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7545 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Feb 2003 at 5:03 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-17 05:05:05 PM  
Anyone around left who can recognize her?
2003-02-17 05:05:36 PM  
This warms my cockles.
2003-02-17 05:07:46 PM  
Why would someone with "nothing wrong with them" run away to North Dakota..?
2003-02-17 05:07:46 PM  
I'm thinking about running away, if only I could get off my chair.
2003-02-17 05:08:25 PM  
Can a 100 year old man not make a decision on his own to move? Why is that running away all of a sudden. Seems to me a man of 100 certainly qualifies as a grown @$$ man capeable of making such a call, assuming mental lucidity has not taken a flight.
2003-02-17 05:08:52 PM  
I'd just like to say that with the storm keeping me indoors, and Fark posting so few links per hour, the acid is very angry. Acid likes to keep busy.
2003-02-17 05:09:33 PM  
Wouldn't it be a "Slowly Stumble-away"?
2003-02-17 05:09:39 PM  
Seems like by 100 your should be old enough to be out on your own.
2003-02-17 05:09:43 PM  
Finally something happy on fark!
2003-02-17 05:10:43 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Let's hear it for self-sufficiency!
2003-02-17 05:10:45 PM  
"Cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-cherry bomb"
2003-02-17 05:12:34 PM  
This was a great story...but check out some of the others in the right frame on the the one about the soldier who groomed his stepdaughter to be his sex slave...or the headline "Implant under scalp zaps away headaches"...or "Nevada, in money crunch, considers brothel tax"...some good stuff I tell ya
2003-02-17 05:12:37 PM  
"When you stop chasing women, you don't get lonely,"

farking sage gramps.
2003-02-17 05:13:24 PM  
I'm so bored... There is snow everywhere...
2003-02-17 05:13:28 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I like pictures...
2003-02-17 05:14:07 PM  
"When you stop chasing women, you don't get lonely," he said.

Just like Arsehole said, this guy is a friggin genius. Why does it take 100 years for us to realize that?
2003-02-17 05:15:14 PM  
Mwpfoot: You should photoshop in some prune juice. Get it? Prune juice? Hehehe...

2003-02-17 05:15:58 PM  
I love old, senile men. Thats why I work at the Green Home!
2003-02-17 05:17:11 PM  
Good for this old guy
he sounds happy
and running from Oregon(where i live) to anywhere aint all that crazy
2003-02-17 05:17:42 PM  
did he finally find the dead body on the railroad?..
2003-02-17 05:19:16 PM  
"I'm not dead yet... I think I'll go for a walk."

/python, monty
2003-02-17 05:20:02 PM  
It's good to hear of someone that old that can still get around by themselves. Reminds me of my uncle- lived 109 years, and stayed independent for most of it. That's the way to be. When I get that old, I hope I don't have to depend on someone else, so I can be free to go on fark as much as I want. Home, sweet home.
2003-02-17 05:20:40 PM  
Lonely isn't the only thing you don't get when you stop chasing women.
2003-02-17 05:25:58 PM  
I find it hard to believe that anyone would be capable of self-suffeciency at age 100

But I guess it's not impossible...
2003-02-17 05:27:22 PM  
I dunno, there's something profoundly touching about this story. It's very... human. An old man, sick of his living situation, escaping to his home town where he grew up to spend his last years. Sort of tragic, sort of happy.

Ah, fark it. I'm gonna go get drunk.
2003-02-17 05:27:47 PM  
When's jello?
2003-02-17 05:29:38 PM  
The pr0n, the pr0n is taking over my brain. Case in point:

After reading the article and looking to the left to read some of the other headlines, I found one that said

Playmate shoots friend to death with rifle

I was actually surprised that it WASN'T these girls that got in a nasty fight.

Oh, to go back to the days when words didn't have any associations with b00bies.
2003-02-17 05:29:50 PM  
Me, I like it.

Related story: I live between 2 brothers, who built this house for their 70-something mother to live in back in the brave year 1973. They drove her so nuts with constantly checking on her that she sold the house and moved a few blocks away. I am happy to report that the mom in question is still kicking, and alternates Sunday dinners between her two sons.

I hope I'm still that feisty at 98 -- or, as in Mr. Mott's case, 100. More power to him.
2003-02-17 05:33:50 PM  
^^ I thought they meant some kid ran away in, like, 1920, and finally came back home.

I lose.
2003-02-17 05:48:14 PM

The voice on the phone offered Hadzovic a refund. It was not the offer he was hoping to hear. "I was thinking seven figures," he said, "but I would have taken a hundred grand. I'm not a greedy person."

2003-02-17 05:52:45 PM  
"he needs people to talk too"

We should send him and old computer, get him internet access, and set his home page to fark.
2003-02-17 05:56:35 PM  
02-17-03 05:10:45 PM Andonbray
"Cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-cherry bomb"

Is this a one plus one reference? If it is, then my hat is off to you.
2003-02-17 05:59:46 PM  
Good for the old guy.
2003-02-17 06:22:40 PM  
"When you stop chasing women, you don't get lonely," he said.

And Askheaves said, "Just like Arsehole said, this guy is a friggin genius. Why does it take 100 years for us to realize that?"

All true. Every bit of it.
2003-02-17 06:24:01 PM  
Except for the part where I can't seem to remember to close the italics tag. Growl.
2003-02-17 07:31:47 PM  
Don't we have a sappy tag here?
2003-02-17 07:34:10 PM  
that is pretty cool...
Kat [TotalFark]
2003-02-17 08:39:05 PM  
"He stuffed some clothes and his heart medicine into a pillowcase and, with his aching knees, crawled out of the window."

:D That sentence makes me happy. He crawled out of a window to run away, at age 100. That's kick ass if you ask me. I personally hope to be self sufficient till the day I die.
2003-02-17 09:12:46 PM  
Has anyone else been to Mott ND besides me?
Their slogan is "Mott's the town that time forgot" hehe..

I'm should go meet this guy when I go pheasant hunting down there again next year..
2003-02-18 10:45:07 AM  
All your pheasants are belong to me . . .
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