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(Business 2.0)   McDonalds: We'll hate America too if you'll buy more burgers   ( divider line
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16085 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Feb 2003 at 9:18 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-13 02:52:29 PM  
This ought to be a photoshop contest ;)
2003-02-13 03:04:03 PM  
Ya know wrongful, I think you are right....
2003-02-13 03:10:47 PM  
2003-02-13 03:19:26 PM  
2003-02-13 03:20:50 PM  
Problem: Mexico City McDonalds burger sales drop due to anti-American sentiment.

McSpin: McTaco
2003-02-13 03:23:43 PM  
mmmmmm camel McNuggets

yup, i got nothin this time as well...
2003-02-13 03:25:53 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-13 05:36:57 PM  
But what did they do during the Clone Wars?
2003-02-13 06:01:02 PM  
i think if mcdonalds never existed, there would be no evil in the world today.
2003-02-13 07:16:18 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-13 08:31:03 PM  
Thank goodness Detroit has fuddruckers and white castle.
2003-02-13 08:39:25 PM  
Suburban Cowboy and Wrongful: I'm having the strangest feeling of Deja Vu. You're right, there should be a Photoshop con.....whoah! Now the feeling's really strong!N
2003-02-13 09:23:03 PM  
2003-02-13 09:23:54 PM  
This is the funniest thing I've read in a while.

McSpin: Local outlets introduce the McFalafel, rolled out behind an ad jingle sung by Shabaan Abdel Rahim, best known for his chart-topping hit "I Hate Israel."
2003-02-13 09:24:27 PM  
I want a McFalafel!
2003-02-13 09:26:32 PM  
hmmm...i wonder when they will resort to anti-middle east remarks, or anti-axis-of-evil commercials to spark sales...wait now, am i the only one who has heard those very commercials?
2003-02-13 09:28:04 PM  
So I was in Qatar last month and I stop by KFC. I ordered a 20 piece bucket and it came out to 72 Ryhal(sp.?). Then I saw the family meal: 20 piece bucket, 4 large sides, 8 buns (sorry no bisquits!) and a 2 liter of pepsi for the low, low price of 68 Ry. Why is this? Accepting all answers now.
2003-02-13 09:28:28 PM  
OLD...saw this like a few months ago.
2003-02-13 09:29:09 PM  
Hmmm. McDonald's seems to be one of the few global powers interested in keeping the world's varied nations happy these days.
2003-02-13 09:29:53 PM  
"I hate Israel" is Number One with a bullet!
2003-02-13 09:30:28 PM  
Warchild:Emphatically yes!

Nevermind that due to the lackluster regulation of business in this country they have had a safe haven to sling their shiat for decades here, and then expand to these other shiatholes throughout the world.

farking money sluts!
2003-02-13 09:30:44 PM  
quebec mcdonalds sell the heart attack in a box also known as poutine!
2003-02-13 09:32:04 PM  
That's pretty jerky. Ah well, I don't eat at McDonald's anyway. Why would I when there's Wendy's and Harvey's?
2003-02-13 09:32:28 PM  
Holy crap Stephenv! Did you create that image?

Man, I never get the creeps from stuff on a screen, but that actually gave me a start.

Probably subconcious memories of the book...
2003-02-13 09:32:40 PM  
Most McDonald's are owned by local businessmen, and therefore it is very probable that these are the honest feelings of the local owners of that particular McDonald's franchise. I doubt these actions are directly connected to corporate McDonald's headquarters in Illinois.

So in the article where it says "How McDonald's outlets keep the locals happy in hotbeds of anti-Americanism"... well... most likely the "locals" actually OWN that particular McDonald's.
2003-02-13 09:32:47 PM  
Typical. But hey, Mcdonalds loves the US when it comes to copyrightlaw. Wonder what they would have done in Germany during WW2.Given out free swastikas with every happy meal. Asshats.
2003-02-13 09:33:03 PM  
Y'know McDonalds is in deep sh*t when even the french won't eat their so-called "burgers". Don't the french eat snails covered in fetid cheese?
2003-02-13 09:33:22 PM  
And try and get a sausage Mcmuffin in the Middle East.
2003-02-13 09:36:51 PM  
wow, let me repeat things that everyone else has said because that gives me something in common with a bunch of people that i'll never meet.

"duh, this should be a photoshop contest."

"hey, you know what would be great? This in a photoshop contest"

"man, i just thought of something awesome. A photoshop contest relating to this article! neat!"
2003-02-13 09:43:36 PM  
Problem: Fark poster is an idiot.
McSpin: Everyone else hates america.
2003-02-13 09:47:08 PM  
I think they probably did it out of fear and nothing else. They must have known that if they were attacked our government would do nothing.
2003-02-13 09:50:01 PM  
Who hates America? Sounds fun, can I hate America?

Hey--I hear you don't even have to really hate America to "hate America." Doesn't hating Bush count as 'hating America," these days. That would certainly up the numbers.
2003-02-13 09:51:25 PM  
So... how much is a quarter pound in metric?
2003-02-13 09:51:52 PM  
Fetid cheese covered snails is probably a lot better tasting than Velveeta covered Spam sandwiches.
2003-02-13 09:52:02 PM  
Yes, Naderbot, it does.

WhataBurger kicks McDonald's clownass anyway.
2003-02-13 09:53:08 PM  
MacDonald's breakfast is the only thing they got going for them.
2003-02-13 09:55:29 PM  
Hey, because I'm a jerk and I don't read, and I never paid attention in school, I don't know what people eat in the Middle East. (Searching cobwebs in brain for applicable stereotypes...) I know! They must eat camels. Har-har-har. I'm not only a Patriot*, but I'm funny too!

*registered trademark of the Republican Party. And liberal caught self-applying trademarks of the Republican party will be rounded up under the new Patriot Act 2.**

**unless the trademarked term is "tree-hugger" "commie bastard" or "fag"
2003-02-13 09:56:09 PM  
McDonalds 1936, Berlin motto: "We love to hate your Jews!"
(Free 'lil Hitler armband with every purchase)
2003-02-13 09:57:24 PM  
Farking: Don't forget the other McWWII favorite: the Jappy Meal.
2003-02-13 09:58:10 PM  
Did the jappy meal come with the Kamikazi soldier?
2003-02-13 09:59:47 PM  
Objectivist: Yes. It was the self-hating all-"beef" burger. Either that or Grimace. That ****er always had low self-esteem. And a gun.
2003-02-13 10:01:19 PM  
The thing they did in Belgrade, Yugoslavia is true, with a minor detail - for about a year they didn't get any money out of it - local franchises kept all the proceedings (since they couldn't get money in or out because of the embargo)

From '99 article from

"...To help overcome animosity towards a quintessential American trademark, the local restaurants promoted the McCountry, a domestic pork burger with paprika garnish. As a national flourish to evoke Serbian identity and pride, they produced posters and lapel buttons showing the golden arches topped with a traditional Serbian cap..."
2003-02-13 10:05:19 PM  
Man, America can suck my chocolate salty balls for existing in the first place. Everyone knows that Gore really won the electoin so this whole war is supposed to be for the Democrat party to be winning. fark america.
2003-02-13 10:06:00 PM  
113 g.
2003-02-13 10:06:52 PM  
Other nazi Mcdonald's slogans/promotions:
"Free Book To Burn With Every Kids Meal"
"Kids Gymn Open: Now With 30% More Lebensraum!"
"Im Deutschland, isst das Essen SIE!"
2003-02-13 10:07:20 PM  
I still eat at McDonalds. I think it's subconcious. I ate there a lot as a small child. I'm a little pissed that I can't play in the ball pit though....they never had one at my mcdonalds until I was too big to play in them. I love the way people will do everything to HATE a big corporation just because it's big. That, to me, is hilarious.
2003-02-13 10:07:36 PM  
McFalafel a cliche in 5..4..3..2..
2003-02-13 10:08:16 PM  
Stpickrell - "heart attack in a box aka. poutine" - now that's funny!

BTW, KFC has their version of poutine here in Ontario, down to cheese curds and gravy, and it is fairly decent (if you are into that kind of thing, of course), haven't seen McD version here though....
2003-02-13 10:09:17 PM  
"Franchise launches ads featuring cowboys who boast that McDonald's France refuses to import American beef "to guarantee maximum hygienic conditions.""
Yeah, cause we all know the French are well known for their hygiene.
2003-02-13 10:10:54 PM  

Holy crap Stephenv! Did you create that image?

I don't know if Stephenv made it but I saw it at Something Awful's recent Photoshop Phriday attributed to "KittyLitter".
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