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2003-02-11 09:15:30 AM  
Feh. Hollywood movies suck.
2003-02-11 09:17:26 AM  
"The Gangs of New York" was without the doubt the stinkiest clump of s#it that I ever had to sit through.
2003-02-11 09:17:34 AM  
Can anyone either post a picture of Renee Zellweger in Chicago or tell me of a web site were I can go to view. Fap,Fap,Fap.
2003-02-11 09:19:14 AM  
Can anybody explain to me the loophole that excluded "Y Tu Mama Tambien" and "Hable Con Ella" from "Best Foreign Film"?
2003-02-11 09:19:15 AM  
Zellweger looks better when she's fat, like in Bridget Jones
2003-02-11 09:19:25 AM  
Crazy. "8 Mile" is up for Best Song.

Who woulda thunk.
2003-02-11 09:19:30 AM  
So, I wonder if they'll allow Roman Polanski to attend or arrest him at the airport. I doubt he'll win, they pretty much HAVE to give an Oscar to Martin Scorcese (even though GONY isn't his best work). My guess is he won't even attempt to attend.

PLEASE, give the Best Actor Oscar to either Adrian Brody or Daniel Day-Lewis! Anyone but Jack Nicholson.
2003-02-11 09:19:57 AM  
The snub of "Men in Black II" removes all credibility that Oscar may have once enjoyed.
2003-02-11 09:21:23 AM  
TheGrayCat I agree with you. DDL was way better than Nicko
2003-02-11 09:21:45 AM  
And did any of those "best actors" have to act like a hot chick?
2003-02-11 09:22:19 AM  
This year's movies really suck.
2003-02-11 09:22:29 AM  
er, a bit to much bold
2003-02-11 09:23:22 AM  
If Spirited Away doesn't win for best animated movie, it is final and complete proof that the academy is on crack. That was easily the best movie (animated or otherwise) that I saw last year.

And how exactly does LOTR not get nominated for categories like costume design (did they even bother to look at the detail of those costumes) and Best Director? Morons
2003-02-11 09:23:33 AM  
I guess Peter Jackson will have to wait until next year to get his Oscar. Not even a nomination for him this year. That's just sad.
2003-02-11 09:25:11 AM  

Hey, "The Chubb Chubbs" got the nomination for best animated short!

[image from too old to be available]

Y'know, it speaks volumes about the state of Will Smith's career (and movie sequels in general) that watching this little five-minute non-advertised short shown before the start of "Men In Black II" provided more entertainment than the entire two-hour movie itself ...
2003-02-11 09:25:27 AM  
-sigh- Looks like "Enough" was snubbed...

2003-02-11 09:26:12 AM  
Gratch, I agree about Spirited Away! Absolutely wonderful film. Deserves a spot in the Best Picture catagory, not just Best Animated Picture.

And what the hell is up with the make-up catagory? Frida and The Time Machine? That's IT? Where's The Two Towers? Heck, just do away with the catagory if you can't find decent make-up to honor.
2003-02-11 09:26:39 AM  
I'd be happier if they didn't nominate LOTR II for best picture and instead gave some actor/actress/director nods.

I'm pretty happy with this years noms tho - but where is Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN? Best foreign film of the year.
2003-02-11 09:28:05 AM  
the best actresses are 5 for 5 in the 'tasty' category
2003-02-11 09:29:41 AM  
Setting up Lotr for the snub again. Perfect.

Oscars are as corrupt as the US government.
2003-02-11 09:30:36 AM  
If Eminem wins an Oscar for that horrible song of his I swear I am moving back to Ireland, and I am not kidding at all.
2003-02-11 09:31:22 AM  
Mark my words: Disney(TM) will get the Oscar for one of it's animated films. There's not a crappy Randy Newman or Phil Collins ditty from one of their films up for best song. I still don't understand how that awful little piece with Billy Crystal wailing out of tune and off-key last year was given any sort of award, other than it was Disney(TM).

I understand Spirited Away is one of the best films of the year, but I haven't seen it because my local Mega-plexes can't seem to fit it in, what with the four screens devoted to Kangaroo Jack 24-7. Okay, now I'm in a bad mood.
2003-02-11 09:32:45 AM  
"Far From Heaven" isn't up for Best Picture but "Gangs of New York" is? -- insert eye-roll here.

Just goes to show what I've been saying since they snubbed "Blue Velvet," kids. . . The Oscars are political BS, pure and simple.

I think Polanski actually can come into the country now, BTW.
2003-02-11 09:32:47 AM  
For the foreign language film, each country has a committee that submits one film to the Academy. Unfortunately, Y Tu Mama Tambien was not submitted by Mexico to the Academy.

FYI, Spain did the same thing to Talk To Her.
2003-02-11 09:33:46 AM  
Actor (leading) - Jack Nicholson, About Schmidt. I hope not, but it will probably happen.

Actress (leading) - Nicole Kidman, The Hours. Not a bad choice, but Julianne Moore deserves it more for Far From Heaven.

Actress (supporting) - Julianne Moore, The Hours. Will win because they aren't giving her the Best Actress Oscar that she deserves.

Actor (supporting) - Chris Cooper, Adaptation. Where's Alfred Molina for Frida? He deserved a nomination more than Salma Hayak!

Animated Feature - This had BETTER go to Spirited Away.

Director - Martin Scorcese, GONY. More as a "career" Oscar than for this particular film. And Where is Peter Jackson?!

Best Picture - Chicago. The Hours may slip in, but I think Chicago will pull it off.
2003-02-11 09:33:50 AM  
"Setting up Lotr for the snub again. Perfect.
Oscars are as corrupt as the US government.

That's because the Stone Cutters are behind the Oscars.

"Who rigs the awards on Oscar night?
We do! We do!"
2003-02-11 09:33:54 AM  
Best Movie I saw last year, Y Tu Mama Tambien

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-11 09:36:06 AM  
As much as I love LOTR, I would actually rather see Road to Perdition in its place on the Best Picture list.
2003-02-11 09:36:08 AM  
Are you kidding me? John C. Reilly gets a best supporting actor nom for Chicago? I downloaded and watched the movie last week and he's on screen for ~10 minutes and sings one song.

Who did Harvey Weinstein have to blow to pad the Chicago noms this much?
2003-02-11 09:37:33 AM  
I'm astonished that Gangs of New York was up there for Best Picture. Based on that choice, I think it's clear that there wasn't much to pick from, so they used some filler. I enjoyed the movie, for the most part, but it could have been much more than what it turned out to be. It seemed like it wanted to have the "realistic" feel...but then they go and louse it up with a Spielberg-esque ending. In all, I think Day-Lewis was pretty keen, but the movie should not be up for Best Picture.
2003-02-11 09:37:51 AM  
Y Tu Mama Tambien came out in 2001, not 2002.
2003-02-11 09:38:22 AM  
Come on you LotR fanboys

Hero better win best foriegn film
2003-02-11 09:38:40 AM  
I think the John C. Reilly nomination was for his work in not only Chicago, but The Hours and Gangs Of New York as well.
2003-02-11 09:39:43 AM  
I was wondering what Queen Latifah was doing on the nomination list, much more than John C. Reilly. I figured they wanted to give some credit to Reilly (he's in a bunch of pictures this year), and this was his biggest role. But Queen Latifah? No offense, but her role just wasn't that great.

I was hoping they could figure out some way to acknowledge Andy Serkis' great work as Gollum in The Two Towers.
2003-02-11 09:39:52 AM  
Fact--Walt Disney has the most noms. ever
2003-02-11 09:40:58 AM  
My bad.
2003-02-11 09:41:23 AM  
Do none of the guys realize that the singing and dancing in Chicago is almost all done by half-naked, sexy women?
2003-02-11 09:41:30 AM  
I think the Latifah nomination was not only for her singing and acting, but also her chest!!

Actually, Latifah and Zeta-Jones had a scene where they sing a song called "Class" that was cut from the film. It' supposed to be on the DVD, though.
2003-02-11 09:41:34 AM  
I almost never watch movies... But gangs of New York was soooooooo slow.... like at least 1.5 hours too long.
But it was pretty cool anyway.... Just too long.
2003-02-11 09:42:01 AM  
pipe cleaner, bing bing.
2003-02-11 09:42:25 AM  
No, Y Tu Mama Tabien would have to have come out in 2002, it's nominated for best original screenplay.
2003-02-11 09:43:23 AM  
GONY Was a B+ movie, not amazing, but good.

Daniel Day-Lewis' acting in the movie was incredible, it's a true testiment to him that my wife walked out of the picture asking which character he played. He had a great evil/twisted/conniving role that had to be lots of fun to play.
2003-02-11 09:44:02 AM  
I'm pissed that Y Tu Mama Tambien didn't get nominated for Best Picture, but I'm pleasantly surprised to see Pedro Almodovar is up for Best Director for Talk To Her. I would rather see Jude Law up for his role in Road To Perdition than Paul Newman, since Law's dentally challenged photographer/hitman was the best thing about that flick. And what about Andy Serkis? His voice as Gollum was one of the best things I saw in the theaters this year. My prediction LOTR-TTT gets snubbed (except for a special effects award or two) and Gangs and Chicago clean up. Welcome to the billionaire Hollywood boys club.

Oh, and if there's any justice, Nicloe Kidman will win for "The Hours." You couldn't even recognize her in that film and her performance is better than anything she's ever done.
2003-02-11 09:45:33 AM  
Newman will win. Bet the farm.
2003-02-11 09:46:08 AM  
LotR did not get overlooked, with the exception of technical awards it doesnt deserve anything else
2003-02-11 09:46:50 AM  
Chicago will win a bunch of awards, they'll give Scorsese the directors award even tho GoNY was okay at best, because they screwed him over so many times in the past, ORDINARY PEOPLE IS BETTER THAN RAGING BULL? IN WHAT farkING WORLD IS THAT TRUE? excuse me. Anyone who thinks Lord of the Rings deserves to win best picture or that a guy who does the voice work for a farking cartoon in a live action feature deserves to be nominated is too much of a geek to have a say in anything. Its official, you can't even vote for dog catcher.
And Chicago was full of half naked women who had no boobs. Joy. Ugh. EAT A SANDWICH.
2003-02-11 09:48:27 AM  
What? NO Darkness Falls? YOu mean the acting in that films wasn't good enough for those Oscar snobs? That's it...I surrenders..
2003-02-11 09:49:25 AM  
Zellweger looks better fat? That's nuts.

I'll never understand guys who dig fat chicks.
2003-02-11 09:50:20 AM  
Walken managed to get nominated for an Oscar and a Razzie in the same year.
2003-02-11 09:50:29 AM  
Orlando Bloom wasn't nominated?
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