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(AP)   Tonya Harding signs contract to have the crap beaten out of her for the next four years   ( divider line
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2003-02-17 11:11:19 PM  
it's just not the same without Dana Plato.
2003-02-17 11:11:32 PM  
Boxing, the refuge of criminals.
2003-02-17 11:13:17 PM  
Nice b00bies though
2003-02-17 11:14:03 PM  
too bad her fight opening for Tyson this weekend was cancelled. I was actually planning on going.
2003-02-17 11:15:35 PM  

Tyson would not have showed up anyway, because of his spiffy new tattoo...on his face.
2003-02-17 11:16:18 PM  
I can't wait to see Ali (either one) knock her sorry ass out. Her 15 minutes were up long ago. Go (gilooley) away Biatch.
2003-02-17 11:17:07 PM  
2003-02-17 11:17:10 PM  
I want a chance against her, for being tricked into buying her crappy Honeymoon video. If she winds up boxing like she farks, then Tonya will just lay in the middle of the ring. Maybe Giloolly should've hit her with a hubcap to make her wiggle a little more. I saw that video, and thought I was watching a wake at anudist club. TONYA ! Whuy me, why me, why was I tricked into buying that video, oh why me ?!?!
2003-02-17 11:17:48 PM  
Harding is gonna kick Tyson's a$$!
2003-02-17 11:18:03 PM  
You can't make this stuff up.
2003-02-17 11:18:51 PM  
Oh, wait, she's not fighting Tyson?
2003-02-17 11:19:53 PM  
I thought her 15 minutes were up
2003-02-17 11:20:32 PM  

NSFW of course.
2003-02-17 11:21:35 PM  
Millay: That's why her fight was cancelled. Hell, the undercard probably would have been more exciting than the main event.
2003-02-17 11:24:12 PM  
I'm not so interested in the fight, but I bet the trash talk at the weigh-in would be COOL.
2003-02-17 11:25:55 PM  
Didn't read the article. She joining WWE? Heheh...get her in a match against Victoria and watch hilarity ensue....
2003-02-17 11:28:19 PM  
doesn't matter who you are, but I wouldn't want to be the one who had to say "Tonya Harding beat me up!"
2003-02-17 11:28:32 PM  
Does Tyson realize that he's not Maori?

Please, someone submit a photoshop to predict what the tattoo on Tyson's face, looks like. Can't find a pic on the web.
2003-02-17 11:28:42 PM  
Rodan_the_Asswhooper you just put me off fried eggs for a month.
2003-02-17 11:28:59 PM  
2003-02-17 11:29:08 PM  
Ahhh she is fighting a first timer... I would love to see Christy Martin kick her ass
2003-02-17 11:29:21 PM  
Pinkpower that was a PS contest last night.
2003-02-17 11:30:46 PM  
Uhhh Pinkpower

That photoshop has already been done. Its closer to the bottom of the Fark main page.
2003-02-17 11:31:11 PM  
2003-02-17 11:34:37 PM  
and then, there was this giiiiiiirl who
swore that one day she would be a figure skating champion
but when....she finally maaaaaaaaaade it
she saw
some other girl who was better
and so she hired some guy to club her in the kneeeeee caaaaaaap.
2003-02-17 11:35:03 PM  
Thank you. I don't know how I missed that one. I was preoccupied with the storm. Tyson as a black Chakotay was rather disturbing.
2003-02-17 11:35:05 PM  
I think her and Tyson go well together... they have similar work ethics...
2003-02-17 11:35:20 PM  
"I've been trying to turn my image around to be a lady," she said. "But you know what? I can still be a lady and be a great athlete, too."

I'm sorry but any woman who has been convicted of sabotaging a competitor, assaulting her boyfriend with a hubcap, and drunk driving, as well as taking up a career in boxing, has pretty much forfeited any 'lady' image she wished to have.
2003-02-17 11:36:05 PM  
Now that's entertainment.
2003-02-17 11:38:02 PM  

I'd congratulate you on the obscure Crash Test Dummies reference, but i have to go to sleep now, and that song's gonna be stuck in my head.
2003-02-17 11:40:04 PM  
That's true Pink. Yet I found Tyson with a Herve Villachez tat oddly comforting. I hope that's the design he went with.
2003-02-17 11:42:45 PM  
"I'm sorry but any woman who has been convicted of sabotaging a competitor, assaulting her boyfriend with a hubcap, and drunk driving, as well as taking up a career in boxing, has pretty much forfeited any 'lady' image she wished to have."

I'd say she is a definate keeper!

/Would hit it
2003-02-17 11:43:35 PM  
I bet that woman's a real knockout!
She's gonna be a big hit in the world of boxing!


Hey, but I wanna tell ya...

Oh hell, I got nothin.
2003-02-17 11:44:07 PM  
She looked so much larger than 105 pounds in her skating days. Ham legs. BTW can any mod tell me why my posts keep getting deleted? If I am banned I want to know why.
2003-02-17 11:50:31 PM  

Those pics will actually save lives. It will be days before I can get those images out of my head.
2003-02-17 11:51:41 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-17 11:54:24 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I can only dream about getting the crap beatten out of me!
Bloody spoiled you are!
2003-02-17 11:54:28 PM  
[image from too old to be available] SFW pic.
2003-02-18 12:06:13 AM  
americas sweethart still keeps on goin...
2003-02-18 12:22:50 AM  
She should be in like a nude skating show in Vegas or something.
2003-02-18 12:35:26 AM  
Well if she aint the pride of Oregon!

I'm going to go wash out my eyes with chlorine now.
2003-02-18 12:37:05 AM  
Good for her. Trailer trash gotta eat too, you know!
2003-02-18 01:15:28 AM  
She's more representative of the United States than Nancy Kerrigan ever was.
2003-02-18 01:38:16 AM  
Harding said boxing does not carry the backstage hassles she endured with hiring hit squads.

"It doesn't matter what I look like, what I wear, how much money I have, who I know, who I have brutally assaulted, what joints I mash. It's all about who is the better athlete in the ring," she said.
2003-02-18 01:47:26 AM  
From her wedsite.

"It's an image that the media has given me as a bad girl because of the things that have gone wrong in my life, and also because I grew up living in a trailer. I moved around 13 different times before I was in fifth grade, no money and no friends. My biological mother made or bought my clothes from the Salvation Army or Goodwill. So, you know, that's where the bad girl image came from." (Tonya Harding on Larry King Live)
2003-02-18 02:29:21 AM  
I'D HIT IT......

with a friggin sledge hammer
2003-02-18 04:42:45 AM  
Her tits are nasty, saggy little things with big nipples, ewww.
2003-02-18 12:23:56 PM  
Am I the only one who would honestly hit it?
2003-02-18 12:37:41 PM  
02-18-03 12:23:56 PM ECS
Am I the only one who would honestly hit it?

seek help.
2003-02-18 01:01:17 PM  
Never a better use for the "spiffy" tag...
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