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(I-Mockery)   Finally an answer to racist rom hacks. Stomp the KKK into the ground.   ( divider line
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12991 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Feb 2003 at 2:57 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-09 02:59:31 PM  
Hah hah hah! Those ROM hacks are so stupid! Foist Poist?
2003-02-09 03:02:04 PM  
It's a trap!
2003-02-09 03:02:16 PM  
Stupid countdown post in 5... 4.... 3...
2003-02-09 03:06:20 PM  
I would have preferred Ku Klux Klam to the crab, myself.
2003-02-09 03:07:31 PM  
W00t! For intolerance intolerance!
2003-02-09 03:08:07 PM  
Link is farked. All i get is a lovely brown screen which makes me want to sing in a spirit of brotherly love for all peoples of the world.

except the stupid bloody belgians.
2003-02-09 03:08:42 PM  
...young African-Americans all around the world (but, mainly in America)

Kind of like that African American girl in the Spice Girls. Wait, she's not an American? What do we call her then? How about Scary...

/ Anti-PC
2003-02-09 03:09:53 PM  
yawn. People still play those things?
2003-02-09 03:11:25 PM  
are there any good pr0n games?? I tried playing some stupid hacked NES pr0n rom called "Maria Brothers" and it barely got my rocks off.
2003-02-09 03:11:56 PM  
Mario Goes to Bizarroworld!

Askheaves: Spooky Spice
2003-02-09 03:14:30 PM  
Spreading intolerance through very old video games.
No one ever said racists were smart.
I hope this trend stays with those old games, If i ever see a game with the title of: "cleaning out the kooks for Quake 3" I will be very mad! I hate racism.
2003-02-09 03:16:55 PM  
Hey Macabre, look for a game called "True Love" on Kazaa- nice and small-and the engrish is most entertaining. And its an rpg!

(Does safety dance)
"You can dance,
you can dance,
everybody look at your pants!"
2003-02-09 03:18:25 PM  
page finally loaded. sooooooo glad i was exposed to sharp insightful political commentary like:

"Lord of the Dance" Michael Flatley isn't specifically a racist, but I'm pretty sure his dancing offends practically everyone

yeah. solid. fight the powah. For too long Riverdance has been keeping the black man down...or somethin'....?
2003-02-09 03:20:44 PM  
Great..hopefully this article will load sometime before next weekend.
2003-02-09 03:35:49 PM  
This machine kills fascists
2003-02-09 03:49:21 PM  
So, what race are "African Americans" who aren't from America?
2003-02-09 03:52:30 PM  
How about Africansfromsomewhereelseicans?
2003-02-09 04:01:45 PM  
Remember, dark skin pigment doesn't always mean African heritage. Could be AfricanOrOtherTropicalRegionSomewhereElseicans.
2003-02-09 04:26:53 PM  
Yes, racism is dumb (understatement), but did anyone here besides me download and play this? Mario with a fro is just too funny...

SomewhereElseicans, i dont know why that made me laugh.
2003-02-09 04:33:02 PM  
so i open the page, and all that happens is that my computer crashes into a ball of flame. Not cool.
2003-02-09 04:45:47 PM  
As this game proves, racism exists on both ends of the equation.

Also, ROM hacks are retarded. Anyone remember Daria's disgusting female-anatomy-obessed ROM hacks from 1997?
2003-02-09 04:50:58 PM  
Sorry, but the only thing more hilarious than white supremecists are the Black Israelites.

In my neck of the woods, there was an hour cable access program where these two guys would talk about how all the great inventors were black, but the white devil brainwashed everyone. They use these books they borrowed from the library to prove that the white man had whitewashed all of the black out of every single great work of art.
2003-02-09 05:56:51 PM  
The KKK took my baby away...
2003-02-09 06:06:30 PM  
i dnloaded this last night wondering y there wasnt a mention of it on fark well now there is so i can go back to my dark little corner
2003-02-09 06:49:58 PM  
"Did you know George Washington Carver built the first computer out of a peanut? A PEANUT!"
2003-02-09 06:51:10 PM  
The Black Israelites? Sounds like a great name for a band!
2003-02-09 10:08:38 PM  
An answer for racist ROM hacks? How is this one not racist?
2003-02-09 11:16:43 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-09 11:17:20 PM  
wow, that didn't work very well. It looked cool on the dark background...
2003-02-09 11:19:55 PM  
No matter how lame they are, I want all hacked ROMs for NES or any other system; any links welcome.
2003-02-10 12:15:26 AM  
That Squiggly Fish vs. Klanbaby battle at the bottom of the page is funny.

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.
2003-02-10 12:51:27 AM  
Is Nester a good emulator? I haven't done this in ages.
2003-02-10 01:41:50 AM  
wow, that didn't work very well. It looked cool on the dark background...

Hahah, I didn't even recognize it until I highlighted it. Definitely the wrong pic to use on a white background haha.

Is Nester a good emulator? I haven't done this in ages.

Nester is definitely my favorite NES emulator. Nesticle is pretty decent too, but I really like Nester.
2003-02-10 01:56:17 AM  
hahahah ku klux klam. heeheehee
2003-02-10 01:06:56 PM  
2003-02-10 01:07:33 PM  
2003-02-10 01:08:12 PM  
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