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(Fark)   Farker ZekeMacNeil is trying to get a friend of his to join Fark. Suggest some good reasons. Voting enabled   ( divider line
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734 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Feb 2003 at 3:37 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-13 10:34:56 PM  
2003-02-13 10:38:06 PM  
We don't need no stinkin' non-believers.

Long live Farkistan!
2003-02-13 11:01:32 PM  
*points at crotch*
2003-02-13 11:12:23 PM  
If you don't get it you don't get it...get it?

"We don't have to sell you this shiat, because this is the kind of shiat that sells itself."

2003-02-13 11:27:40 PM  
In Soviet Union, Fark joins you!
2003-02-13 11:29:21 PM  
Tell him that Fark is full of friendly and generous people who are eager to read what you have to say and respond in a constructive, yet jovial manner, asshat.
2003-02-14 12:02:48 AM  
Apparently France needs voting.
2003-02-14 12:44:58 AM  
Because 75,000+ Farkers just aint enuff.
2003-02-14 01:26:15 AM  
Since you're going to hell anyway you may as well entertain and be entertained while you're at it.
2003-02-14 01:39:01 AM  
1-The great stories where hilarity ensues
2-The great stories where France surrenders
3-The great stories where Duke sucks
4-The great stories where doo-dah
5-The great boobies where kittens get killed
6-The great threads where Akbar realizes it's a trap
7-The great threads where asshats run free
8-The refreshing taste of Dr.Pepper
9-New appreciation for pickles and big furry poo monsters
2003-02-14 01:58:11 AM  
Put it this way. I AM GETTING A BJ AT THE VERY MOMENT I AM TYPING THIS. nuff said. I'm busy.
2003-02-14 03:40:01 AM  
Your friend will have the opportunity to be called an asshole by me.
2003-02-14 03:40:14 AM  
Instead of merely arguing with brain-dead asshats in your local tavern, neighbourhood and/or family, you can argue with Farking brain-dead asshats from all over the world.

Plus boobies.
2003-02-14 03:41:05 AM  
Its Free?
2003-02-14 03:41:16 AM  
Top 5 reasons:

img.fark.netView Full Size

img.fark.netView Full Size

img.fark.netView Full Size

img.fark.netView Full Size

img.fark.netView Full Size

2003-02-14 03:41:56 AM  
Don't bother. Fark is evil. IT'S A TRA--- trick. It's a trick.
2003-02-14 03:43:01 AM  
It's free.
There are Boobies.
Hot Farkettes.
You can argue with people without fear of physical retribution (try doing THAT in your local bar).
2003-02-14 03:44:22 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
I am a banana.
2003-02-14 03:44:55 AM  
Because you learn new words you can impress your friends with, like "asshat" and "fap"
2003-02-14 03:45:06 AM  
Let your friend lurk around the message boards a bit. If he/she does not want to join. Let him be. No point "throwing pearls to pigs".

2003-02-14 03:45:37 AM  
Well, I suppose I stay for the ability to murder people with Impunity, and the free lunch.

Wait, is this the "Official Cult of Bergort: the Destroyer" forum?... Because the background color seems different.
2003-02-14 03:46:13 AM  
forgot the he/she, him/her thing in the last post. sheeesh
2003-02-14 03:47:23 AM  
Also, your friend will get to flame Dryang for calling him/her a "he/she".
2003-02-14 03:47:52 AM  
1. Most of us like booze, money and porn.
2. No pop-ups
3. We care about each other, even the douchebags
4. Farkettes
5. Where else can violence, sex, drugs, and idiot comments all be found in one site.
6. Photoshops...gotta love the PS's
7. What's that word, begins with a 'B' part of a woman's anatomy...the upper half?
8. No point in being insane alone.
9. The server never goes down.
10. Wil Wheaton posts here. How can you beat that?
2003-02-14 03:48:11 AM  
Nowhere else can you kill kittens and be praised for doing so.
2003-02-14 03:48:29 AM  
Because Farkers get crazy laid.

Wait, no... that's Robert Plant. Nevermind.
2003-02-14 03:49:11 AM  
Schmooze with celebrities,
act like a total knob,
hit on women that wouldn't give you the time of day....

Fark is like getting piss drunk and sitting in the driveway of the Playboy mansion.

Vote for me - I have clean socks on.
2003-02-14 03:49:35 AM  

that's why I love this place. Flame away!!!
2003-02-14 03:49:39 AM  
A free secret decoder ring inside of every specially marked package!!!
2003-02-14 03:50:42 AM  
People will say nice things when you die in a bloody car accident.
2003-02-14 03:54:05 AM  
I got nothin'.
2003-02-14 03:55:16 AM  
Join FARK today and help solve the out-of-control cat overpopulation problem.
2003-02-14 03:59:29 AM  
Because Fark is more interesting than CNN.
2003-02-14 04:00:03 AM  
FARK: The closest you may ever be to a real set of
img.fark.netView Full Size
2003-02-14 04:02:10 AM  
cause ol' drew needs da beer money.....
*obscure reference*
2003-02-14 04:03:25 AM me a seat in hell, will you?
2003-02-14 04:04:39 AM  
Good point Cynic ... what we need here is a "Beer" topic ...
2003-02-14 04:06:11 AM  
Intelligent and witty conversation.

Or maybe just for the overwhelming reserves of sarcasm.
2003-02-14 04:06:13 AM  
why not?
2003-02-14 04:06:42 AM  
Damn, TommyymmoT, that says it all
2003-02-14 04:07:46 AM  
Fark has several really keen mascots.
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-14 04:07:49 AM  
2003-02-14 04:07:54 AM  
Passes the time when you are supposed to be working.
2003-02-14 04:09:13 AM  

After this gets more entries you've got my vote for the Robert Plant mention. Mmm... Robert. I've never used a cliche before but... I'D HIT IT!

Now that I've used my first cliche I feel like a true Farkette.
2003-02-14 04:11:21 AM  
If you don't, we'll turn you into a newt!
2003-02-14 04:15:02 AM  
How about for the social commentary, the boobies links (and their comments), and for the flame wars?
2003-02-14 04:15:10 AM  
We are the Fark.
Resistance is futile.
2003-02-14 04:16:02 AM  
Fark's a great place to waste time!
2003-02-14 04:18:26 AM  
Cynic32: me a seat in hell, will you?

Of course!
2003-02-14 04:25:55 AM  
Sorry, Fark is full. Please try back later.
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