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(   In desperate bid to lure tourists, Australia tries to convince world that all their women look like Megan Gale   ( divider line
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14261 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Feb 2003 at 3:57 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-14 05:54:27 AM  
Stoopid thing...let's try again

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-14 05:57:03 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-14 06:01:16 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

GIS for aussie chick.....why?
2003-02-14 06:05:39 AM  
How bout this:
Never go there. You won't have to worry about anything. That's my big plan. As a matter of fact, that's about my plan for anyplace from now on. I've been treated like crap in enough countries to last a lifetime.
2003-02-14 06:19:02 AM  

Yeah, and unlike Europe, the Aussies are 100% behind the US in a war against Iraq, and any other Western world hating countries.
2003-02-14 06:21:57 AM  
Pubeman thats just so that we can get those yanky suckers.. i mean friends to come over and spend money here.

they are so gullible.... i mean nice and friendly
2003-02-14 06:23:53 AM  

"i dont know what u ladies are complaining about $2000 USD to come to aus. but we pay $1800 AUD to go to the states... ever thought of buying ur ticket from over here ?"

Nah, it isn't. We tried that when I was dating an American, at one point it was cheaper to buy TWO tickets from Sydney to LAX and use one leg of each ticker than it was to buy one from LAX to Sydney. We called to book, and were told that:

1. You have to book departing tickets from the country being departed from.
2. If you miss the outbound leg, they automatically cancel the return leg.

Sucks !

Americans I've found are ripped off blind in many areas. If you don't go to other countries often you don't realise how much they pay for things, things we would cry like a baby over paying that much for. I guess the idea is that they have enough money to spend, so they can be fleeced that little but more. It sucks.
2003-02-14 06:27:18 AM  
Went to oz for 7 laid 15 times....Everybody can get laid easily in that country...well if you stick to hostels and shag the other backpackers that is.
2003-02-14 06:34:07 AM  
Pubeman Aussies 100% behind the war on Iraq? First I've heard of that. Actually over 70% of us are against it and we suffer from a government like the brits that thinks they know better than the voters.
2003-02-14 06:35:40 AM  

You are cruel *laughs*


We certainly aren't prudish about sex, I believe we are closer to the French and Europe in that respect than most other countries - it's a natural healthy sport so why not enjoy it. Variety indeed is the spice of life.

Americans do really well here if they are nice people. I had an american flatmate who was the most contested over man I've ever seen, he had the broadest accent, loudest voice, was terribly opinionated, and we couldn't get enough of him *lol*.

Anyway, the moral of the story is a wanker at home is still going to be a wanker overseas, and of course we aren't going to like them. Why would we ?
2003-02-14 06:37:34 AM  

I think he was being cruel - like the kangaroos delivering the mail story, you know ? Trolling for the gullible ;)
2003-02-14 06:41:31 AM  
MorphineKisses: It has been a long time since i was home, but i still remember the parochialism vividly.

It is the same all over the world. What i always loved was, how for ex, in the State of Origin there would be intense rivalry bordering on hate, yet the following week where there was a national side playing the Brits, it would all be put aside. [Unless of course Benny Elias was playing :-) ]

Bugger_all: It has been a long time since i have seen her. Is that Kate Ceberano?
2003-02-14 06:46:58 AM  
Just in case he wasn't:

Anti-war protesters clog CBD - February 14, 2003

MELBOURNE's CBD turned into a densely packed massed demonstration against a US-led war on Iraq today with tens of thousands turning up to an evening rally for peace.

Victoria Police estimates placed the crowd numbers at up to 150,000 although the entire length of Swanston Street was filled with people obviously awaiting the demonstration before the head of the protest departed the State Library.

At the march's destination - Federation Square - they were addressed by union and political leaders as well as rock singer and conservationist Peter Garrett.

Touted as the biggest protest in Australia since the anti-Vietnam War marches of 30 years ago, today's evening rally kicked off with mock air raid sirens to symbolise air attacks on Baghdad.

Greens Senator Bob Brown said the size of the crowd showed John Howard did not have a mandate to take Australia to war against Iraq.

"This is a huge statement by the people of Melbourne, and the people of Australia to John Howard: that he's gone the wrong way and should turn around.

"The people of Australia don't see this as our war," Sen Brown said.,4057,5984545%255E1702,00.html

Can't wait for the Sydney one.
2003-02-14 06:51:26 AM  
02-14-03 06:19:02 AM Pubeman
Yeah, and unlike Europe, the Aussies are 100% behind the US in a war against Iraq, and any other Western world hating countries

lol where did you pull that fact from? - the vast majority of Aussies are against war and a vote of no confidence was recently passed on their Prime Minister for the role he has committed the Aus army in Iraq.

Vikingskull - wow 7 pathetic attempts to start a flame war and each one totally ignored by everyone - it must hurt to be you
2003-02-14 06:51:35 AM​nat_peac erally14.jpg - just in case it doesn't post again. The whole source part of the image tag went missing.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-14 06:56:39 AM  
As someone said earlier, we have our fair share of wankers in AUS as well. Just we choose to let them gather....
2003-02-14 06:57:48 AM  
Those people are obviously terrorist.......

why wasnt I informed of this party? hell id go even tho my attitude to the war is "meh"
2003-02-14 07:04:13 AM  
Worse than terrorists, the raucous minority. As little Johnie Arthur said recently, (paraphrased)"should we impose sanctions to that kill children, or just bomb them"

Oops I meant "sanctions kill children, let's fark Saddam off and stop the crap and feed everyone"
2003-02-14 07:09:36 AM  
/Drooling start.
Give me one minute, I just need to pack my bags.
/Empty bucket.
2003-02-14 07:18:30 AM  
I'm just planing on going to Aus to stalk Heath Ledger... mmmmmmm nothing like those dimples... and the accent? Id be a slut in Aus...
2003-02-14 07:23:47 AM  
She's an ugly fat bytch like that Minogue woman in the pop charts.
2003-02-14 07:25:27 AM  
Bris, right-click on pic + properties = MG.
2003-02-14 07:34:00 AM  

Im from Kwinana,(Perth,Western Australia)the town where Megan Gale was raised,
actually went to High School with her brother Jason,who was a maniac but a great guy.....I dont even remember her from school,but I do remeber my mate was going out with one of her friends at school,( who was a stunner at the time),and he allways remarked the Megan was going to be better when older.......and boy was he right.
2003-02-14 07:51:41 AM  
i'm going to brisben soon.
2003-02-14 07:56:31 AM  
And yes i am drunk
2003-02-14 07:57:34 AM  
If you're coming to BRISBANE make sure you stay for the State of Origin at Lang Park.
2003-02-14 08:45:28 AM  
As a well-traveled and cultured individual who tries his utmost to hold no biases or generalizations, I have to say that it's true: all Australians are sluts (guys and girls). And y'know what? There's absolutely nothing wrong with that :)
Especially since Australia, unlike New Zealand, actually has some good-looking wimmen-folk.
2003-02-14 09:04:38 AM  
Megan Gale? Not too shabby. But I prefer redheads.
2003-02-14 09:05:47 AM  
Australians are great.

I heart Australia and all who sail in her.

Crap drinkers, though. Aussie pooftahs.
2003-02-14 09:16:14 AM  
All your women are belong to Megan Gale?
2003-02-14 09:20:32 AM  
I thought all Aussies were like that grinning idiot that used to sell batteries. Used to yell OY!

That and I thought everybody over there had a buddy like Donk.
2003-02-14 09:27:55 AM  
Look, as an American who is not quite happy with what is going on with the "Iraq-N. Korea-Rest of the World" thing going on, I could understand why everyone would be terribly upset about it all. I'm not happy.

The rest of the world is a bunch of losers. Period. But let me qualify that: This excludes The UK, Australia, Germany, Ghana, Scandanavia, and Japan. They are the only cultures that are trying to move forward anymore. I love those guys, the rest can sit down and shut up. Yes France... you too can shut the fark up. We're only listening to cultures that matter.

I applaud the peace movement. I believe you. We need peace, and a dissenting opinion in this. But guys, make your point and move on, cause stopping the war ain't going to happen. Please look at history before you holler about it. This guy has propped up his regime and destroyed Iran's far superior war machine with chemical weapons. He has put a country in hell for years of inflation and overspending on him, and then he will try to gas anyone who would likely tear down his regime. They cannot get anything more than food for oil for justified fear that it is all going to weapons programs. No one can touch him. He has chemical weapons, hundreds of bunkers, and lives like Howard Hughes. That is why you need the might of the US to dislodge him. No one else can take what the Iranians had to take to see his first strike a decade ago.

Many of the people can't remember their history properly. He started all of this by international invasion. He coveted another lands resources, and rolled in one afternoon. This should let you know what he feels about the rest of the world... it is simply more land to acquire. For Chrissakes, his own office has three 15+ foot pictures of him in it. When we attacked him in Kuwait? Well then he "Scudded" Israel in the gulf war to try to start WW3, drag Israel into it, and get the love of the Arab world over his land grab. Keep in mind he was attacking Muslims first when he attacked Kuwait. HE TRIED TO START A FULL ON MIDDLE EAST WW3 AGAINST THE US AND ISRAEL TO KEEP HIMSELF IN POWER. He killed Israelis as bargaining chips. This had nothing to do with Israel. He was trying to get Israel to counterattack so that Arabs would get in a Jihad against Israel, so that the Americans would be distracted and balk on him. Only I and the Israelis seem to remember that. This man is a Shiatbag. He started all of this years ago with international invasion... against other Muslims. Something true Muslims are not to EVER DO.

Ya see? All Americans are not insane about taking out this loser. There are reasons. You just may have forgotten them, condsidering that some of you come from (Pardon my Anger) such pussified nations that refused to stop international invasion the last time. However, some of you didn't, so you get all of my love.

I would love peace. But I refuse to live next door to a convicted felon who keeps shooting off his guns, robbing neighbors houses, and threatening us all. His stink is unbearable. I would love peace, but peace is a playground for feral humans like him.

That being said.. keep up the rallies. It gives me hope after all of this mess that people will keep their eye on the prize of peace. It just can't happen right now. Not in this environment. We still have too much mess.

After all is said and done though, I still love ya Brits, Aussies, Germans, and Japanese. I'd kick ass to save ya. Best of luck. Keep the faith something will come out of this. So be cool. Some Americans understand why you're upset... we just see it a different way.
2003-02-14 09:33:19 AM  
If I ever leave North America, I sure as hell ain't pretending to be canadian and anyone who does ought to be shot.
2003-02-14 09:40:52 AM  
If all women looked the same,
we'd only want to see one of them naked.
2003-02-14 09:57:28 AM  
Sqee :
If I ever leave North America, I sure as hell ain't pretending to be canadian and anyone who does ought to be shot.

Oddly enough, if you leave North America and live up to the stereotype, YOU'LL likely be shot.
2003-02-14 10:00:18 AM  
Since no one else has said it yet...
I'D HIT IT !!!!!
2003-02-14 10:02:34 AM  
Goatman264 crap drinkers? Ha, I'm a fairly skinny guy and I can out drink every pommie I've met so far. I just don't think the brits have the stamina for it since they are booted out of the pubs at 11 and then restricted to overpriced clubs.

The Irish have a good case though. They can at least keep up :)
2003-02-14 10:12:58 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Please forward all complaints about Australia to this gentleman
2003-02-14 10:21:50 AM  
I just want to hear Megan Gale talking Italian in an Aussie accent.
2003-02-14 11:06:02 AM  
Oz has some of the finest people on earth, men and women. Great to party with anytime.
About all their women looking fantastic- well, if you're not used to their beer, or "decent" strength beer in any case, a few rounds and all their women will look fantastic. And their 'roos, and wombats, and...
2003-02-14 11:10:17 AM  
Thats nice El_Camino_SS, but what does that have to do with Megan Gale?
2003-02-14 11:10:43 AM  
If they all looked like Nicole Kidman, then we'd be talking.
2003-02-14 11:13:01 AM  
Dear septics, all Aussie women are ugly and have funnel web spiders in their coochies.

Please stay away.
2003-02-14 11:20:38 AM  
Been there.
Its true.

Imagine an American woman, make her physically fit, give her a natural tan, get her to lighten up a bunch, then give her a cute accent.

2003-02-14 11:39:30 AM  
No complaints from this yank; damn fine line of swimmin' duds = [image from too old to be available]

2003-02-14 11:53:31 AM  
Met an OZ woman, Margaret, a few years back while she was travelling the world doing nanny gigs for families. Great lay. Too bad she slept with my cousin while visiting Vancouver. Brought back an STD. Packed her bags for her. (*sigh*) I still prefer OZ wine though.
2003-02-14 12:40:39 PM  
My concern, as a Canadian, is that a boorish American uses national identity theft to get preferred treatment but makes Canadians look bad.

Go Canada!
* And Go Vancouver 2010! *
2003-02-14 01:32:43 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Don't hate meeeee.
Look, I am Canadian. I am a "North American European".

Everyone loves me because my government is extremely Liberal.
We don't have an army so I an not threatening.
I am so use to standing in lines for my health care, I don't complain.
I spend so much time indoors, that I am happy to be ANYWHERE. (even france)
I am that nice, quite kid that lives next door to the loud mouth football jock. Love me, I am Canadian.
2003-02-14 02:09:53 PM  
2003-02-14 04:43:39 PM  
At least Americans and Australians have something in common... we both nearly wiped out the native people that originally inhabited our respective countries. USA and Australia, white partners in genocide.
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