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(C|Net)   TiVo hasn't made a buck, do-dah, do-dah.   ( divider line
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2666 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Sep 2001 at 4:51 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-07 04:55:01 PM  
I think tivo is a good concept, just a little too expensive for its projected audience.
2001-09-07 05:06:01 PM  
Man, I was checking every article today for a do-dah. Kudos poster.
2001-09-07 05:09:49 PM  
. . . then i realized, every show TiVo had recorded had horses in it! NO TIVO! NO!
2001-09-07 05:10:31 PM  
The headline of the actual article works too:

TiVo: Bound to be bundled, doo dah, doo dah!

2001-09-07 05:29:09 PM  
I'm not sure I understand the anti-TIVO sentiment. From the tech-side, it is a special purpose Linux box (what's not to like about that?) From a UI perspective, it offers the only seamless integration of DBS and Cable I've found - and it truly does change the whole "broadcast/veiwer relationship" (How else would I ever see Drew on TechTV? I'm not going to fark-around with tape). And, unlike other appliance providers, TIVO (the company) is hacker-friendly (my 30 hour unit will have a 90-hour capacity by tomorrow night). I'm an unusually-harsh critic of poorly-designed consumer electronics, but I've been extremely impressed with Tivo. (no, I don't sell them - honest).........
2001-09-07 05:30:10 PM  
it does suck that it costs so much, but I have one and I hope they stay in business, I don't want to go back to 'normal TV'....
2001-09-07 05:48:32 PM  
There's a lot more to running a successful company than having a good product. I have no idea how well they advertise, how much they pay in capital costs (startup), or how much they're blowing on pop-tarts. I hope they make it, cuz I want one of these.
2001-09-07 05:51:06 PM  
I hope they make it ... 'cause I love my TiVo!

Actually, I figure the box I have will be surpassed in features enough in a year or two that I'll replace it so they just need to hang on that long.
2001-09-07 06:06:15 PM  
Tivo is great. It hacks, it rocks. If the first to market (Tivo) isn't the winner, then the real winner will be unbelivable.
2001-09-07 06:07:55 PM  
WAAAAAAAA!!! please god don't let Tivo go under....

After having crashed on the floor of friends with Tivo (they have three now including the dual tuner model) I grew used to watching TV on my terms instead of the channels terms. If Tivo goes under, i don't know if I could take it.

*Shudder*I don't want to watch the damn commercials*Cring*

2001-09-07 06:14:58 PM  
BAh.. I know how to program a VCR. Plus TV isn't THAT big of a draw in my life.
2001-09-07 06:18:01 PM  
i lvoe the article title "do-dah, do-dah"
2001-09-07 06:33:38 PM  
Tivo rules. Too bad most red necks won't get it because they suck.
2001-09-07 06:40:24 PM  
Obvious? I'm sure this is a surprise to most people. I think the obvious tag gets more use than it should.
2001-09-07 07:19:44 PM  
Okay, then, I've been seriously considering getting one for my hubby's birthday (okay, ostensibly for him, really for me). Does this mean I should put it off or go for it? I'd love any input y'all could offer!
2001-09-07 07:33:40 PM  
That sucks, TiVo ROCKS!!! plus their logo has a smiling tv on it, HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE A SMILING TV!
2001-09-07 07:53:32 PM  
I too was considering buying one,it would be perfect,as I can never find out when PBS's Nova is on.Programming that damn Vcr only to find a taped pledge drive pisses me off to no end.It would be better for someone that doesn't watch a lot of TV,just the programs your intrested in when you want to watch them.Great concept!
2001-09-07 09:32:25 PM  
I've also considered getting one, but the apartment building I live in has a VERY nonstandard channel lineup. I'm not sure if I'd be able say what channel is where, and get all the proper channel lineups. Anyone able to comment on this?
2001-09-07 10:26:33 PM  
Kammat - if your cable comes from a cable provider (vs. a system your landlord pieces together and provides via a "private" video distribution system), Tivo probably would know your channels - I remember selecting my provider from a list when I did the initial setup - it even understood the different "packages" offered by my carrier. I'm sure you could verify through

BTW - JimJones is right about folks who don't watch a lot of TV - the system lets you maximize the small amount of time you are willing to put into TV - you kind of "distill" all the crap they throw at you and are presented with only the stuff you are interested in (besides, the digital quality and ability to do a four second replay with one button is pretty nifty).....
2001-09-07 10:40:48 PM  
Something to think about

My local cable company has this service.... you change the channel to 999, go thru a list of 300+ movies (and growing) pick one, pay a buck, you can Watch, Rewind, Fastforwars, pause, and record the movie. thats JUST off the cable box :)

If anything cable companys will compete and run them out of busness in a few more years.
2001-09-07 11:27:46 PM  
Hell-bent - That's almost the point the article was trying to make - the technology will be bundled into the cable/set-top space. (That was what ReplayTV decided to do before SonicBlue bought them and decided to take another run at marketing hardware). It Tivo is smart (and lucky), they will leverage the set-top channel and become the (dare I say) standard. They have (IMHO) the best technology (they've got the best UI anyway) - I hope it survives no matter who is selling the schedule subscription....
2001-09-08 02:12:03 AM  
I go back and forth on this one. I really like the idea of it recording live TV for pausing, rewinding, etc.; especially the idea of queuing something up at the top of the hour but not starting to watch it until 15 or 30 past, then skipping through all the commercials. I just can't see spending that much money, yet at least, for the beastie. I know they recently hiked the subscription rates (think from $199 to $299 for lifetime access to the guide, etc.), but mostly what scares me at this point is what will happen if TiVo does, heaven forbid, go under.

It's definitely on my Christmas wish list, that's for sure.
2001-09-08 02:21:56 AM  
You know, I haven't heard of anyone who has bought a Tivo/Replay TV regret it. The only detractors have been people saying "Oh, I can program a VCR already". Until you try it, you are going to be skeptical. Just like goat sex. "Honestly officer, I was trying to get the goat over the fence."
2001-09-08 06:17:22 AM  
2001-09-08 02:32:54 PM  
Ring_of_trout nailed it.
Rather than get into a product war, I'll just mention I have the ReplayTV and I just prefer its UI from what I've seen playing with the TiVo. The fact that I picked it up cheap when a buddy of mine upgraded may have helped in my decision, too :)
But when that buddy first bought the box, I thought it was a waste of money. Now that I'm used to it, I think it has changed and enhanced my viewing habits as much as remote controls did. It is not just a VCR with a non-portable recording medium.
It really is hard to explain what is so cool about it. Being able to pause and rewind live TV is more important than you'd think. Never watching shows when they're actually on so that you can skip all the commercials (and, with the 30 second skip feature, skip them faster than you can with a VCR) goes from luxury to necessity faster than you'd think. Doing a search for shows that might interest you up to a week in advance is danged neato. Picking the show you want out of a list and hitting one button to record it is cool. Having the box realize your show has changed time or night (Yay, Fox is playing with its line up yet again) and record the new time is cool. And Iron Chef rocks. I watch more shows now than I used to, but I watch them when I want and I actually spend less time watching TV than I used to because I only watch the commercials that catch my eye as I'm blipping through them.
And the new models coming out will have Ethernet capability and let you send shows to friends. How cool is that? :)
And, guys, it just took a little longer to hack Replay, that's all:
2001-09-08 05:03:29 PM  
Weezbo - What is the "profile search" (for lack of a better term) like on Replay? Can you identify actors or directors and have Replay report back a list of upcoming shows? I couldn't figure out how to do that in the store and the dim bulb waiting on me at BestBuy was clueless.....
2001-09-08 05:48:31 PM  
Well, there is the 'zones' option which purports to find shows of a certain type, like classic sci-fi or whatever (one zone is called 'The Final Frontier' and will record anything Star Trek related, for instance) and put it in a special spot for you. There's a whole button on the remote just to access that feature :) To tell the truth, I've never used Zones, but your question made me wonder what it was like, so I just brought it up. I went into the zones, chose the 'X-Zone' (generation X, not X-files), then X-movies. The zone description said it would pick out cult classics. I did a search and wham, I've got everything from Farenheit 451 to Cheech and Chong coming up for me to choose from. I think I'll check out that feature from now on.
Otherwise, you can go into the menu (a small button towards the bottom of the remote), then go to 'find shows' and it gives you a search engine screen that you can search via title, director, stars, description or any combination of the four. If you know you're going to search for something a lot, you can also set up a theme channel based on that and it will automatically record, say, all John Wayne movies for you.
One difference between Replay and TiVo is that I've heard TiVo will make suggestions on its own based on your viewing habits. Replay doesn't do that.
OTOH, Replay can be set up for time/channel based recording, which, if I've heard right, TiVo can't. Not a big deal, but Cowboy Bebop comes on during a big block called 'Adult Swim' on Cartoon Network and I only want to record the one show rather than the whole block and I think I'd be stuck with the whole block with TiVo. Also, it means that, if the service fails utterly and my system can't dial in for program info anymore, I will still be able to do more than just pause and rewind what I'm watching at the moment.
Is it true you only get 30 minutes of pause time with TiVo no matter how much space you have left? Or do you know?
2001-09-08 10:00:21 PM  
Perturbance said:
"I know they recently hiked the subscription rates (think from $199 to $299 for lifetime access to the guide, etc.), but mostly what scares me at this point is what will happen if TiVo does, heaven forbid, go under."

lifetime sub's are now $250. was $200. or $10 a month. your choice.
if tivo goes under, it's not that hard to get guide data in the tivo. tivo corprate don't like it, but has anyone heard of Andrew Tridgwell? Mr. Samba? he's converted his tivo to pal and provides guide data to some of his buddies in australia. if tivo dies, the functionality of the box does not.:)

Weezbo said:
"And the new models coming out(replay) will have Ethernet capability and let you send shows to friends. How cool is that? :)"

pretty damn cool! i've had an ethernet port on my tivo for over six months now. copy vids to a server, watch mpeg 1&2 files on my tivo from a samba server(or mfs), control my tivo via a web browser, just kicks butt!

Weezbo said again:
"Replay can be set up for time/channel based recording, which, if I've heard right, TiVo can't."

bless your heart,you heard wrong. tivo can!

the big breakdown:

Replay - frigging great unit. very functional, very cool. and for anyone interested in extracting vids, and not minding adding a removable drive bay, it's the absolutely fastest way to extract vids! i know the "new" one's suppose to be eaiser, but i can't say anything about it till it hits the store shelves. ...can't comment on something i havent seen!

UTV - the dss hacker's choice! you can make this sucker work with most any dss hack, now with full functionality without ever opening the case! ...not much hope for additional hacks, tho....

Tivo - the only pvr with a brain! it learns what you like and can catch things you might have missed! plus, it's only ppc linux in there!!!! hacks for days!!!
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