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(Yahoo)   Arizona regains No. 1 ranking in AP poll; Duke retains No. 1 in suck poll   ( divider line
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2021 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Feb 2003 at 8:05 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-10 08:06:54 PM  
Best. Headline. Ever.
2003-02-10 08:07:40 PM  
As a Florida Gator, I still feel happy that my Gators only dropped to 5......
2003-02-10 08:08:47 PM  
Go Cards!
2003-02-10 08:09:25 PM  
Like Moral Majority members bringing fame to an artist by trying to censor him, the people recently complaining about "Duke Sucks" have breathed new life into the cliche. It is to laugh.
2003-02-10 08:12:25 PM  
Who cares who's number 1 in the polls? this isn't college football.
2003-02-10 08:12:35 PM  
I just wanted to reiterate something:

2003-02-10 08:12:55 PM  
In related news, in said suck poll, Maryland is running a close second.

90-84, baby. Steve Blake < Jarrett Jack.
2003-02-10 08:14:05 PM  
#11 bay-bee! w0o+!
2003-02-10 08:16:02 PM  
If Duke sucks, what about the teams that Duke beats? Or do they some how cheat?
2003-02-10 08:16:38 PM  
whoo's #11 and where is paranoid, tx? is that near ft worth?
2003-02-10 08:16:56 PM  
Duke is to basketball what Notre Dame is to football, Cheesus.
2003-02-10 08:18:07 PM  
Marquette moved up to 11, and I have no idea where Paranoid, TX, is. I'm not even sure how that go into my location.

/obviously drunk when registering
2003-02-10 08:18:55 PM  
Actually my Hoosiers are No. 1 in teh suck pole.
2003-02-10 08:21:10 PM  
Gladiator, I don't get it. Notre Dame is good at both sports and Duke JUST PLAIN SUCKS
2003-02-10 08:22:25 PM  
If by "Duke is to basketball what Notre Dame is to football" you mean a school that gets a disproportionate amount of media coverage due to influence of their alumni in the media rather than meritorious performance then yes.

However, Duke's 3 national championships hardly compare to Notre Dames 12 (+?) championships and Duke's football team is nearly as bad (one of the worst ever) as Notre Dame's basketball team is good (currently one of the best). I don't like Notre Dame but Duke SUCKS.
2003-02-10 08:23:13 PM  
We should get a Fark VS Duke in something match going on...
2003-02-10 08:24:55 PM  
Sannyasin Easy, cowboy. I think Gladiator is on your side.


I'm a bit lost. Your logic would suggest:

Duke beats teams.

A team that beats other teams cannot suck.

Ergo, Duke cannot suck.

Hardly true. Perhaps you are only beating teams that suck. But then we think about Florida State. Well, they suck. But they just keep beating Duke. Which, all logic aside, is pretty sad.
2003-02-10 08:24:58 PM  
I was just pointing out that like Notre Dame, one either loves or hates Duke. I love Notre Dame and hate Duke because, well, Duke sucks.
2003-02-10 08:26:19 PM  
Three questions:

1. Who is Duke?
2. Why does he suck?
3. Why should I care?
2003-02-10 08:30:27 PM  
Never said Duke didn't suck. I'm a Wolfpack opinion of Duke is implied. But do the teams that Duke beats suck more than Duke? Or does Duke suck so much that, even though teams that lose to Duke suck, their suckiness cannot even begin to compare to Duke's level of suck.

I confused myself...
2003-02-10 08:36:39 PM  
1. Since when did NCSU fans hate Duke? You're such a bandwagoner, Cheesus.

2. If Duke sucks, where does that put NCSU?
Oh my bad, Duke has only 3 Natl championships in the past dozen years...whats State got?
Not even an ACC title.
2003-02-10 08:38:12 PM  
I don't get this whole "Duke Sucks" thing. What is this all about? Every time there's an article on NCAA basketball (not my forte, but I imagine yank farkers must be interested in it for some reason), there's always a mention about Duke and their performance.

Does Duke truly suck, like France in warfare? Or is this just some personal grudge held by Drew or some other Fark admin that they want to eagerly push down our throats to make it the next great cliche?

Guys, it might've been easy early on, but at this stage cliches can not be invented or promoted by any one guy. They just sort of happen, and propogate memetically, like "All Your Base" or "1N 50V13T RU551A..." or "1 f1nd th15 4rt1cl3 d1ff1cu1t t0 m45tur4t3 t0". No single person started those. They just happened, and were spurned on by everyone contributing, a true collective mentality.

So I, for one, will not help out with the "Duke sucks" paradigm. It just seems too forced and vengeful to become a true cliche. Besides, Duke's real name is Samuel Clemens.
2003-02-10 08:39:55 PM  
We're talking about a more holistic and philsophical suckiness than just suckiness based on game-time performance.

Duke can win every game for the next 30 years, but in my book it still sucks.

Coach K's mouth is too small. It bothers me.
2003-02-10 08:40:15 PM  

Your confusion is understandable. Such is the depth of the suckiness of Duke. Contemplating it can make one quite mad.

Suffice to say that it is windy in the communities surrounding Durham today.

Because of the low pressure system.

What with the sucking and all.
2003-02-10 08:44:35 PM  

Your long-winded tirade on how "Duke sucks" should not have the status of cliche has, quite ironically, only contributed to that status as a cliche.

Carry on.
2003-02-10 08:47:03 PM  
Hardly. The only people I see using "Duke sucks" as a cliche are Fark admins and mods. And that's only in NCAA threads.

You won't see it in a boobies thread. Or any other thread. Though you might in a GI Joe thread.
2003-02-10 08:52:03 PM  
You might see it in a John Wayne Weeners thread

/runs away
2003-02-10 08:59:31 PM  
or a David Duke/KKK thread
2003-02-10 09:05:18 PM  
Since when did NC State fans like Duke? I've always hated Duke and I've always been a State fan (always meaning since I've known anything about college sports). Bandwagoner my ass.

So Duke's beaten us more and won more championships. Judging by what I've heard, it apparently doesn't matter. Duke still sucks. And Carolina blows.
2003-02-10 09:19:35 PM  
Ishkur: It's a cliche because it's old as hell and has no relation to what is being talked about, yet still gets brought up. For an example of an attempt at a forced cliche, look under A for "attack bat". I have no clue how long you've hung around for but nobody is trying to force this Duke thing down anybody's throat, and it is certainly not the "next big cliche". As if there were such a thing.

Now this homestar runner thing, I STILL don't get that one.
2003-02-10 09:33:12 PM  
Alabama Indiana the Gonzaga with an NC-Stated, Wisconsonated, greasy Kansas Ohio that Iowa Tennessee. Marquette up to Arkansas Cinci makes me Illinois.

Duck Sukes!
2003-02-10 09:39:03 PM  
Salvia Divinorum: It won't help your cliche mojo.
2003-02-10 10:02:26 PM  
yay #17! go orangemen!
2003-02-10 10:08:37 PM  
Go Arizona!
2003-02-10 10:37:37 PM  
See: Duke vs. Kentucky. Christian Laettner's shot.

Anyway, Duke gets too much love from the media. After all, if they were the Notre Dame of basketball (the true one), they would be at least close to having as many titles as UCLA. ;)
2003-02-10 10:40:49 PM  
Could someone please explain Duke sucks to me then? I've never heard it before, and I just don't get it (especially since, according to Google, Duke has a pretty reputable basketball program and have even won a couple of NCAA titles. I mean, that's worth something, isn't it? Many schools would love to have won a championship)

I understand Aquaman Sucks, Oakenfold Sucks, I even understand Strong Bad Sucks (though I don't agree with it).....what has Duke done to warrant such overwhelming disfavour?
2003-02-10 10:41:08 PM  
I just got a letter from Duke today. They want me to go to their school. Anyone can imagine the first thing that came into my head when I saw it. Hint: Duke Sucks.
2003-02-10 10:56:28 PM  
Duke SUCKS!!!


Thats the funniest thing i've seen, EVER!!!


::: wipes tears ::::












2003-02-10 10:56:52 PM  
What also sucks is that the chances of Louisville playing Kentucky this season are slim-to-none.
2003-02-10 10:59:13 PM  
BTW you wuoldnt believe what "Suck Poll" comes up with on a GIS
2003-02-10 11:04:38 PM  
2003-02-10 11:09:43 PM  
Basically, college hoops fans hate Duke cause its a pretty boy private school whose athletes always seem to be washouts in the pros. Or underachievers lets say.

With a google for "Duke alumni" NBA I found a 2-years old article on cnnsi comparing ex-Duke stars in the NBA to North Carolina's (and others) and sure enough, they came to the same conclusion as did I, that Duke stars in the NBA are disappointments.
2003-02-10 11:10:21 PM  
Or is this just some personal grudge held by Drew or some other Fark admin that they want to eagerly push down our throats to make it the next great cliche?

Personally, I've hated Duke since before I ever read Fark. I don't know that I would have thought to put it in the headline of an article submission without their existing reputation here on Fark. I like the little cliche. The one in the Kasparov headline was brilliant.

Do you know what's NOT funny? People using excessive laughing acronyms for about a quarter of the total thread to express their feelings about a particular thing that really shouldn't be a big deal to people who don't like/relate to it.
2003-02-10 11:27:27 PM  
East Carolina is the best team in North Carolina baby!

Well, maybe not, but we're getting better. We'll probably make the NIT this year, which is something UNC can't say, and we'll make a strong run for the NCAA's next year. Plus, our coach, Bill Herrion, makes the coolest faces ever.
2003-02-10 11:29:23 PM  
gah, that picture didn't work

[image from too old to be available]

please work
2003-02-10 11:30:43 PM  
yale(18) and princeton(15) have won more football championships than notre dame(11). notre dame has won like 4 in the last 53 years.

the irish wish the could win 3 championships in 12 years.

also to add, UCLA won all those (10) championships in tournys when the field ranged from 23 to 48 teams.
2003-02-10 11:33:57 PM  

Your confusing thesis intrigues me and I'd like to learn more. Please go on.
2003-02-10 11:34:30 PM  
"1. Since when did NCSU fans hate Duke?"

Since long before you could make a shoe smell. We had to sign a waiver about that before they would let us in.
2003-02-10 11:36:57 PM  
ECU won't make the NIT this year, UNC probably will on there strength of schedule. both these teams could make the big dance if they win their conf tournys, otherwise no chance.
2003-02-10 11:37:15 PM  
Guys, it might've been easy early on, but at this stage cliches can not be invented or promoted by any one guy. They just sort of happen, and propogate memetically, like "All Your Base" or "1N 50V13T RU551A..." or "1 f1nd th15 4rt1cl3 d1ff1cu1t t0 m45tur4t3 t0". No single person started those.

I started the "1N 50V13T RU551A..." thing.
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