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(The Sun)   Bored workers shoot passers-by with pellet gun   ( divider line
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8276 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Feb 2003 at 5:03 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-17 10:00:27 PM  
If only those silly Brits didn't have gun control like we Amercians ... wait, no. The opposite.
2003-02-17 10:31:35 PM  
Heck, they ran out of pigeons.
2003-02-17 11:05:26 PM  
I enjoy reading articles on the SUN site as it's about the only place that you can read articles where somebody is described as being a "lout".
2003-02-18 04:26:54 AM  
In redneck Texas we shoot back. With hot lead.

2003-02-18 05:08:03 AM  
they were bored workers?

that sounds pretty entertaining to me...
2003-02-18 05:12:35 AM  
My best friend thought it would be funny to shoot me with a BB gun. I beat the living shiat out of him. I had to get a BB removed from the back of my arm and he had to get a broken tooth fixed.
2003-02-18 05:14:27 AM  
Those morons should get jail time.
2003-02-18 05:18:54 AM  
I'm sssooooooo BORED!
2003-02-18 05:40:33 AM  
I have a friend who works for Kwik Fit and I am *not* suprised by this news item.

If you knew what I know - you'd never take your car anywhere near a Kwik Fit.
2003-02-18 05:45:41 AM  
"Beck fired at her from the roof of the depot in Slough, Berks"

Wow, what a beautiful name for a town
2003-02-18 05:52:48 AM  
Shooting people with pellet guns- a quality pastime if you ask me. For some reason my friends and I thought it would be fun to do this very thing to each other last summer while drunk and videotape it. If you're into juvenile humor, or think shooting people in the ass is funny, you would LOVE this film. Oscar(tm)-worthy if you ask me.
2003-02-18 06:09:43 AM  
My brother and I have shot each other multiple times with an air rifle when we were kids (yes we were very bored too). Damn they sting like crazy but I think it would be more than worth the 1k pounds the victims ended up with.

Heh, off to sue his arse now :)
2003-02-18 06:18:04 AM  
Someone should get them some real guns, work can be
pretty boring from time to time, and I'm sure
those bypassers are willing to sacrifice themselves.
2003-02-18 06:19:06 AM  
One of my best friends' younger brother's friends tried to shoot me with a pellet gun, but he just ended up shooting one of his friends in the neck.
2003-02-18 06:32:08 AM  
It's cool that in America they actually kill each other.
2003-02-18 06:51:53 AM  
You cant shoot better than a kwik fit fitter
2003-02-18 06:53:06 AM  
BB gun wars, the great rural american youthful past time.

When are these silly brits going to learn that you don't use pellets to shoot pedestrians? You are supposed to use full metal jacket slugs, didn't any of you across the pond watch how the DC snipers did it? Geez....lets try to get it together people!
2003-02-18 07:05:28 AM  
If that happened here in the US, they'd have gotten locked up on terrorism charges!
2003-02-18 07:20:46 AM  
With my new copy of "the getaway" I have been doing this all week, standing outside where i used work, shooting people.
2003-02-18 07:23:39 AM  
let me ask a serious question to you Brits..
do u sometimes find a few or many words along with phrases in the common "american" threads that dont make any sense to you at all?
2003-02-18 07:29:44 AM  
Yeah. That's why I come to Fark a lot.
2003-02-18 07:30:10 AM  

2003-02-18 07:54:37 AM  
Bet they had fun though.
2003-02-18 08:08:42 AM  
Brits are so stupid!

I wish I was an American!
2003-02-18 08:09:06 AM  

We watch so much American TV that it's all pretty familiar.
2003-02-18 08:11:09 AM  
Scrub that. What are leuds. Heard Dennis Leary ranting about them once. Are they downers? Also what are cooties? I've heard it used to describe loads of different things.
2003-02-18 09:26:10 AM  
My friend lives in an apartment complex and on weekends the lawn guys would come with their mowers, blowers, etc. early in the morning. My friend would shoot them from his window with a pellet gun. The lawn guys would start swatting, thinking it was wasps or bees. They would eventually throw down their equipment and leave. It worked every time.
2003-02-18 09:26:39 AM  
this is off the subject, but there was enough mentions of americans so i'll bring it up. i've been trying to determine this for a while, maybe you can help me:
is ignorance trainde in america, or is it just genetic?
of course given some of the stories coming out of england these days one might ask the same about them.
2003-02-18 10:03:09 AM  
Shooting passersby with a pellet gun is right out of the movie Trainsoptting
2003-02-18 11:35:46 AM  

no also
2003-02-18 11:36:38 AM  

Actual Bodily Harm
2003-02-18 11:39:03 AM  
Used to do this in college around 4AM after a Saturday night of partying. We'd be on our guts on the balcony and take shots at (fellow) drunks. Never got caught.

Good times.
2003-02-18 11:39:48 AM  
You'll shoot your eye out, kid!
: [image from too old to be available]
2003-02-18 12:14:18 PM  
I love how they call these guys "snipers". Pretty soon they'll start calling the air rifles "high power pneumatic assault weapons".
2003-02-18 12:14:53 PM  
If that happened in my state they would've gone to jail for at least a year. A pellet can do as much damage as a .22 if it hits the right spot. 1000 pounds and no jail time is a pathetic punishment.

And what is a high powered air rifle? Are they made by the same people who sell subarine screen doors? Heh.
2003-02-18 12:27:32 PM  
02-18-03 08:11:09 AM Ferretcushion
Scrub that. What are leuds. Heard Dennis Leary ranting about them once. Are they downers? Also what are cooties? I've heard it used to describe loads of different things.

I'm assuming when he said leuds he was referring to quaaludes, and very potent downer from years ago...i don't think anyone makes them anymore :\

As for cooties...people who say cooties should be shot, so don't bother learning the meaning.
2003-02-18 12:28:27 PM  
and = a
2003-02-18 01:11:21 PM  
"It's cool that in America they actually kill each other."

That's about as ignorant as you can get.
2003-02-18 01:33:09 PM  
I knew someone who's got a pellet embedded in his hand. Can't be removed because the operation would likely result in nerve damage.

Some stupid shiat hit him with the pellet gun from a long distance away. As his hand had just come up to shade his eyes from the sun, he might have lost an eye. He figured the sniper was aiming for his head.
2003-02-18 02:30:57 PM  
Cheers Rifter. Say cooties = shoot. Going to Florida in April. Hope I can remember all this ;)
2003-02-18 07:12:02 PM  
i live in florida... if you do that here, the cops join in. damn red-necks
2003-02-18 09:37:07 PM  
...good times...good times...
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