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(News24)   Man asks crematorium to build funeral pyre for him. Hilarity ensues over 80% of his body   ( divider line
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8208 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Feb 2003 at 2:34 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-17 09:02:37 PM  
I'm not sure hilarity ensued so much as horrible burns and death.
2003-02-18 02:37:29 AM  
2003-02-18 02:38:28 AM  
Duke sucks over the other 20%.
2003-02-18 02:39:13 AM  
Does suicide-death by funeral pyre include some sort of eternal-life-in-heaven in his religion of choice?
2003-02-18 02:41:37 AM  
... we don't need no water let the motherfarker burn... burn motherfarker... burn.
2003-02-18 02:42:19 AM  
I hope that he has no children. It would sad for all of us if he leaves any of his genetic material behind...
2003-02-18 02:44:34 AM  
"Officials said Advani, an unemployeed divorcee, was mentally unsound."

...Ya think?
2003-02-18 02:47:37 AM  
slightly off topic - but what's up with all the links being pulled.. I left for a few hours, came back, and the yellow times link was gone. That thing was taking off!

They have pulled at least 3 links in the past day or so - it's kinda strange!
2003-02-18 02:48:33 AM  
There's never a steamroller around where you need one.

(books trip to Hell)
2003-02-18 02:50:09 AM  
So we had 19 year coma victims snuffing it, dead babies being violated, Islanders eating human ashes in their shellfish, now this ??

Whoever is admining today certainly is in a morbid mood.
2003-02-18 02:50:52 AM  
Officials said Advani, an unemployeed divorcee, was mentally unsound.

/sick of news24's constant editorializing.
2003-02-18 02:51:50 AM  
When the guard went home for dinner, Advani set himself ablaze.

Yeah the GUARD went HOME. Good idea.
2003-02-18 02:51:57 AM  
burninating the peasants
burninating all the people
and the thatched roof cottages!
2003-02-18 02:54:02 AM  
.. oh yeah, forgot about the steamroller.

One of the most disturbing pics i've ever seen was two Belgium (I think) schoolteachers dousing themselves in petrol and setting themselves alight to protest low teacher wages. The journalists of course let them do it and just stood about taking pictures while they fried.

I mean - you can be depressed about bad wage rises and all, but to kill yourself over it ?! Change freaking careers or something !

And mate - there are always other women already !
2003-02-18 02:56:29 AM  
I've always thought that burning would have to be one of the worst ways to die. I used to drag race some and took every step I could think of to insure that a fire wouldn't get me. I can think of several less agonizing ways to snuff yourself.
2003-02-18 03:16:41 AM  
Fire bad! Beer good!
2003-02-18 03:17:13 AM  
Build me a pyre.
I think it would be awesome
to set myself on fire.
2003-02-18 03:30:33 AM  
"You're the object of my desire
Baby, ignite my pyre"
2003-02-18 03:31:39 AM  
Such hilarity... :(
2003-02-18 03:35:07 AM  
it smells by my house because of the creamatorium down the street. I breath in dead people. I hate my life.
2003-02-18 03:44:25 AM  
You'll be right Ravedave, breathing dead people is probably ... nutritious ... or something.

I'd move :(
2003-02-18 04:09:51 AM  
Coulda' put that fire out with a flattened steamroller victim.
2003-02-18 04:12:19 AM  
The Frying Burnito Brothers.
2003-02-18 04:14:05 AM  
Mind if I try this out before I decide?
2003-02-18 05:07:50 AM  
Just goes to show looking into Palintirs aint good for nobody.
2003-02-18 08:47:31 AM  
Did you see the poll here...

Which pick-up line would you use?
- Baby... wanna come for a ride? 36 11%
- You must be Jamaican, 'cause you Jamaican me crazy 49 15%
- You are the hottest thing since sunburn. 45 14%
- Nice pants. Can I test the zipper? 182 58%

That last one is pretty fantastic you can see why
the majority would use it.
2003-02-18 09:53:11 AM  
Perhaps he was a Doors fan.

The time to hesitate is through
No time to wallow in the mire
Try now we can only lose
And our love become a funeral pyre
2003-02-18 11:56:09 AM  
"...Advani, an unemployeed divorcee, was mentally unsound."

Gee, good thing he wasn't completely f**king crazy. Who knows what he might have done.
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