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(ABC News)   Kids worried about terrorist alerts. In other news, Johnny is a total boogerface. Pass it on   ( divider line
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2003-02-16 03:59:06 PM  
Be good Johnny
2003-02-16 04:00:12 PM  
Good headline.
2003-02-16 04:02:02 PM  
that poor johnny has gotten such a bad rap. he is, most definately not a boogerface. whoever said he is is waaaay more booger-faced.
2003-02-16 04:03:16 PM  
I actually heard a story that a local 7 year old said that he wanted to grow up to be a terrorist in class and he was suspended for a week. He didn't even know what the word meant, he'd just heard it on TV.

Media. Can't live with it, can't stop it. Kind of like terrorism really.
2003-02-16 04:03:42 PM  
What the hell do you think would happen?

Between "OMFG HIGH TERROR ALERT KTHXBYE!!!1" from the press, as well of stories of previously rational adults covering their houses in duct tape, little Johnny sees the world as being totally batshiat insane, as well as being a boogerface.
2003-02-16 04:04:53 PM  
'Many kids have probably seen their parents buying duct tape in preparation for taping up the windows of their homes.'

/insert joke here
2003-02-16 04:05:10 PM  
Johnny likes to go to france
Johnny likes to eat that ants.
Johnny likes to go to France.
Johnny likes to poo-poo pants.
2003-02-16 04:06:18 PM  
LMAO great headline
2003-02-16 04:06:27 PM  
I was listening to NPR - and Prarie Home was on - Somebody said something about terrorists and duct tape..
2003-02-16 04:06:54 PM  
Ok, what the hell is it with this country? I don't remember being a kid and being afraid of bullshiat like this. I remember being a kid during the gulf war and thinking "So, there's a war? So what?" Kids don't understand stuff like this. My cousins, who are 10 and 11, don't go around pouting every time someone mentions 9/11 or the fact that we might attack Iraq....they don't even know where Iraq is, let alone why we're attacking it (Then again, I don't know why either, but that's unrelated). Hell, kids SERIOUSLY aren't going to know why their parents bought duct tape for windows, either. To them, it's just another thing they picked up at the store, like light bulbs or soap or something like that.
The only way kids would get worried is if their dumbass parents say something stupid like "Well, Johnny, I need to get duct tape in case those dirty terrorists from Iraq bomb our house."
2003-02-16 04:07:01 PM  
Those silly kids. Who knows what they'll come up with next?
2003-02-16 04:10:53 PM  
I guess I should rephrase that to "What the hell is it with the media in this country?"
2003-02-16 04:10:58 PM  

Seriously, the news media sensationalizing this whole thing is really pissing me off. Someone is going to end up wrapping their house in plastic or something... oh wait, nevermind.
2003-02-16 04:11:23 PM  
It's bout' time we scared them little shiats! Kids are too comfortable anymore and should know that everything that they hold dear in their hearts can be dashed upon the rocks like the Spice Girls career.
2003-02-16 04:11:24 PM  
"Well, Johnny, I need to get duct tape in case those dirty terrorists from Iraq bomb our house."

pencils down, we have a winner!
2003-02-16 04:11:35 PM  
kids shouldnt have to get used to that kind of thing. 'We're doing this because the television tells us to be afraid.'
2003-02-16 04:11:51 PM  
...and jimmyjones wins todays clarity award. bravo.
2003-02-16 04:13:43 PM  
Johnny: Mommy, why did you buy 50 rolls of duct tape?
Mother: Well, Johnny, I need to get duct tape in case those dirty terrorists from Iraq bomb our house.

I can guarentee at least half of the morons who bought duct tape and are parents told their children (more or less) that.
2003-02-16 04:14:19 PM  
No complaints here.
This is the best my duct tape stocks have done since MacGuyver was still on the air.
2003-02-16 04:15:43 PM  
Kids are such pussies these days. "WAAAA! There might localized terrorist attacks!"

Big fricken deal. When I was a kid, we had to worry about the thermal nuclear destruction of the ENTIRE PLANET!
2003-02-16 04:16:01 PM  
We wouldn't have to put up with this sort of stuff if Barry Goldwater had been elected president in 1964.
2003-02-16 04:16:43 PM  
Too bad Stargate SG1 doesn't have the major network exposure MacGuyver did; P-90s are so much cooler than duct tape.
2003-02-16 04:16:49 PM  
Laying in bed tonight I was thinking
And listening to all the dogs
And the sirens, and the shots
And how a careful man tries to dodge the bullets
While a happy man takes a walk
And maybe it's time to live
2003-02-16 04:17:41 PM  
when the parents tell the kids:
"the tape, the tape is so you cant here them scream",
thats when we should worry
2003-02-16 04:20:15 PM  
nice filter, FARK. The terrorists have a1readee w0n
2003-02-16 04:21:55 PM  
"It is important to pay attention to the physical clues they give you, even with older kids," Murphy says. "If they say they are sick with no apparent illness, complaining of mysterious stomachaches, or headaches, or whining that they don't want to go to school, recognize that anxiety may be behind their symptoms."

That, or they have a term paper due tomorrow that they haven't started.

If they are unusually hyper, goofy, or sullen, try to take their emotional temperature...

Orally or rectally?

2003-02-16 04:22:15 PM  
2003-02-16 04:24:08 PM  
I wish people would get a grip. The odds of having a terroist attack your house seems to be about the same as having a meteor land on it. Of course the media won't say that, it doesn't get good ratings. You're more likley to be killed driving to the store to buy that duct tape then to be the victim of a terroist attack. (unless of course you live in Isreal) The only thing we have to fear is... fear itself.
2003-02-16 04:24:19 PM  
You couldn't pay me to care about this. Neverwinter Nights is sucking my will to live right now, and it feels really good. Someone try to tear me away from this game.
2003-02-16 04:24:43 PM  
i need some html skills
anyone wanna come off some of thier knowledge

/sry, continue farking
2003-02-16 04:25:10 PM  
No complaints here.
This is the best my duct tape stocks have done since MacGuyver was still on the air.

But wait a second - maybve little Johnny's parents ARE the terrorists, and their using the duct tape to make a big nasty bomb. I mean, if McGuyver and the A-Team can do it.......

Be afraid Johnny, be very afraid.....
2003-02-16 04:25:53 PM  
HTML skilz - none here - damn i tag.
2003-02-16 04:25:53 PM  
"whining that they don't want to go to school"

Apparently, children have been anxious about Terrorist attacks for the past several decades.
2003-02-16 04:27:19 PM  
does it differ much from BBcode, if anyone is familiar?
2003-02-16 04:29:23 PM  
JoeLLama, BBCode is an implementation of HTML. For the most part, the basic stuff can be done using instead of [ and ] around your tags. There are a few exceptions, but stuff like italics, bold, font size, color and stuff like that all work.
2003-02-16 04:30:03 PM  
Gulf War coverage was micro-managed by the government. I grew up during the beginning of the Cold War and was of draft age during Vietnam. Trust me, those were very disturbing times to be a child.
2003-02-16 04:31:08 PM  
Hmmph! That should have been the carrots above comma and period where I say "the basic stuff can be done using..."
2003-02-16 04:32:43 PM  
Boy those terrorists sure do like their boobies
2003-02-16 04:33:31 PM  
JimmyJones thanks.
2003-02-16 04:33:45 PM  
Staev, that may be the case...but I don't think this has nearly the same effect on people as the Cold War did. The reason you were afraid back then was because your parents were afraid....The reason kids are afraid now is because their parents are afraid. The difference here is that the cold war was a real threat, the dirty terrorists from Iraq are just an excuse, gone to far, to try to gain favor with the public.
2003-02-16 04:33:46 PM  
i hope we all die

2003-02-16 04:34:18 PM  
I just wanna say that I take offense to
that headline. Who ever said it is
a diaper-baby.
2003-02-16 04:34:22 PM  
JoeLLama: In regards to bold and italic tags, html is about the same, only with <*></*> instead of [*][/*].

With linking, the formula is <a href="">text</a>, and to open it up in another window the code is <a href="" target="blank">text</a>

With pictures, the code is <img src="">

If you want to make the pic an active link, just put the pic code in the "text" portion of the link code, double 1337 points if you make the link automatically open in another window.

And that's all the html I know, besides some minor text formatting (size and color, go look that up in some turorial- they're all around).
2003-02-16 04:39:05 PM  
Can anyone hear say that they have actually bought duct tape to protect against these alleged bio/chem attacks?

Let's be realistic...Saran Wrap and duct tape solutions are like ducking underneath your desk in the event of a nuclear explosion...

2003-02-16 04:39:43 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Mind you, this is not me.
2003-02-16 04:39:51 PM  
If these kids can't take a joke, they suck.

I haven't got ime to worry about all this terrorism stuff NOW. I have GAs bi-weekly Storm of the Century to deal with.
2003-02-16 04:43:27 PM  
Big fricken deal. When I was a kid, we had to worry about the thermal nuclear destruction of the ENTIRE PLANET!

amen to that. take a look at some of the government buildings around you... they probably still have the "fallout shelter" signs on them...

and are kids today going through the "get under your desks" drills at school?

there were way more "the world is going to end tomorrow" worries from our government and world in general a generation ago.

kids are such wimps these days.
2003-02-16 04:43:28 PM  
JoeLLama try here
that is where i learned my (very) rudimentary HTML skills from

JimmyJones it probably interpreted the karat symbols as an attempt at html....
2003-02-16 04:43:56 PM  
Now, these folks have the right idea:
2003-02-16 04:44:06 PM  
JimmyJones, you get a cookie.
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