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2003-02-13 11:19:14 AM
2003-02-13 11:19:25 AM
thanks for asking who dick is Cryinoutloud! i didn't know either!
2003-02-13 11:19:27 AM

Camel toe museum. I love it!
2003-02-13 11:20:55 AM
I don't get it.

Oh c'mon Kylie, you know that Farkers would be lined up around the block to give it to you.

2003-02-13 11:22:07 AM
So, that's who Emmylou was singing about?

2003-02-13 11:23:26 AM
Drew's a Kentucky girl, what does she think?
2003-02-13 11:23:28 AM
Ummm....nope. My job only :)
2003-02-13 11:25:03 AM
Oooooooh now I get IT! Thanks 3horn!

2003-02-13 11:30:40 AM
Chezwik: Condit reference

Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I laughed so hard a little pee came out.
2003-02-13 11:40:25 AM
looks like she loves dougnuts and cheeseburgers too...
2003-02-13 11:41:52 AM
Your stepsister is hotter, 3Horn
2003-02-13 11:46:18 AM
Chezwik, that's the best one of the I'd hit it PS's I've ever seen. Good job.
2003-02-13 11:46:23 AM
I'd bukkake it.
2003-02-13 11:51:23 AM
Chezwik: Aw, jees, Wade? It's Gary. I have terrible news-

Wade, it's Gary. It's about Chandra. You see-

Wade? Chandra's gone! I-




Uh, yes, Wade Gustafson, please.
2003-02-13 11:52:29 AM
A bit suggestive, wouldn't you say?

Oh, and I'd hit it.
2003-02-13 11:57:26 AM
**********A Dick by anyother name***********
Gemme da beer goggles and stand back while I HIT IT with a
2003-02-13 12:00:35 PM
The funniest part is what the girl says on www.terrymeiners.com. He had a link to a pic of her holding the photoshopped banner (the word 'vitale' is removed). She said she was sick of it and wanted him to take it down. Then driving home last night I hear that the local radio station is giving her more fame from the poster that she is 'sick' of.

So, is she sick of it or not? If so, quit promoting it...otherwise quit yer biatchin'...
2003-02-13 12:01:15 PM
Perhaps, she stayed at this resort.

2003-02-13 12:06:30 PM
Did the original sign she had at the game not have the word "Vitale" in it? Or was that an edited image I saw in another comments thread?
2003-02-13 12:11:23 PM
2003-02-13 12:13:15 PM
She looks like Marla Sokoloff's twin.

I'd hit it.
2003-02-13 12:18:16 PM
Aww, Kylie, what happened to the cute meditating-flasher-chick animated .GIF in your bio?

Not that there's anything wrong with your current bio pic, but...it's just...well...y'know...the cartoon showed more skin.
2003-02-13 12:27:06 PM
Canes98...yeah...the original sign had 'Vitale' in small letters. The pics w/o 'Vitale' were photoshopped. Either way, the message is the same...the innuendo is still there. She just got a bit ticked that everyone got the joke I guess.

It was creative...she should just be proud.
2003-02-13 12:40:06 PM
First a misuse of the boobies tag and now no boobies tag. What's wrong with you people? BOOBIES, BOOBIES, BOOBIES!!!

Oh, yeah, I'd hit it.

2003-02-13 12:49:15 PM
Jeeze.. whats the beef about her, guys? Anybody's had worse and enjoyed it anyway...
She DOES seem to have the grip, and her own KY
2003-02-13 12:57:09 PM
CanadianClub - I think I know the one your talking about...
2003-02-13 01:00:53 PM
Terry Meiners is an asshat. You can't believe anything he says.
2003-02-13 01:01:57 PM
I believe I would have to consent to hitting it and then hitting it again.
2003-02-13 01:03:36 PM
Awww daddy's little angel, I'm sure he's proud.
2003-02-13 01:39:07 PM
More Pics? Where were the first pics? Did I miss them?
2003-02-13 02:19:02 PM
I wouldn't mind bouncing my nut-sack

off her chin a few times...
2003-02-13 02:23:42 PM

She doesn't like Dick.
2003-02-13 02:49:21 PM
I'd hit it.
2003-02-13 02:49:23 PM
I'd hit it.
2003-02-13 02:59:04 PM

I definitrey hit it too!
2003-02-13 03:10:55 PM
I would

2003-02-13 03:26:48 PM
sad news today as elena likhovtseva defeated the loverly iroda tulyaganova 6-1, 6-4, eliminating her from the qatar open.

not sure what's next.

2003-02-13 03:39:06 PM
Shucks, thought y'all was talkin' about me for a second there.
2003-02-13 05:51:23 PM
Cataholic sez: "Terry Meiners is an asshat. You can't believe anything he says".

That is soo true. I used to listen to him and Ron Clay (RIP)way back when he was ALMOST cool. Now he does that afternoon AM show which is gayer then a Richard Simmons fanny pack!

I can't believe Lennon got shot and he still walks the earth!

/Rants done!!
2003-02-13 06:21:13 PM
I'll hit her and her sister below
2003-02-13 07:51:43 PM
2003-02-13 08:05:48 PM
is it just me, or is this pic begging to be PS'd?
2003-02-13 08:07:41 PM
2003-02-13 08:09:53 PM
2003-02-13 08:16:44 PM
Damn Right!
2003-02-13 11:44:03 PM
What's her name? SOMEONE TELL ME!
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