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109381 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Feb 2003 at 11:13 PM (12 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-12 05:58:56 PM  
Not bad but I can't stand Lex and Terry. They're the biggest asshats to ever walk the earth.
2003-02-12 06:36:27 PM  
Thos radio guys sure are crazy. They got girls to show their cans... groundbreaking.
2003-02-12 08:03:23 PM  
But it's only Wednesday!
2003-02-12 11:05:26 PM  
What an anticlimactic way to end the streak. These chicks are downright hideous.
2003-02-12 11:12:01 PM  
2003-02-12 11:15:46 PM  
And there was muffled rejoicing...
2003-02-12 11:16:38 PM  
A b00bies post with b00bies?

Disturbing trend. This must be stopped.
2003-02-12 11:17:05 PM  
I'm scared.
2003-02-12 11:18:43 PM  
Is it over?

I've never heard so many grown men whine over boobies before. Maybe they should leave their computers alone and actually go out with a...real live girl(GASP).
2003-02-12 11:19:07 PM  
We need a "skank" tag...
2003-02-12 11:19:11 PM  
Farked already?
2003-02-12 11:19:13 PM  
2003-02-12 11:19:39 PM  
Bargirl24, be quiet and show us your boobies!
2003-02-12 11:19:43 PM  
Oh gawd, not lex and terry? They still have jobs? I was so happy when they got fired from the station they used to be on in dallas.
2003-02-12 11:20:17 PM  
If there's something worse than biatching about the lack of boobies link, it's biatching about the biatching about the lack of boobies link...
2003-02-12 11:20:33 PM  

No matter how stupid or unoriginal this stunt is, if Anthony and Opie had done this sort of thing, they would have got fired for it.

Opie and Anthony never wins in the end. Proof that there is a God, and sometimes he pays attention as well.

2003-02-12 11:23:11 PM  
Not a drunk biatch, but a frenchie in the drink:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-12 11:23:34 PM  
2003-02-12 11:23:55 PM  
Did anyone else notice the "application" link at the bottom of the page?

How completely pathetic does someone have to be to fill this out? I'll bet a girl could make more money and get more respect banging Max Hardcore...
2003-02-12 11:23:55 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-12 11:23:56 PM  
WHAT?! Another boobiless Boobies lin.....

Oh, wait.
2003-02-12 11:24:45 PM  
M.C.PeePants -- she can't be french... where's the armpit hair?
2003-02-12 11:25:34 PM  
jeeeeeeeebus, could this load any slower
2003-02-12 11:26:03 PM  
Server...collapsing...under tremendous weight...of Fark hits...
2003-02-12 11:26:24 PM  
As the saying goes, "be careful what you ask for..."
2003-02-12 11:27:23 PM  
Too slow. I give up.
2003-02-12 11:29:10 PM  
Ok. I did a google search for Boobies. This is the first thing to come up, Go and judge the boobies, and quench your thirst. The first pair I saw were knee knockers. Definitely a 1.
2003-02-12 11:29:28 PM  
Looks like a couple of O&A clones to me.
2003-02-12 11:29:57 PM  
Clevershark, here you go:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-12 11:30:25 PM  
Moaning in anticipation... wait: That's the server.
2003-02-12 11:32:23 PM  
bastard site that doesnt allow leeching!..


[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-12 11:33:37 PM  
It's a trap! Run!
2003-02-12 11:35:02 PM  
2003-02-12 11:35:37 PM  
Yet another site to fall at the feet of FARK. biatch
2003-02-12 11:35:47 PM  

2003-02-12 11:36:26 PM
It's a free forum
2003-02-12 11:38:07 PM  
I don't get it. What's the point of this on a radio show?
2003-02-12 11:39:28 PM  
Elite-mrp -- kinda scary to think that some people get off on that...
2003-02-12 11:39:49 PM  
Lex and Terry don't hold a candle to Phil and Brent on 97.5 KMOD in Tulsa. They play L&T in the morning here in Tulsa on ROCK 102.3 and I've listened to it a few times to see what all the hullaballoo is about, but I never saw the humor. I also listened to Dr. Laura once.....eww.
2003-02-12 11:39:55 PM  
Site is farking up!
2003-02-12 11:41:12 PM  
/David Cross (sorta, i paraphrased)

i hate all that morning show BS. they ALL suck. no matter where you are. Even Howard Stern is pretty shiatty. He has some half funny characters but they are better if you watch the show on E! anyway.... so screw morning radio. O&A were about the only radio personalities to ever make me laugh out loud, and they're gone now, so whatever. BAD RADIO is the reason i own over 400 damn cd's...(and growing all the time, i have a list of about ten more i want to get)

2003-02-12 11:43:09 PM  
oh yeah, and most of those girls are pretty nasty with a few exceptions, and the exceptions are probably ridiculously stupid.

SO, that said, i can see why it would be fun to listen to this crap on the radio....

2003-02-12 11:43:18 PM  
is it just me or has the boobies tag been used for everything but boobies lately
2003-02-12 11:50:12 PM  
Skinink, from the website you Googled. Holy hell.
2003-02-12 11:51:32 PM  
When I said "Save Me Jebus" early this afternoon I guess Drew finally heard! A boobies post that finally has BOOBIES!

The evil Kitten plan to take over the world, Operation: Can They Hit This? is over!! Rejoice!

Kill as many kittens as possible before they try to take control again! Jihad on the kittens!

Kill kittens until the site is so Farked that it frys the server! CHARGE!!!
2003-02-12 11:51:47 PM  
hairy arms? feh.

try this one:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-12 11:52:18 PM  
2003-02-12 11:53:49 PM  
soo... fark decided to give up on the "kiss to the right" and "marriage" pages?
2003-02-12 11:54:20 PM  
It all takes so farking long to download that I really can't be assed.
2003-02-12 11:55:02 PM  
Ok, "kiss to the right" was a repeat from earlier today, but I want that marriage ritual page back. That promised to be a good thread.
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