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(X-Entertainment)   Name 15 mystery classic arcade sounds   ( divider line
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2733 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Sep 2001 at 8:34 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-05 08:46:44 AM  
Most of them sound like gameboy stuff, but #8 is definitely Space Invaders. I think #15 is Defender and possibly #1 is from Dig Dug. And I thought I knew my arcade machines. Tsh.
2001-09-05 10:11:15 AM  
No, none of it is Gameboy stuff. Lessee...
#1 - Pac-Man (eating a ghost)
#2 - Phoenix? Or Maybe Moon Cresta.
#3 - Galaga (insert coin)
#4 - Qix (slow fill)
#5 - Berzerk (exiting before killing all bots)
#6 - ????
#7 - Ladybug?
#8 - Space Invaders (invader march)
#9 - Centipede (spider)
#10 - Joust (enemy rider spawning)
#11 - Mr. Do! (intermission)
#12 - Q*bert
#13 - Gyruss (player death) [not sure on this one]
#14 - Gauntlet (Valkyrie receiving damage)
#15 - Defender (humanoid being kidnapped)

There, do I get my official Hopeless Videogame Geek medal now?
2001-09-05 10:12:44 AM  
Not until you get #6.
2001-09-05 10:23:37 AM  
Argh! I knew I shouldn't have uninstalled MAME from my work computer. (sobs)

Okay... I'll take a shot in the dark and say.... Pooyan! Or one of those other weird 80's Japanese arcade games.
2001-09-05 10:38:21 AM  
#6 is from Crazy Climber. (Man falling from building)
2001-09-05 10:45:48 AM  
The list: as I know it to be. (This is in no way intended to be the correct listing. Only my recollection.)
1) Pac-Man. (Eating Ghost)
2) Xevious
3) Galaga (Coin Drop)
4) Qix
5) Berserk
6) Crazy Climber
7) Frogger (Start Game)
8) Space Invaders
9) Centipede (Spider)
10) Joust
11) Ms. Pac-Man (Intermission)
12) Q*bert
13) ???
14) Gauntlet
15) Defender
2001-09-05 10:49:17 AM  
Sorry Neutrino I've gotta go with Zylon on #11. Mr.Do!
2001-09-05 10:49:27 AM  
I'm quite certain #13 is Zaxxon... but it's been such a long time since I pulled out my colecovision... arg
2001-09-05 10:56:12 AM  
2001-09-05 11:06:57 AM  
13 is Gyrus's coin drop noise. Just checked it via MAME
2001-09-05 11:15:22 AM  
Ok...I'll give in on Mr.Do!
(Thank god for MAME)
2001-09-05 11:42:03 AM  
I think number 8 is from "Omega Race".
2001-09-05 11:54:29 AM  
Wow..Omega Race, I haven't thought about that one in a long time
2001-09-05 11:56:44 AM  
Neutrino: Ah yes, Xevious and Frogger! Man, that Xevious sound was driving me nuts.
2001-09-05 12:03:10 PM  
#11 is definitely Mr Do and not Ms Pacman.

#8 sounds like Space Invaders and not Omega Race...

#13 is from Gyruss.

Y'all got the rest of 'em. :)
2001-09-05 12:06:15 PM  
I was guessing #11 as Burger Time, but Mr. Do! is more likely right. I only knew half of them.

I still plunk 2 dollars into a Ms. Pac-Man machine whenever I see one. I think I've put that biz-nitch through college.
2001-09-05 12:14:07 PM  
I just figured something out.. All rave songs are made out from these 15 sounds.
2001-09-05 12:17:41 PM  
Scroll down to the bottom and hit his link to the Doteaters.I spent a whole day at that site,it brought back a lot of memories of classic arcades,all the quarters I stole from my moms purse and skipping school.
2001-09-05 01:49:17 PM  
The song "Then the Morning Comes" by Smashmouth starts with a synthesized "good morning" which I swear comes from an old video game. For the life of me, I can't place it though.

Can anybody identify it, or is it just my imagination?
2001-09-05 01:55:27 PM  
damnit, i'm at school, i cant even listen to the mp3's (no headphones) :(
2001-09-05 03:15:40 PM  
I don't know any. I was screwin' cheerleaders back then.
2001-09-05 04:03:46 PM  
#9 makes me remember that farking spider that gave me all those mental scars.

*shudders at the flashbacks*
2001-09-05 04:30:09 PM  
Seeing as I was 13 back in 1983, and therefore spent most of my days in the video game arcades, this was not a challenge. I'll be enjoying my Mattel Electronic Football, thank you.

-he who stacks pork
2001-09-05 05:10:07 PM  
Defender rocks, especially when synced to 2112.
2001-09-05 05:17:49 PM  
Xevious is one of the best games EVER.
2001-09-05 05:55:29 PM  
13 sounds kinda like a death in mega man (and all 36 dozen of the sequels pretty much)

but that dosen't seem far back enough, capcom probally recycled it from something i don't know about. bastards.

2001-09-05 06:06:14 PM  
MAME rules :)
2001-09-05 06:56:36 PM  
yes, yes it does. until you've played the 3928739472394729387 pacman clones, then its just kinda samey :P
2001-09-05 09:03:47 PM  
Too much effort to hear some mp3s of games from the stone age......... dont get me wrong its all good but I just cant be bothered.
2001-09-05 09:28:38 PM  
jeezum crow! 2 dollars into ms. pac man?! I usually start to get sick of it about 45 minutes into my first quarter when the stork's dropped off 2 or 3 babies and the damn power dots just make the ghosts do a 180.
2001-09-05 10:29:18 PM  
Pepper II.
Montezuma's Revenge.

Uh.... Uh.. Things that I played for hours as a kid.

Ding. Ding. Ding.
2001-09-06 02:00:08 AM  
Robotron used to give me serious wrist pains,no matter how bad I hurt I couldnt stop playing.God I miss it,like a junkie misses his fix.
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