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(Canoe)   New York cabs will eliminate celebrity voices offering seatbelt reminders   ( divider line
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3693 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Feb 2003 at 2:46 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-11 01:17:39 AM  
I liked them. I didnt pay attention, but then I never wear a seat belt in a cab. They were a little bit of New York. No other place Ive been had anything quite like them.
2003-02-11 01:46:49 AM  
I thought the James Dean and Jayne Mansfield recordings were kinda creepy and inappropriate. Not to mention Grace Kelly and Sam Kinison.
2003-02-11 01:53:06 AM  

That comment rules.
2003-02-11 02:52:52 AM  
"Twelve per cent of respondents said they deliberately refused to buckle their seat belts because they were so annoyed by the announcements."

Ahahahaha, what a New York thing to do
2003-02-11 02:56:47 AM  
Surely wearing a seatbelt is just common sense? Are New Yorkers really brainless enough to need popular media figures to remind them to do simple day to day tasks? Jeeez.
2003-02-11 02:57:36 AM  
I'll miss you Eartha Kitt as i get driven home on drunken nights, sniff... prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
2003-02-11 03:02:11 AM  
they need porn stars giving explicit instructions about sticking it in until it 'clicks'
2003-02-11 03:03:15 AM  
Shutuppaul - I was wondering the same thing. Do they have messages in public toilets, too?
"Remember to wipe your ass and zip up!"
2003-02-11 03:06:38 AM  
Why do we so often get American news from Canadian sources?
2003-02-11 03:10:32 AM  
I NEVER buckle up in a cab - I trust the driver is a professional and will get me to my destination safe and sound...... - Actually I dont buckle up , but maybe I should..........
2003-02-11 03:22:49 AM  
Andonbray -

it's funny because it's true..nice comment
2003-02-11 03:22:56 AM  
Twelve per cent of respondents said they deliberately refused to buckle their seat belts because they were so annoyed by the announcements.

In other news, 12% of taxi passengers die in crashes after flying through the windshield.
2003-02-11 03:30:14 AM  
I wonder how many people every year die in taxis. Out of those who die because they were in the taxi rather than some other cause I wonder how many die simply because they arent wearing a seatbelt.
2003-02-11 03:34:59 AM  
uhhh, don't you know that you're _invulnerable_ in a cab? It's part of being in NYC.. The driver could be a Kandahar-Karachi rally champion and flying inches from cars all around, doing 70-80 down a cascade on 7th av, and the true New Yorker reaction is to be oblivious and/or chatting to friends on the cell..
2003-02-11 03:37:53 AM  
no....Dr.Fey your comment rules
2003-02-11 04:02:55 AM  
about 2 hours ago..on my way to work -i heard Roberta Peters sing to me STOP! IN The NAME of.. safety.. ?? cant go away soon enough
2003-02-11 04:51:31 AM  
Wow, it is a total suprise to me that people find Joan Rivers telling them to put on their seat belts to be annoying. I mean is anything this lady ever does NOT annoying? WTF has she ever done besides judge what people wear with her hideously ugly daughter?
2003-02-11 07:49:40 AM  
Sweet jesus finally! The thing is that only about 1/3 of the taxis have them so it's like playing russian roullette everytime you go into a cab. When your expecting it, there's nothing. But when your drunk and you go into a cab and close your eyes for a bit to get your shiat together, you hear an incredebly loud and distorted: "HI THIS IS ELMO!!! REMEMBER TO BUCKLE YOUR SEATBELT, I KNOW I DO!!!HEE HEE HEE!!!
2003-02-11 07:53:38 AM  

12% of 15 millon really isn't that much. And besides, anyone that dumb should be removed from the genepool anyway.

Although I have to say, I've lived here a long time, and I've only seen a couple of accidents involving cabs, and they were all minor fender benders. It's really suprising.

Speaking as a biker, cabs are the least of my worries. Sure they drive like maniacs, but they follow a perdictable patten which makes them much safer than the yuppies with cel phones driving giant farking suvs.

I'd like to see Manhattan closed to all traffic aside from public transportation, cabs, bikes (of all kinds) and other small vehicles. It'd be safer for everyone, and it would get rid of the traffic problem. Besides, there really is no reason anyone needs a car here, especialy Hummers and the like.

That's not to say I don't think SUVs don't have their place, but in a city the size of NYC it's just silly.

2003-02-11 07:56:34 AM  
My favorite has to be Rudy Guilliani's message.. and the one from some Olympic gold medalist: "Win a gold medal in safety, remember to buckle up!"
2003-02-11 08:50:05 AM  
have featured the voices of several dozen celebrities, including Joan Rivers, Jackie Mason, Chris Rock, Dr. Ruth Westheimer and Elmo, the Sesame Street muppet.

This is stupid. First, whoever thought of this expects people to do whatever a famous person tells them. And then, they get a bunch of second-rate b-list "celebrities" to do it and wonder why it doesn't work.
2003-02-11 08:53:06 AM  
Thank god, some of these things were just flat out irritating. I mean think of it, if the cab displayed outside who the recording was going to be of when you got in, there would be hundreds of joan rivers and regis cabs driving empty through the streets of manhattan on a rainy friday night.

Ordo-You dont know how many times that elmo message has done that to me.
2003-02-11 09:08:13 AM  
Being someone who frequently takes NYC cabs (generally while drunk), I can't begin to tell you how annoying these messages are.
"hi this is Eartha Kitt..Puuuuurrrrrrrr, buckle up..."
They are usually good for a laugh or two though.
2003-02-11 09:18:34 AM  
Funny thing is, I heard the Elmo reminder this morning when I got into a cab at Penn Station. As I arrived at my building on 48th and Madison, I asked the cab driver if he thought that they were ever going to remove those annoying announcements and he said to me, "ALLAH IS GREAT DEATH TO AMERICANS JIHADJIHADJIHADJIHAD!!!!"

I think it is quite obvious that Elmo is a threat to public safety. The last thing we need is to anger our Arab brothers with furry faggot puppets. They hate our guts as it is.

Let's keep America safe.. KILL ELMO!
2003-02-11 09:42:48 AM  
You know, all the times I've heard those things, and honestly I really didn't know cabs had seat belts. There's just something about the seats that makes me think they don't have seatbelts... I think because they feel just like school bus seats.
2003-02-11 09:48:20 AM  
I must be dumb. I only started buckling up in cabs after they started these messages. I must be one of those poor sods that is susceptible to advertising.
2003-02-11 10:52:58 AM  
I heard Tony Randall is so hard up for work he actually rides around in taxis reminding passengers to buckle-up.
2003-02-11 11:21:34 AM  
Yesterday we read the Omaha World Herald for news from eastern PA; today we read Canoe of Canada for New York news...
I love the information age.
2003-02-11 11:32:53 AM  
I liked those. Adam West and Giulani were my favorites.
2003-02-11 12:01:24 PM  
Thank GOD. Those recordings are so annoying. All they're good for is so you are aware that the driver has actually started the meter. Now maybe they'll use that money to install LCD screens in the back so you can watch commercials instead. Actually, I wouldn't mind that if I could watch CNN while in a cab. Unfortunately, it would probably be Al-Jazeera instead...
2003-02-11 12:23:23 PM  
I met a girl once who'd been in a taxi accident...un-seatbelted, she hit the divider and bashed in all her teeth and nose. Not pretty.

That being said, I always wear a seatbelt when I'm outside NYC...but when in a cab in NYC (a mode of transportation I generally avoid), I only buckle up about half the time. why? because the seatbelt often isn't available - it's tucked into the seat, and who wants to reach in THERE?

02-11-03 07:53:38 AM AbbyNormal

I'd like to see Manhattan closed to all traffic aside from public transportation, cabs, bikes (of all kinds) and other small vehicles. It'd be safer for everyone, and it would get rid of the traffic problem. Besides, there really is no reason anyone needs a car here, especialy Hummers and the like.

I ride my bike everywhere - it's a great way to get around, but it would definitely be a lot safer if there were less traffic and smarter pedestrians (i.e. that don't jaywalk, cross against the light, etc.). They don't seem to realize that getting hit by a bike can hurt a LOT. And no, I don't run lights if there are pedestrians around - nor do I ride on the sidewalks or against the flow of traffic.
2003-02-11 05:47:50 PM  
Should have just had Sean Connery do that and every few words say the phrase "ya bloody bastard"
2003-02-11 06:06:08 PM  
Thank god those things suck ass. NYC Taxi rides are very comparable to rollercoaster rides.
2003-02-11 10:21:52 PM  
I sure wish that they had those in Edmonton, Canada... it actually sounds cool! Here we just have to listen to lonely cab drivers who eventually ask you out at the end of the ride and then you're like " Uh, NO! i'm sorry, you're not my type? my type? uh, it's maybe not somebody 30 years older than me!"
2003-02-11 11:32:43 PM  
You just WISH they had those. Trust me, the Nyorkers here have it right, these things are HORRIBLE.
and the Elmo one when you're drunk is just the worst.
HOORAY! No more!
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