inspection on the Mexican border revealed 100 kilos of illicit violin bows hidden in various secret compartments of the suspect's van."
2003-02-18 11:56:51 AM  
I think they should be rewarded
2003-02-18 11:56:54 AM  
Those horses had been fed on Beefareeno.
2003-02-18 11:57:17 AM  
Maybe they're building horses one part at a time.
2003-02-18 12:00:46 PM  
It's probly those damned Raelians. Have you seen their leader? He's as bald as a coot.

They're going to clone up some horse-hair wigs. Horse hair wigs that smell like horse fart.
2003-02-18 12:01:03 PM  
We Canucks are one crazy nation. Yup yup.
2003-02-18 12:01:44 PM  
The mane thing to remember here is that these thieves will probably get away with it because the investigation stalled when the authorities failed to blanket the area with information. Hope the criminals are saddled with guilty the rest of their lives.
2003-02-18 12:02:23 PM  
Could be worse. They could be taking their hooves and making glue.

/reserves ticket for hell
2003-02-18 12:02:27 PM  
I would wait by my horses at night with my 12 gauge loaded with rock salt. After "peppering" their asses they would stop farking with my horses.
2003-02-18 12:02:38 PM  
Anyone got the new X-Men 2 trailer???

The link here is broken.
2003-02-18 12:03:18 PM  
2003-02-18 12:04:56 PM  
Bladsack, wouldn't you be "a-salting" their asses?

2003-02-18 12:05:01 PM  
PETA. Returning horses to the wild -- one hair at a time.
2003-02-18 12:05:33 PM  
Probably the Polish Mafia

Yeah, I saw it in this one movie, they put part of a horse in the guys bed - scared the crap out of him.
2003-02-18 12:05:52 PM  
I swear I meant Baldsack. Sorry
2003-02-18 12:09:25 PM  
Horse Head Bookends!!
2003-02-18 12:13:04 PM  
I think i may kill myself today... why am i saying this on fark? cause i have no1 else to talk to
2003-02-18 12:13:26 PM  
I blame my wife, she's the root of all my problems
2003-02-18 12:21:22 PM  

greatest. movie. ever.

Well, not really, but very nice reference.
I dub it [image from too old to be available]
2003-02-18 12:26:44 PM  
"wouldn't you be "a-salting" their asses?"

Good One!!! :-)
2003-02-18 12:27:10 PM  
TurntableJedi I'm flummoxed?
2003-02-18 12:29:04 PM  
did fark just go down for anyone else?
2003-02-18 12:31:11 PM  
it makes me want to cry...
2003-02-18 12:34:11 PM  
If you're going to do that, just be sure to do it in such a way that we'll be able to deploy our various "Darwin" imagery...
2003-02-18 12:34:13 PM  

I didn't go down for me, but then again, no one does.
2003-02-18 12:34:17 PM  
The international horsey pla butt plug consortium is, ahem, behind this.
2003-02-18 12:40:21 PM  
She was only the horseman's daughter but all the horsemen knew her.

Figure that one out.
2003-02-18 12:44:02 PM  
Don't do that.

If you need to get something off your chest, just go ahead and post it here. Then maybe someone can help you find someone you can talk to in person.
2003-02-18 12:46:50 PM  
I'm fLuMm0x3d.
2003-02-18 12:48:03 PM  
I think I know why TurntableJedi wants to commit suicide...
2003-02-18 12:49:36 PM  
because he missed out on FLA Chickie's piercing pic?
2003-02-18 12:50:40 PM  
02-18-03 12:48:03 PM Hehateme
I think I know why TurntableJedi wants to commit suicide...

2003-02-18 12:51:07 PM  
Don't they make paint brushes out of horse hair? Could be artists on a rampage. Camels are getting nervous...
2003-02-18 12:51:25 PM  
turntable jedi

Don't do that! Don't do it!

what is UP?
2003-02-18 12:52:27 PM  
Just curious.

Do my posts show up?

Thanks for my stupidity.

PS - be nice to the new guy
2003-02-18 12:54:56 PM  
I missed out on FLA Chickie's piercing pic...


I think I might kill myself.

/bad tasteless joke...
2003-02-18 12:55:27 PM  
Do my posts show up?

2003-02-18 12:56:02 PM  
"I missed out on FLA Chickie's piercing pic..."

That's nothing, I would have been more upset over missing out on the "steph sundae"
2003-02-18 12:57:05 PM  
02-18-03 12:55:27 PM Pr2
Do my posts show up?


/Damn, what am I doing wrong?
2003-02-18 12:57:22 PM  
Hey horsie, why the long face?
2003-02-18 12:57:40 PM  
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