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(Some Checkers Player)   Chess news site impressed with Fark's photoshop contest of Kasparov losing to Deep Junior   ( divider line
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13045 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Feb 2003 at 10:07 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-07 10:08:36 PM  
2003-02-07 10:10:06 PM  
Chess rocks
2003-02-07 10:11:16 PM  
nerds congratulating each other, how droll
2003-02-07 10:12:10 PM  
i forgot what i was going to say. It was neither witty nor funny. darn
2003-02-07 10:12:21 PM  
Today ends in a draw. Never saw THAT coming.
2003-02-07 10:13:37 PM  
But don't any of you see that chess is a game enjoyed by higher life forms, those who are the cultural elite.

Or maybe it's another granfalloon employed by people to find meaning in their otherwise empty lives.

I would say that, but only because I don't play chess.
2003-02-07 10:14:02 PM  
Chess news site?

" sits for a long time and then reaches up and...well...moves a pawn." News at 11:00.
2003-02-07 10:14:46 PM  
Oh, the big time, the chess-press. We've made it folks.
2003-02-07 10:15:43 PM  
It's weird...i saw the chess match on espn, looked it up on google, and clicked there was something about fark on the news. I was thinking about submitting it, too. oh well.
2003-02-07 10:15:49 PM  
I prefer backgammon.

~ Pinky ~
2003-02-07 10:16:04 PM  
In actual Chess news, the match between Kasparov and Deep Junior ended in a draw, 3 points to 3.
2003-02-07 10:16:18 PM  
Anyone up to a chess game?
2003-02-07 10:16:42 PM  
Nutdip: " sits for a long time and then reaches up and...well...moves a pawn." News at 11:00.

That's the funniest shiat I've heard all day.
2003-02-07 10:16:53 PM  
They have to Write About people Photoshopping Pictures of them. Cmon Give them A break they have to Right About something. Nothing that interesting in the world of chess.

King Me
2003-02-07 10:17:17 PM  

Just wondering, how are you invovled in USfirst?
2003-02-07 10:17:28 PM  
damn i love chess
2003-02-07 10:19:27 PM  
And I love Watching Oprah Winfrey Suck the fat out of a ethiopian starcing Marvin with a straw..... yes. chess thats it lets Smoke crack and worship Satan!

yea, its been a looong day
2003-02-07 10:19:36 PM  
Um... yay.
2003-02-07 10:20:21 PM  
Ok... I promise No more retarded Comments.
2003-02-07 10:20:22 PM  
I was surprised however to see such a boring match. Only two games were interesting IMHO, but for some reason I was expecting a real challenge. The early draws in two of the games disappointed me, and if I could pick a winner, I'd have to pick DJ. My reasoning for this is that I think it was up to Kasp to dominate.
2003-02-07 10:21:36 PM  
-knows nothing about chess- I think Gary just wanted to make sure he didn't lose to a Puter twice in a row.
2003-02-07 10:22:41 PM  
But should we really free kevin?
2003-02-07 10:23:34 PM  
Yes VitaminB, and that's what makes it so anti-climactic. That game had an "obvious" tag on it.
2003-02-07 10:23:48 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Hi. I play Chess. Can someone donate their neck to me please?
2003-02-07 10:25:32 PM  
But should we really free kevin?

Kevin hasn't seen it. He hasn't figured out how to download Flash yet.
2003-02-07 10:28:17 PM  
46 MB download just to play chess on their stupid server! BAH!
2003-02-07 10:29:41 PM  
Dude chess rocks... I was the captain of my chess team in Highschool and I got all the pussy I wanted. There is nothing that will get a woman wet like breaking out a queen's pawn opening.

Of course it might have helped that I had lots of money and was also a captain on the football team.
2003-02-07 10:32:14 PM  
Get Thai'd! You're talking to a tourist
Whose every move's among the purest.
I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine.
2003-02-07 10:33:55 PM  
Thems some ugly-ass nerds, yessr
2003-02-07 10:35:30 PM night in Bangkok...
2003-02-07 10:38:27 PM  
One of my ex-boyrfriends was state champion when he was in high school. He was NOT the captain of the football team, and he stopped playing basketball after his freshman year. He was STILL swimming in girls 3 years after that. Maybe there IS something to be said for playing chess.
2003-02-07 10:40:05 PM  
Hi. I play Chess. Can someone donate their neck to me please?

Here you go kid, here's a neck...

[image from too old to be available]

...and boobies.
2003-02-07 10:44:37 PM  
Code_Archeologist...bah, all you show-off queen pawn players. Think you're so great just because the rest of us are stuck playing boring old kings pawn openings.
2003-02-07 10:46:21 PM  
Plus, you guys stop me from playing French (yes, yes I know...they suck...but the French defense really tends to mess up mid level players).
2003-02-07 10:52:05 PM  
Drew moves Queen to KY69, takes over world, FARKMATE !
2003-02-07 10:57:54 PM  
I never thought Lisa Kudrow was hot, until now.
thx Theurge14
2003-02-07 11:01:28 PM  
I could take Kasparov.
2003-02-07 11:01:51 PM  
Well, M.C.PeePants, she is. :)

I wonder if Gary got to see the pics.
2003-02-07 11:05:43 PM  
Chess rules, and who is the astounding intellectual that spends his time posting to fark, calling chess players nerds?
2003-02-07 11:07:29 PM!

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-07 11:08:15 PM  
I could take Kasparov.

In what way?
2003-02-07 11:11:52 PM  
I'm lucky, there are a couple of good chess players at work so we consantly have games running. It's one of those games where sometimes you'll have 4-5 moves in a day, and sometimes there won't be any moves for a week (we just glance at it when we have a little free time).

The only problem is that, sometimes, games last 4-5 months.
2003-02-07 11:18:40 PM  
Bark_atda_moon: Agreed. The best animation was when the Rook would turn into a bluish "The Thing" and stuff the Queen headfirst down into his mouth!
2003-02-07 11:19:33 PM  
Hey, not bad for a bunch of rookies.
2003-02-07 11:20:39 PM  
W00t! Made it in there with only 8 votes.
2003-02-07 11:20:50 PM  
Chess is silly, they have all those cards and dice...
2003-02-07 11:22:28 PM  
CapnKRUNCH agreed.

I also remember liking the pawn kicking the bishop in the ballz and the knight chopping the limbs off of the other knight in Monty Python fashion.... Some of the king's death sequences were cool too.

/Remembers the days when there was CGA, EGA, VGA, and 256 color was AMAZING.
2003-02-07 11:25:45 PM  
/me has a sudden need to find and play Battle Chess again...
2003-02-07 11:26:16 PM  
Siam's gonna be the witness
To the ultimate test of cerebral fitness
This grips me more than would
A muddy old river or reclining Buddha
Thank God I'm only watching the game, controlling it
I don't see you guys rating
The kind of mate I'm contemplating
I'd let you watch, I would invite you
But the queens we use would not excite you
2003-02-07 11:31:03 PM  
So you better go back to your bars, your temples... your massage parlours!

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