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(Some Guy)   Fellow Farker: Shameless Fark plug to help run up Ebay auction   ( divider line
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1224 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Sep 2001 at 7:38 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-08 11:58:55 AM  
Too many plugs today. Not that I click on them.
2001-09-08 12:50:24 PM  
Hey! Its me!

Gee, i submitted this like 3 days ago. Oh well. If any farker wants the game, bid on it and Ill drop $5 off the price.

Heres the dilly-o on it: I ordered a Ed McBain book from Amazon... days go by.. package shows up... No book, but this dang Playstation game. So i sit on it for 2 weeks, nothing from Amazon. So Im claiming it mine, and sellin it on Ebay.

No time for games anyway.. porn takes time.
2001-09-08 01:08:20 PM  
Congratulations! This link and your above comment are in violation of Ebay's policies. It's against their policy to artificially drive up the price of an auction ("to help run up Ebay auction") or to offer special prices external to the auction itself. This was a pretty dumb idea.
2001-09-08 01:23:32 PM  
2001-09-08 02:23:25 PM  
ok - i'm a bastid too , my auctions ending Sunday : ---- 1461957001 ------- 1461963964 ---- 1462097673
2001-09-08 02:29:18 PM  
Aeonite, I'm pretty sure artificially driving an auction up means something more like bidding on it yourself to get the total higher, not linking to the auction as a plug.
2001-09-08 02:32:18 PM  
I could care less. But it could also be construed as having your friends bid on it. How else does one interpret "run up Ebay auction"? The auction getting more hits doesn't make a difference.

If Ebay notices this they'll probably kill the auction.
2001-09-08 03:37:44 PM  

No one is biddin on it if they don't want it, tool.
2001-09-08 03:39:39 PM  
I just like to point out that since this has appeared on new bids have been received.

Which goes to prove, Farkers are cheap bastichs!
2001-09-08 05:10:59 PM  
2001-09-08 09:51:50 PM  
What's with jerks saying "if you've got a zero rating don't bother bidding"? Everyone has to start somewhere. Why do you have to shut out the new guys?!?!
2001-09-08 11:53:24 PM  
Its called Ebay Racism. Im a member of the EEE, an online ebay offshoot of the KKK.
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