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2003-02-08 02:12:39 PM
Not surprisingly, I don't recognize most of those names. Not bad though, not bad at all. Dennis Quaid is an especially nice view from the back. Rawr.
2003-02-08 02:14:26 PM
At last, a decent selection of celebrity weiners!

I'll see you in the Spring!

*squidge* *squidge* *squidge*
2003-02-08 02:15:23 PM
see, guys just dont have anything to do with their wangs in a nude pic that will look cool.

let it hang? flop it to the side?

just another reason i wont be submitting any nude pics of myself anytime soon. unless some girls know how to make my wang look cool?
2003-02-08 02:19:54 PM
oooo....Ben Affleck's asscrack really does it for me

2003-02-08 02:21:50 PM
Alph - it's not about making "it" look cool, it's about the whole attitude. If you feel cool and exciting with no clothes on, you're on the way. Just because guys have movable parts doesn't mean they have to be doing anything in a photo. :)
2003-02-08 02:22:50 PM
Anyone know who Peter Steele is?
2003-02-08 02:24:34 PM
I didn't know who half those dudes were.

Harvey Keitel was surprisingly buff, though.
2003-02-08 02:24:39 PM
KEITH RICHARDS??????????????????????
2003-02-08 02:25:09 PM
No idea, RoadworthyGirl, but he's winning the "bottoming out" contest so far...
2003-02-08 02:25:41 PM
As much as I love the penis, pictures just don't do it for me... even if they are celebs.

/prefer the hands on approach
2003-02-08 02:25:51 PM
"moveable parts"
2003-02-08 02:26:45 PM
This is a repeat from a long time ago. I seem to recall a lot of people being fascinated with Alexis Arquette's odd cudgel.
2003-02-08 02:27:39 PM
For those of you that clicked on the Rob Lowe link, that girl was underaged. You now have child porn in your cache and should register as a known sex offender, Thank You.
2003-02-08 02:27:50 PM
RoadworthyGirl: He's the guy from Type O negative. If you want to annoy goths, call him goth. :-)
2003-02-08 02:29:46 PM
LOL thnx Abby ;)!
2003-02-08 02:29:56 PM
Peter steele rules. type o negative is kinda lame.

i still say i would want to draw a face on my wang. just to make it cute or something.
2003-02-08 02:29:57 PM
...and why are the Backstreet Boys included? Bare chests != nude. Cheaters.
2003-02-08 02:30:34 PM
Bah! The Antonio Banderas pics were disapointing! And I don't think I ever wanted to see the guy from Doctor and the Medics wang. Now nude pics of Danny Elfman.....
2003-02-08 02:35:00 PM
Anyone ever see the unedited version of "Man Who Fell to Earth"? Bowie has a pretty impressive package.
2003-02-08 02:37:01 PM
Ohhhh Abby, now you're talking. Danny Elfman is the epitome of sexy. Love the evil stares.
2003-02-08 02:40:08 PM

Vici: I was beginning to think I was some kind of freak for lusting after Elfman!

Did you see forbidden zone? He is the sexest satan ever!

2003-02-08 02:40:43 PM
(Some Femme) ??

You do realize all weener sites are created by gay men right?
2003-02-08 02:40:53 PM
I felt dirty looking at Yul Brynner's member. Not sure why I clicked on it in the first place, but I couldn't help myself. Same with Keith Richards. I could have lived the rest of my life without enlarging that photo, but I chose to anyway.

There have to be better pics than this one of Kevin's Bacon.
2003-02-08 02:41:01 PM
Flea...Damn, I need a microscope to see that one!
2003-02-08 02:45:06 PM
Brad Pitt has a really teeny wiener! Who knew?
2003-02-08 02:45:58 PM
Never seen it, Abby, but I'll definitely look it up now...
2003-02-08 02:49:15 PM

Pete Townshend says: "Come on, girls. You need to look at me...it's research, baby."
2003-02-08 02:49:46 PM
Now we know why they call him Flea.
2003-02-08 02:53:46 PM
Who the hell wants to see Keith Richards naked?! He's gotta be 100 yrs old by now!
2003-02-08 03:07:50 PM
The Brewer Twins and Keith Richards? Even Antonio didn't make up for being subjected to that.

2003-02-08 03:14:04 PM
Uh...yeah...I saw enough of Harvey Keitel in The Piano, not really interested in seeing more.
2003-02-08 03:21:36 PM
I need a cold shower. Wow.
2003-02-08 03:34:06 PM
"unless some girls know how to make my wang look cool?"

the way does not exist.
2003-02-08 03:43:06 PM
You know, no matter how hard they try, men just do NOT look good naked.
2003-02-08 03:43:20 PM
And here I've always wondered what Keith Richards' wang looks like.

No, not really. I can't back that up.
2003-02-08 03:46:27 PM
Oh Brad!!! Say it ain't so :( Such a georgous hunk with nothing to back it up My hopes and dreams have been shattered!
2003-02-08 03:49:41 PM
Y'all, did anyone notice Brad Pitt? I'm scared to have actually gone and looked, and penises (penisi, peni??) are not fun to look at... it's def a hands on thing/ Still, BRAD PITT? WTF?!
2003-02-08 04:16:12 PM
I assume this is were all the ladies post.. time to work my magic

Anyone interested in an obese anti social male nerd who works min wage... anyone?
2003-02-08 04:22:19 PM
wow...suddenly I don't feel that small....thanks guys:-)
2003-02-08 04:22:37 PM
Wot no WHEATON ??
2003-02-08 04:23:01 PM
i doubt these are real, so don't get too worked up about braddie-boy.
2003-02-08 04:23:24 PM
damn...brad pitt and keith richards should swap members. besides, it's not like keith can get it up anymore anyway.
2003-02-08 04:29:20 PM
My Grandma tells me I am hunky and would be a great catch.
2003-02-08 04:32:46 PM
Pearly: you'd be s'prised, and if you're lucky enough to live that long, someday you'll learn first...uh...on your own.

Besides Brad looks like a 'grower', not a show-er.
2003-02-08 04:34:43 PM
just another reason i wont be submitting any nude pics of myself anytime soon. unless some girls know how to make my wang look cool?

IM gonna put a little hat on mine and marker on a smiley face. Then im sending it to fark. be afraid
2003-02-08 04:37:00 PM
I really never evev would want to look at a picture of keith richards with his clothes on, but still I clicked that link just out of morbid curiosity. Ewww.
2003-02-08 04:39:08 PM
optikeye- I think we all knew that after Labyrinth ^_^

elite-mrp- that makes ME hot!

A cool way? But I get so much more pleasure when it's in a ridiculously hilarious pose (like most of these guys). Free entertainment: it's why I have the net.

I enjoyed the Ewan MacGregor (I watched that scene in Transpotting nuberous times). Yea, I was really disappointed in Brad Pitt.

I will pay (in shiny nickles) for some Owen Wilson though.
2003-02-08 04:45:44 PM
word to the Owen Wilson... infact why not a bit of Luke Wilson as well... just never at the same time, like those frightening Brewer twins... ::shudder::
2003-02-08 04:47:49 PM
HAHA Keith Richards has NO weener!
2003-02-08 04:55:34 PM
Jeebus, it's good to know I'm not alone in my Elfman lust, too.

I haven't looked at the site (yet). The husband is in the next room. He wouldn't mind, but I'm just not in the mood for his lame jokes.
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