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15859 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Feb 2003 at 8:34 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-15 08:38:03 PM  
The what?
2003-02-15 08:38:30 PM  
2003-02-15 08:40:35 PM  
another website whining for money....

2003-02-15 08:40:50 PM  
Oh HELL yeah. It's worth it just for the "I love you, buh-bye" one. hee hee
2003-02-15 08:41:13 PM  
2003-02-15 08:41:18 PM  
Very, very stupid...
2003-02-15 08:42:00 PM  
weak...move along....

2003-02-15 08:42:02 PM  
I am inclined to agree with Freeloader
2003-02-15 08:44:29 PM  
Oh yeah, we gotta hear what Hesh sounds like!

2003-02-15 08:45:36 PM  
2003-02-15 08:46:07 PM  
what a crock of sh!t. no simpsons wavs no video game bits.
2003-02-15 08:49:46 PM  
I was willing to give this site a shot. Then, I saw the Save Farscape, and I died a little inside, then deleted that webpage. Forever.
2003-02-15 08:51:32 PM  
Gah? farked?
2003-02-15 08:53:13 PM  
Pffffft. That blew.
2003-02-15 08:54:48 PM  
i'll take "web sites that suck" for $500, alex...
2003-02-15 08:55:02 PM  
Accurate headline, except for the "truly great" part.
2003-02-15 08:55:21 PM  
I HATE this website to its very core
2003-02-15 08:56:53 PM  
I'd hate to see what the poster thinks is crap.
2003-02-15 08:57:35 PM  
He isn't a true wanksta
2003-02-15 09:00:05 PM  
Man, I used to go to this site like five years ago. I'm surprised it's still around.
2003-02-15 09:00:10 PM  
I don't know why I wasn't expecting an obnoxiously loud wav file to play as soon as the page finished loading. I think I soiled my brand new boxers.
2003-02-15 09:03:02 PM  
And this donkey-sucking sound clip website, with its half-assed collection of quotations no one regarded with interest when they were fresh and new, differs from the eleventeen other thousand sound clip archives that have littered the net since 1991 exactly how?

I see nothing here that doesn't deserve a good spanking.
2003-02-15 09:09:28 PM  
Hey HarryBeanBag, there is no $500 anymore on Jeopardy. They doubled everything.
2003-02-15 09:09:43 PM  
Yeah, that would be really cool, if only the clips were not at least 10 years old.
2003-02-15 09:11:40 PM  
Anybody know of an amazingly awesome sound website that has sound clips from movies, TV shows, video games, and whatever else? Because this one is not good.
2003-02-15 09:19:47 PM  
Now one of the truly farked websites
2003-02-15 09:53:36 PM  
People who use AOL like stuff like this. S'true.
2003-02-15 10:05:04 PM  
If you think this is bad, it's got nothing on, which actually had a pretty good selection...

...four YEARS ago.
2003-02-15 10:56:39 PM  
2003-02-15 10:56:54 PM  
OK, i'm using Winamp to play .wavs, and all the ones from that site seem to cut off halfway through. Anyone else having this problem?
2003-02-15 11:08:10 PM  
This Daily Wav site was really cool back in the day, like 3+ years ago.

Back then things were great. Now, with broadband and "affordable" residential t1 lines and Kazaa-lite, this site is obsolete. An obsolete site.

If I want to hear a quote now, I can just kazaa-lite it and get the whole thing. Not that I would, but I could.

/stupid ranting while sleep-deprived
2003-02-15 11:16:45 PM  
An oldie-but-a-goodie. Tokyo Breakfast
2003-02-15 11:37:29 PM  
Close2TheEdge, that's one crazy ass clip neegah!
2003-02-16 12:08:34 AM  
Muthafukin' Fujitsu Heavy Industries one crazee neegah. NEEGAH!
2003-02-16 12:15:30 AM  
Gotta love those Twin Peaks quotes.
2003-02-16 12:44:48 AM  
Hey, quit making fun of the site.

The site is good.


2003-02-16 04:46:50 AM  
Hi, um...let me be the first to say that sucked complete ass.

I totally had cool anal sex tonight though...

2003-02-16 06:17:34 AM  
10 obsolete quotes and a plea for money. Is this the intermet business model for the 21st century or does the poster have a stake in that site? Either way, its pure crap.
2003-02-16 06:19:04 AM  
Oh wow, I remember this site from around 1996. Back in the days before "bandwidth costs" meant "how much it costs to run your website".

My 1996 "bandwith cost" was my super-rad $120 ISA internal K56Flex modem and the $20 a month I paid to special K56Flex lines to connect to the internet. Of course, I was lucky for Windows 95 to tell me I logged in at "43200 kbs/sec".

I also was one of the first on my block to have a VLB 8MB Diamond Multimedia VRAM card! And then I upgraded to a PCI 8mb Stealth3D card and had so much fun playing that little bundled game called Descent!
2003-02-16 06:20:23 AM  
My previous post made no sense. I didn't check it for typos. I meant to say,

Oh wow, I remember this site from around 1996. Back in the days before "bandwidth costs" meant "how much it costs to connect to the Internet".

Thanks for letting me be stupid.
2003-02-16 10:59:00 AM  
One word...
Who posted this?
2003-02-16 11:16:18 AM  
Hold on, lemme grab my Zoom 14.4 before I logon...
2003-02-16 11:52:50 AM  
The poster of this article is a tool.
2003-02-16 11:57:09 AM  
No Sealab2021 wavs, but yet they have Powerpuff girl wavs. Crap site.
2003-02-16 11:57:41 AM  
see, you guys went and farked one of my favorite sites... fark you!
2003-02-16 12:54:53 PM  
I'm stunned that this got posted.
I was into this site 4 years ago and it began to blow really fast.
Still blows.
2003-02-16 01:35:21 PM  
Don't worry Squidfartz, I'm sure it will get posted a few more times today. :D

With a Boobies tag..
2003-02-16 02:34:02 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-17 02:25:06 AM  
I'm happy to see that linked over to Dailywav. I'm not the webmaster, but I manage the server. (And before I was laid off, was a avid Fark reader at work.)

Despite what some reported, the server never crashed and the load was about 50%-75% over the average day, but was still quite manageable. About an extra 12000 visitors in total. 6 Gig of traffic.

As for the site rips. Keep in mind, the site is free. No pop-up ads, no advertising (aside from Hunter's love for Farscape) and no full page nag messages (ala Salon). No annoying flash ads. No interstitials. Just a simple note. That isn't too much to ask for these days... Especially these days.

The request for donations is to help pay for the server bandwidth which is in the 4 to 6 Gigs per day range... Not cheap. (And no, a home DSL or even home T-1 couldn't do that.) Since I was laid off on Halloween, paying for the server/bandwidth has become a bit harder. Hence the donation request and even then it wasn't an easy decision.

So keep all that in mind. (I noticed those who complained about the donation section also aren't signed up for TotalFark. Interesting correlation. ;)

And as for content being 10 years old, take a look around the site. We've had content online the same night as it's broadcast. We both work our butts off for something which makes us no money (as all donations go to pay for the website. Bandwidth isn't cheap.)

It's a labor of love for us both. Thanks to everyone who was supportive...

And for those who don't like it, FARK off. ;)

P.S. Powerpuff Girls rule! (And I'm responsible for the Powerpuff Girls wav's. So blame me not him.)
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