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(AP)   Baltimore Orioles pitcher Steve Bechler died in training   ( divider line
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2003-02-17 01:35:33 PM  
Why couldn't it have been a Yankee? Derek Jeter maybe?
2003-02-17 01:36:09 PM  
2003-02-17 01:36:46 PM  
2003-02-17 01:37:24 PM  
What a waste...for baseball.
2003-02-17 01:37:28 PM  
This is really sad.

I hate baseball.
2003-02-17 01:38:03 PM  
Oh boy, those asshat Phoenix DJs are probably high-fiving each other at the prospect of re-hashing their greatest bit.

Condolences to his family...
2003-02-17 01:38:40 PM  
Overall with the Orioles, he allowed seven runs in 4 2-3 innings.

So he has an MLB ERA of 13.5? Shoulda been traded to the Red Sox.

/still sad to see him go...
2003-02-17 01:39:04 PM  
where can I donate?
2003-02-17 01:39:11 PM  
Our news editor just found out the guy's wife was 7-months preggers.

2003-02-17 01:39:42 PM  
Steve Belcher that is... Still don't know who he was.
2003-02-17 01:39:55 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-17 01:39:57 PM  
In other news - about 3,000 mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, gandparents and other assorted people died today across the US but where not ba$eball player$

2003-02-17 01:40:26 PM  
Anyone want to lay odds as to the cause death?

* Heat stroke?
* Congenital heart defect?
* brain aneurysm?
* cocaine, meth, or other hard drugs?
* headcrabs?
2003-02-17 01:41:03 PM  
International Depression Day? Man, what a real downer the stories today have been.
2003-02-17 01:41:27 PM  
Yup. As strenuous and intense as baseball is, this is not surprising.

All that itching, spitting and standing can really wear a guy out. They should end that barbaric sport before someone else gets hurt.
2003-02-17 01:42:07 PM  

rumor has it a teammate found an ephedrine-based dietary supplement in bechler's locker.
2003-02-17 01:44:06 PM  
I wonder if those 2 guys from LA would hit it?
2003-02-17 01:44:15 PM  
It's Steinbrenner's fault. Somehow.
2003-02-17 01:44:42 PM  
Of course, in honor of journalistic integrity, the story is accompanied by a nice photo:

[image from too old to be available]

Dead man ridin'.
2003-02-17 01:45:24 PM  
I'm 23. That's like me dying. That sucks.
2003-02-17 01:45:47 PM  
Kaka I don't understand your logic. Are you saying that because we don't take a moment to notice the passing of every American who dies, we shouldn't notice the passing of someone who has a special talent that many in this country deem attention-worthy?
2003-02-17 01:47:02 PM  
7 mos. pregnant?! Let's hope MLB does the right thing and sets the family up right.
2003-02-17 01:49:14 PM  
rumor has it a teammate found an ephedrine-based dietary supplement in bechler's locker.

Ahhh, ephedrine induced cardiac arrest. That would do it.

Here's a serious warning to any farker who is taking or thinking about taking those ephedrine based diet/energy pills that are often sold at convenience stores. DON'T DO IT, THEY WILL KILL YOU. Ephedrine is extremely dangerous, especially when combined with caffeine.
2003-02-17 01:51:34 PM  
Stringer's widow has filed a $100 million wrongful death lawsuit against the team and its doctors.

Jeebus, is his body even cold yet?
2003-02-17 01:51:51 PM  
The outpouring of sympathy from some people is amazing. I wonder if the result would be different if the headline was "Farker Bechler collapses and dies on the baseball field".
2003-02-17 01:53:46 PM  
His career ERA was like 13.5.... but godforbid it be Mussina, Clemens or Petitte. Thanks god, for misunderstanding yet ANOTHER prayer
2003-02-17 01:55:56 PM  
stringer dies last year, he was the viking lineman
2003-02-17 01:57:01 PM  
Anyone who marries a baseball player is out for money anyway. Dead or alive she wants her Washington's $$$

/When you gotta go, you gotta go
2003-02-17 01:57:54 PM  
Microbob -

that's Korey Stringer's family. he died a couple of years ago.

As an Orioles fan, this is kinda sad.

Not as sad as it would have been 10 years ago, when the team was like a family instead of Rent-A-Player incorporated.

the fact that I've never heard of him doesn't make me feel bad. It very clearly delineates why I was once a proud Orioles/Baseball fan, and now don't even bother to watch games on TV.
2003-02-17 02:00:19 PM  

You Got It Wrong...The Wife Suing Is The Wife Of The Pitcher Who Died A Few Months Back,Not This Guy's Poor Wife.It's Sad When Someone Is Taken At That Age,Regardless Of Profession Or Status.
2003-02-17 02:00:53 PM  
That's right pal, get on your high horse and preach about how the media and society glorifies athletes, movie stars, politicians, etc, and ignores "what really matters".

1) Baseball may not be "the national pasttime" any more, but it's still one of the top two sports, and in that respect, something that many Americans pay attention to, and therefore care about. The newsmedia reports on things people care about. It's our job. We report whenever someone dies. They're called obituaries. When 21 people are crushed in a night club in chicago, we tell you about it. When airplanes crash into buildings, essentially stopping society for a few days, we work 24 hours a day and ignore our families and loved ones so you can have "the very latest". When a blizzard shuts down roads and makes travel impossible, we risk life and limb to get to the newsroom, the studio, wherever to tell you what to expect, and help you through it. Something tells me you'd miss us if we were gone.

2) I met Mr. Bechler and his wife just weekend before last. They were attending a fund-raiser for the Baltimore Babe Ruth Musuem, honoring Babe Ruth's birthday. They were both very nice people. They took time out of their Friday night for a local charity. Steve signed many autographs that night for people who attended, and probably made many people happy that night. I'm sure he was flawed, as we all are, but fundamentally, he certainly seemed to be a decent human being. Don't whine and moan about the media covering this too much. Stop, think about the person's family, if you believe in any God you should pray, and if you don't care, then you should just move on.

/angry rant
2003-02-17 02:08:03 PM  
thats farked up! So young.. What a waste. R.I.P. Man.
2003-02-17 02:08:54 PM  
ill be 23 in may, kinda puts things in perspective

spring trainning-- It's a Trap!

/humor to cover sadness
2003-02-17 02:12:13 PM  
Article said he was due to come up here to Ottawa to play triple-A ball with the Lynx this year.

Yet another reason to not go to the ball game. These people are doing something to themselves that just pushes their stamina too hard overall in the sport. In an age when a sport is fading in popularity, the only ones who seem to get noticed are the superstars (the Bonds's and Jeters and the like). The rest of the players are pushing themselves way too hard to achieve what some of the more gifted athletes find natural. It's sad really, when young athletes are literally killing themselves to get noticed.
2003-02-17 02:20:39 PM  
The fact that his stats sucked up til now doesnt mean anything for a rookie pitcher. He might still have had a career. Now we will never know.

Ephedrine is speed. The 'herbal medicine' industry might as well be called the legal amphetamine industry. Its one thing to be a fat trucker taking this stuff, but to take it along with a carbo load and go out and do exercise.. is just stupid.
2003-02-17 02:25:42 PM  
Microbob is a fool for not reading.

I stand corrected.


2003-02-17 02:26:00 PM  
Some of these recent deaths have gotta be supplement related.

I'm becoming very suspicious of Creatine, in particular.
2003-02-17 02:28:34 PM  
did'nt take long to file the lawsuit , did it?
2003-02-17 02:30:56 PM  
"Nicotine, valium, vicodin
Marijuana, ecstasy, and alcohol"

We certainly live in a pro-enhancement society. You might be anti-drugs, anti-plastic surgery, and anti-self-help...but enhancement is certainly encouraged overall.
2003-02-17 02:33:50 PM  
Whoops! Me too.

/Jumps in fool boat.
2003-02-17 02:36:00 PM  
It'll either be heatstroke or congestive heart failure. It's unlikely to be heatstroke, since a few bags of IV saline and a cold pack will fix that and his condition apparently deteriorated after he reached hospital. CHF is more likely, especially if he'd been taking ephedrine-based supplements.

Most likely a sad, thoroughly preventable death.
2003-02-17 02:36:30 PM  
WBAL Radio just reported.. It was multiple organ failure resulting from Heat Stroke.
2003-02-17 02:37:12 PM  
Sad day for the Pasttime.

Pasttime? Pastime? Can I get a ruling on this?

As a Rockies fan, I remember when one of our team's top pitching prospects died during spring training. He had an asthma attack and died. He was 23 too.
2003-02-17 02:38:21 PM  
When I look out the window, at the 7 deg. F ice and bleak, heat stroke seems a bit foreign...

/longing for spring.
2003-02-17 02:41:34 PM  
2003-02-17 02:42:44 PM  
The initial diagnosis was heat exhaustion and dehydration, but his condition worsened after he arrived at the hospital by ambulance.

The National Weather Service (news - web sites) said that at noon Sunday, the temperature in Fort Lauderdale was 81 degrees and the humidity was 74 percent.

My ass it was heat exhaustion. 81 degrees at 74 percent humidity isn't that hot.
2003-02-17 02:48:50 PM  
<b>Impaler</b> A friend of mine got heatstroke in the UK once, at 70F 50% humidity. Ambient air temperature isn't the only risk indicator - exercise is also a big contributor. More so if you have other things affecting your heart (like caffeine or ephedrine).

However, since this guy died from heatstroke, I'm thinking he may either have had an undiagnosed congenital defect, or had taken something that made it worse.
2003-02-17 02:57:08 PM  
Healthy 23 year olds don't die of heat stroke in 81 degree weather, even when exercising. Unless they don't drink water for hours or something stupid like that. I've laid cemet blocks in far greater heat and humidity.
2003-02-17 03:04:05 PM  
Mmmmmmmmm. Heat stroke.

/sick of -20 degree weather
2003-02-17 03:11:39 PM  

It really doesn't have to be all that hot outside to get heatstroke. All you need are the right conditions that prevent your body from being able to get rid of excess heat. With 87% humidity, it is very possible for you to not be cooled enough by your sweat evaporating.
He was also just off of break (Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas dinner, etc...) so he probably wasn't in top shape either.
Pitchers aren't exactly baseball's symbols of health either.... just look at David Wells.
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