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(   Madonna says she's not anti-Bush. Penthouse surrenders   ( divider line
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7771 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Feb 2003 at 1:00 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-16 01:04:32 PM  
Dunbass? Ironic? you make the call
2003-02-16 01:05:54 PM  
2003-02-16 01:06:13 PM  
i remember the madonna penthouse... one of my first porno mags when i was in middle school.
2003-02-16 01:07:05 PM  
"I'm pro peace"
Funny...I'm pro piece!
2003-02-16 01:09:41 PM  

what would Madonna do?
2003-02-16 01:10:31 PM  
Anyone who's seen her in "Sex" knows she's definitely not anti-bush.
2003-02-16 01:11:14 PM  
WWMD? Biatch about it for a while, have her husband make a crappy video, then biatch some more.
2003-02-16 01:11:51 PM  
(and she'd do it with her phony brit accent)
2003-02-16 01:12:13 PM  
At least she's not making a scene like that idiot Sean Penn.
2003-02-16 01:13:20 PM  
2003-02-16 01:15:36 PM  
Didn't Madonna do that stupid remake of "American Pie" (the song)? Bah!
2003-02-16 01:16:23 PM  
After all the skanking this ho did I bet her old man has to spray sarin in her snatch just to be on the safe side.
2003-02-16 01:17:18 PM  

Who cares? Once again, a bunch of morons will get thier knickers in a twist over a video, which well mean the video is far more popular than it would have been otherwise, and she will sell a zillion cds.

Madonna will laugh all the way to the bank.

2003-02-16 01:17:51 PM  
Madonna shot her latest video clip, which depicts the horrors of war, in Los Angeles last week

Is Los Angeles at war again?
2003-02-16 01:21:34 PM  
Haha, good headline!
2003-02-16 01:24:25 PM  
Why doesn't everyone admit that what Madonna (and most other celebs) thinks is irrelevant?
2003-02-16 01:27:46 PM  
Nah, that would be too easy :-)
2003-02-16 01:28:30 PM  
She may be a bubblehead,but I'd hit it like a pinata.
2003-02-16 01:30:03 PM  
Besides, everybody likes to mimic their favorite celebrities. Think of all the kiddies who will do X if Linkin Park thinks X is cool.
2003-02-16 01:38:17 PM  
She should compare notes with George Michael.
2003-02-16 01:42:29 PM  
Dubya is sooooo over. Who cares.
2003-02-16 01:44:00 PM  
"Starting as a runway show of couture army fatigues, the fashion show escalates into a mad frenzy depicting the catastrophic repercussions and horror of war"

Fashion Models = Horrors of War

Got it!
2003-02-16 01:46:21 PM  
Anyone that has seen her old nudes knows she ain't anti-bush.
2003-02-16 01:47:39 PM  
"This will be a stirring and extremely controversial piece of work from the artist who created the medium of the small film set to music," Rosenberg said

Who is she kidding?
2003-02-16 01:47:47 PM  
I'd say she did compare notes with George Michael, hence her announcement. This could have had the Obvious tag, because above all, she's a capitalist. First she lets the anti-Bush crowd simmer on her public comments, then when the influx of new sales tops off she makes a new statement saying she's not anti-Bush to appease the other side. So she plays both sides of the aisle and laughs all the way to the bank.

Why anyone would give a crap what she thinks is beyond me. It/s like giving credence to the Hollowood crowds opinion. Most people don't know that 70% of the money Hollowood makes come from overseas, of COURSE they're going to have an anti-US slant, they're playing to another crowd.

2003-02-16 01:48:42 PM  
I'm pro Madonnas' bush! How 'bout some pics of it?
2003-02-16 01:49:46 PM  
So, Madonna invented the video, Puff Daddy invented the remix, Al Gore invented the Internet, Dubya invented nuk-u-lar physics...
2003-02-16 01:50:18 PM  
Go here and look under M, youll see that she has no prob with a lil bush...
2003-02-16 01:53:22 PM  
"This will be a stirring and extremely controversial piece of work from the artist who created the medium of the small film set to music," Rosenberg said.

Except the minute it becomes controversial, the "artiste" falls all over herself back-pedalling. Just like that idiot ex-husband of hers.

We're gonna end up in a much bigger war than would've been necessary in the first place, just because of these damned peaceniks. We'll let everything slide this year because of those stupid demonstrations, and the whole thing will blow up a lot later and kill a lot more people.

Saddam's like that spoiled food in the back of your refrigerator. You should clean it up sooner so there's less of a mess. Come to think of it, that's an accurate description of the situation clear back in '91.
2003-02-16 01:58:02 PM  
Yeah, that makes sense. People who promote peace making for a bigger and badder war.

Saddam's like that spoiled food in the back of your refrigerator. You should clean it up sooner so there's less of a mess. Come to think of it, that's an accurate description of the situation clear back in '91.

Dude, you haven't cleaned your fridge in 12 years???

/flame on
2003-02-16 02:00:37 PM  
Wuzupperperson should go look up Neville Chamberlin in Google...
2003-02-16 02:06:40 PM  
Mkfreeberg shouldn't take me too seriously...

My whole view on this whole "war with Iraq" thing is this: I hope to all that is holy that the problem can be solved without having to go to war, and also that Bush is trying to scare the American population into supporting the war. Only if war is absolutely, positively necessary should anybody take that step. It's really unfortunate that many situations cannot be resolved without war, though.

I know, it's a really vague stance on the issue, but that's all I got at the moment.
2003-02-16 02:08:21 PM  
...not to mention the global repercussions (both good and bad)... think Israel times twenty.
2003-02-16 02:14:05 PM  
5. I can't stand Mustangs. What's all the fuss about, anyway?

Old or new Mustangs? I agree with you 100% on the newer ones (any model that has "5.0" in it), but come on... the older ones, say pre-1975, well, they're in a proverbial class by themselves, right?
2003-02-16 02:27:38 PM  
blah blah blah... celebrities' opinions irrelevant unless they're pro-war... blah blah blah... don't know anything about... blah blah blah... not qualified... blah blah blah... any idiot off the streets more than qualified to prattle on about why war=good... blah blah blah...

We can just save a lot of time and agree on this point....
2003-02-16 02:45:13 PM  
Props to the person who made that title...
2003-02-16 02:50:09 PM  
Speaking of anti-bush, did anyone watch the "That's my Bush" marathon on Comedy Central last night.

2003-02-16 03:03:53 PM  
What the fark is with this new "lemming" political stance in the world.

"I'm ant war, can't explain why... other than it's fasionable among hollywood."

If I were the enemies of the west I would be getting a hard on. These people will not fight for anything.

Canned food and shotgun shells my friends, canned food and shotgun shells.
2003-02-16 03:04:38 PM  
Binoboy: Do you notice how much attention those pro-war celebrities have been getting?
2003-02-16 03:38:23 PM  
this was on Drudge 6 days ago....way to keep
up to date, mods
2003-02-16 03:46:15 PM  

The other articles on the site are just as dumb. "Gangsters killed JFK" because Joe DiMaggio thought that they did. Ca-razy!
2003-02-16 03:50:15 PM  
George Michael is definitely anti-bush... definitely.
2003-02-16 03:54:44 PM  
"This will be a stirring and extremely controversial piece of work from the artist who created the medium of the small film set to music," Rosenberg said.
um, correct me if im wrong, but wasn't it micheal jackson? or pink floyd?
damn celebrities, with their damn egos.
2003-02-16 04:53:00 PM  
Smart, if the war goes off on schedule she'll have a video in the can ready to go. Boy, she's gonna look stupid if peace breaks out before the release date--but what are the odds of that?
2003-02-16 05:12:59 PM  
Who is this "Madonna" person of whom you speak?
2003-02-16 06:34:37 PM  
MKFREEBERG: well said,also a war now will cost many more lives.The iraqi army could not possibly believe that they could win a war with the U.S. military,but now they know they don't have to. all they have to do is keep the war going and kill enough american solders.The protest will get bigger and more violent,and the goverment will be forced to end the war. This knowledge will give the the hope to keep fighting.
2003-02-16 06:35:47 PM  
I missed a "That's My Bush" marathon? Damn!
2003-02-16 09:49:17 PM  
Yes, Madonna loves America so much ... that she now lives in London.

I would, however, like to say that I would hit Guy Ritchie until his eyes bled and his brains oozed out his right ear, despite his awful taste in women.
2003-02-16 10:34:06 PM  
Haven't seen her latest work, but it's sure to be as subtle as the "Like a Prayer" video (the one with the rows of burning crosses).
2003-02-16 10:36:00 PM  
Celebrities won't fight for anything? That's news to anyone who's ever seen the "premium" spread being unveiled by caterers at any Hollywood event!
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