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(ABC News)   Awww... Teen sweethearts try love 27 years later, good story for 2/14, and good luck   ( divider line
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10621 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Feb 2003 at 8:24 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-14 08:29:43 AM  
Fark them, my wife left me and I am a bitter person now. so nobody deserves to be happy anymore
2003-02-14 08:30:50 AM  
Why is this unlikely?
2003-02-14 08:32:04 AM  
Marriage = It's a Trap!
2003-02-14 08:34:09 AM  
Oasics - Know the feeling dude.
2003-02-14 08:34:12 AM  
Love is a lie!
2003-02-14 08:34:38 AM  
I saw this story last night. First gift he needs to buy her is a chin.
2003-02-14 08:37:59 AM  
Ahhhh Valentines Day!!



So saith Halmark and Kay Jewelers.
2003-02-14 08:38:05 AM  

I thought she already had two... what good is a third?

Ohhh wait thats her neck... ewwww
2003-02-14 08:38:21 AM  
Come on people.. get a life.
2003-02-14 08:38:59 AM  
Whack off in the woods..
2003-02-14 08:41:19 AM  
Maybe ABC will sign her up for that "Extreme Makeovers" show so that she can lose those extra chins.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-14 08:42:28 AM  
Don't let commercialism ruin St Valentine's Day. Take this as a good opportunity to spread the love and make everyone around you feel loved and special.

And remember - if you're single, tonight you get to do exactly what you want, cos there's no-one to please except yourself. So I'm ringing out for pizza and watching Animal House on DVD! Woohoo!
2003-02-14 08:44:20 AM  
Valentines Day? Bah, we went out last night, avoided the crowds, and I got a new case tumbler, woo! Oh yea, she got a new diamond and ruby tennis bracelet, woooooH!
2003-02-14 08:45:41 AM  
Its friday and valentine's day. If your single...Hit the bars! They should be packed with single ladies feeling the need to be loved! w00t :P
2003-02-14 08:46:27 AM  
Wow Nostra you went all out.

I am planning to let my lady BIGGIE size her fries tonight.
2003-02-14 08:46:40 AM  
It is too soon to tell whether the long-lost lovers will resume their relationship, but in the two weeks since their reunion, Rick has called Sandi every day, every hour on the hour.

Anyone else find this last sentence slightly disturbing?

I wish to show my feelings for you by calling you every hour. Sheesh.
2003-02-14 08:47:22 AM  
Everyone take a moment and think what they were like in high school. Now consider how much you've developed and grown throughout the years. It appears as though none of that matters with "Love".

"Unlikely" is pretty accurate. I'd hate to be loved solely upon my character during my teenage years. Good luck.
2003-02-14 08:49:43 AM  
Bagpuss, I'm with you. My divorce papers just arrived in the mail yesterday. I'm final and will celebrate with many many beers, watch whatever I want on TV and then cry all night because I'll never find the right boy.
2003-02-14 08:52:28 AM  
Maybe I'm just shallow, I don't know...Maybe it's because I have a gorgeous wife...I dunno...What do I know? That woman is a skag!...Damn man, through a bag over that face...
2003-02-14 08:53:55 AM  
Every hour, on the hour.....I have to agree DexRex, that is really creepy...
2003-02-14 08:56:08 AM  
You're not shallow. She's hideous. Guess there's hope for the rest of us - perhaps that's the message at the root of this pathetic tale.
Every hour? I'd get a restraining order...
2003-02-14 08:57:18 AM  
Today sucks and should not actually be a day, but a prolonged momment of silence. For all the fallen.
/end bitterness
2003-02-14 08:57:31 AM  
My bandmate was married on Valentine's Day to his high school sweetheart almost 20 years ago. She left him last year with no reason given, then sued him for his stuff. It cost him thousands to get the suit dismissed, and he'll be emotionally farked up for a while.

Although the rest of us in the band are happily in love, this holiday's pretty tainted.

(any sympathetic Orlando farkers can come to Kitty O'Shea's tonight for what will probably be one hell of a show)
2003-02-14 08:58:04 AM  
either he's a psycho or she's a "i need attention 24/7" type. Scary indeed.
2003-02-14 08:58:20 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

"almost cruel to humanity"
2003-02-14 08:58:54 AM  
So they have a short high school relationship and then between them 3 divorces and what 6 kids! The foundation for a stable relationship!

"Dear God, Please let Fox make their lives into a reality TV Show so I can watch their slow descent into madness... Thanks"
2003-02-14 08:59:00 AM  
I guess I have succumbed to all of this corporate dronism... V-Day makes me feel terribly lonely for being single. Except for when I think back to how even more disappointing it is to be with someone who could give a crap. Sorry, feeling cranky today. Must drink soon!
2003-02-14 09:00:04 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-14 09:02:01 AM  
I usually like Valentine's Day.

If you're alone, pathetic, and sad... too damn bad. Nobody gives a crap.

Get over it.
2003-02-14 09:03:19 AM  
Life, love and unity.
- Dreadzone -
2003-02-14 09:03:28 AM  
Thanks, Soapdish, for posting that so I didn't have to.
2003-02-14 09:03:54 AM  
I just don't feel that society should dictate I should have to single out a specific day to tell my wife I love her and I'm happy to be with her. Shrug.

I can do that anytime.
2003-02-14 09:04:09 AM  
Screw you too

that is all
2003-02-14 09:05:13 AM  
Thank you, soapdish. I was going to post something along those lines. Actually I think I will anyway.

All together now, folks.


Happy farking Valentine's farking Day. farker.
2003-02-14 09:05:42 AM  
If you're alone, pathetic, and sad...

Go to a bar, and get a valentine...just for the night.
2003-02-14 09:05:46 AM  
Does being alone always have to mean being pathetic and sad? It's only an occasional, passing feeling.... which gets better once you realize that you can fart at leisure, have control of the remote and not listen to someone biatch and nag at you constantly.
2003-02-14 09:06:26 AM  
Amen to that!
2003-02-14 09:10:12 AM  
At least this isn't your Valentine...
[image from too old to be available]

Happy Valentine's Day!
2003-02-14 09:12:18 AM  
Ehh, that's kind of what I meant, Jeebus_Frist.

I'm alone. But, neither pathetic nor sad. That being said, the only thing I don't like about Valentine's Day is the constant moaning and crying from the "Woe is me" crowd.
2003-02-14 09:17:39 AM  
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Rohypnol's cheaper in the long run.
2003-02-14 09:18:08 AM  
*Sap Mode On*

Forgive Me
Just One Day a Year
Isn't Enough
To Show My Love for You
So I wanted you to know
That I will do my best
To demonstrate my love
Each and everyday
The Rest of the Year

*Sap Mode Off*
2003-02-14 09:22:51 AM  
MetalMan Go and wash your keyboard with soap.
2003-02-14 09:23:12 AM  

You are correct!
2003-02-14 09:35:19 AM  
Best Valentine's song ever = Misfits - Last Caress
2003-02-14 09:36:43 AM  
Hey, where did my post go?
2003-02-14 09:41:42 AM  
02-14-03 09:36:43 AM Karona
Hey, where did my post go?

My guess is.. a mod ate it.
2003-02-14 09:43:36 AM  
The Internet makes finding and stalking old lovers so much easier.
2003-02-14 09:46:26 AM  
Roses are red
Lilies are white
Let's get farked up, dear
And then start a fight.
2003-02-14 09:47:24 AM  
True story

Recently on holiday, me and misses meepmeep met a couple who had dated when they where 15 (34 years ago), lost track, had families etc, and then met up (via mutual friends rather than stalking), and have been happily together (again) for a year.
2003-02-14 09:51:28 AM  

Your penis called. It asked you to stop compensating for it by saying your wife is hot on the internet.

Also, if you're wife is hot, who's the chick in the picture with you in your profile?
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