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(Washington Post)   Coast Guard nabs 5000 pounds of weed   ( divider line
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2160 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Sep 2001 at 4:38 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-04 04:39:23 PM  
Well there goes my weekend plans.
2001-09-04 04:40:03 PM  
End the war.
2001-09-04 04:40:08 PM  
one word SHARE... Why does the govment get to keep all the good shiat
2001-09-04 04:41:29 PM  
Damn, they needed a faster boat.

Forget healthcare, ganja for everyone!
2001-09-04 04:42:42 PM  
Now we know why they do more before 9 AM than the rest of us do all day.
2001-09-04 04:43:01 PM  
Wow that's a ton of weed, actually 2 1/2 tons. Was the boat made of wwe too.
2001-09-04 04:43:19 PM  
I got papers!!! Lets party!!!
2001-09-04 04:44:27 PM  
Take all of this weed and drop it over the middle east fighting will stop immediately.
2001-09-04 04:46:56 PM  
Thirdrail-but then they will fight for control of the supermarkets.
2001-09-04 04:50:45 PM  
So why did they leave Cuban waters???
2001-09-04 04:51:16 PM  
What kills me, is that we spend billions of dollars a year to stop smuggling, and they've captured a whopping 35,000 lbs...I wonder what the breakdown of $/lb is...

2001-09-04 04:52:52 PM  
Why was the United States' Coast Guard 25 miles south of Cuba? Seems like their name dictates they would be (first) located in the United States, and (second) guarding a coast. If I were Castro, I would be pissed.
2001-09-04 04:54:52 PM  
Cheeze Castro is to old to get pissed.
2001-09-04 05:00:24 PM  
man those lucky coast guard bastards
id be filling my pockets with weed like theres no tomorrow
hell id shoot the rest of the people on the ship and take it all for myself
2001-09-04 05:00:41 PM  
Damn sharks are ruining it for the drug dealers.
2001-09-04 05:01:47 PM  
Up in smooookkkkkkeeeee...
2001-09-04 05:07:17 PM  
Wheres Benicio when you need him???????
2001-09-04 05:10:25 PM  
TheWhiteDragon: Castro may be old, but he sure can be a biatch when the US keeps trying to invade.

I just don't understand who decided that patrolling the world is the job of the US. Who cares if the Coast Guard nabs someone that wasn't affecting the US? The article says the boat was on it's way to Bermuda.
2001-09-04 05:11:19 PM  
$4.4 million? Not even close! Do the math:

5,000 lbs = 80,000 oz

$30 = Cost to distributers per unit (oz)

$30 x 80,000 oz = $2.4 million street value.

Don't know about the rest of you, but I'll be damned if someone sees almost $60/oz for anything out of me. Me thinks that those CG boys are smoking crack!
2001-09-04 05:13:41 PM  
So much for yo-ho-ho and bottle of rum!

[Puts joint to lips] "Yo-ho-....hey what were we talking about? [giggles uncontrollably]
2001-09-04 05:14:39 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-09-04 05:15:18 PM  
Doh. Meant it to be [image from too old to be available]
2001-09-04 05:15:44 PM  
Polemic: Thats only if they're shippine shwag.

Some kind goes for 100 bux a quarter...well worth it too.

Yeah, end the war on americas freedom, end the war on drugs.
2001-09-04 05:22:17 PM  
I would happily pay my taxes and become a model citizen if only they'd give me my weed.

Buncha jerks.
2001-09-04 05:25:16 PM  
Coast Guard, "License Please"
Smugglers, "Hey man, you mean it's like not on the bumper, man?"
2001-09-04 05:25:40 PM  
Do the math Spikedsynapse!

At [image from too old to be available]$100[image from too old to be available] for a quarter you are under paying my initial estimate of $30. You've got a kind price and a nice dealer :^P

1 lb = 16 oz

1/4 lb = 4 oz

$100 / 4 oz = $25/ozShag or no shag ... that's the shiz'nit price baby!

[image from too old to be available]
2001-09-04 05:27:01 PM  
god needs to damn the useless Coast Guard... useless except to ruin the fun of the entire US, apparently.
2001-09-04 05:28:11 PM  
Polemic: Huh? A "quarter" is a quarter of an ounce, not pound. That would $400/oz , not 25
2001-09-04 05:40:39 PM  
Hook me up with a QP of KB for $100, and I'll be your friend...
2001-09-04 05:41:02 PM  
Friends don't let friend's do math on dope.
2001-09-04 05:42:05 PM  
Hey! Who put that apostrophe there? Bastards!
2001-09-04 05:43:29 PM  
In order to calculate the street value, you have to multiply the quantity by the price on the street, not the price to distributers...street value for an oz of shwag? I would say about $ goes for cheaper, it goes for pricier...its just an estimate...but thats about the US average I would think...

So I think the pigmen might actually be spot on with this estimate...

They can take it anywho...

2001-09-04 05:43:57 PM  
"The Monhegan caught up with the vessel and boarded it in international waters after it emerged off the eastern tip of Cuba, heading north for the Bahamas."

Ah, international waters. Where else can you see the beauty of a monkey knife fight?
2001-09-04 05:44:32 PM  
Thanks, BigTuna, for pointing that out to him. I was starting to think that Polemic had some serious math problems.
Polemic: lets work the problem the other way... from bottom up. I personally pay around 100 USD for an oz. so if there really were 5,000 lbs, (with 16 oz=1 lb.) that makes the stuff worth $8 million by my calculations.
It must have been crappy weed if they figured it was only worth about $4.4 mil.

Polemic, I don't know what you're smokin' but if you won't even pay $60 for a whole ounce, it must be REAL crap!

also, I agree with BigTuna that the tag should have been "SAD" instead of "NEWS"
2001-09-04 05:47:07 PM  
End the war.
2001-09-04 05:48:26 PM  
Fellow stoners always make me laugh! :)

Anyways, ever since I hit college I've been smoking up every farking night! Damn, I have got to stop!

Peace 0ut =-

btw, watch Quake III when your stoned.... it sooo farkin' intense! Damn, maybe I shouldn't be watchin' this guy whose going to Quakecon... damn he strafe jumps too farking quick!
2001-09-04 05:50:57 PM  
I would end the war, but I lost the remote control. Again.
2001-09-04 05:51:47 PM  
The drugs had a street value of about $4.4 million

As my weed-dealing cousin used to say when that statement was said on the news, "What street?"
2001-09-04 05:57:14 PM  
The only way to get a $60 ounce here in LA is to buy 5,000 pounds of it for 4.4 million dollars off a boat from the Caribbean.
2001-09-04 06:08:08 PM  
Everything's funny on pot isn't it.
2001-09-04 06:25:06 PM  
100 a quarter ounce.

Hell, we pay 80 for an o of shwag.
2001-09-04 06:28:07 PM  
I just wish they'd let people grow their own stuff. No drug dealers, just hippies who go home and are contributing members of the snack industry.

"I think outlawing nature is, i dunno, unnatural."
2001-09-04 06:41:09 PM  
as if it isn't already dry around here, damn!

2001-09-04 06:41:29 PM  
This one should be filed under SAD
2001-09-04 06:42:12 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-09-04 06:42:17 PM  
Heh, you guys should come live in BC. Pretty much all you need now is a note from your doctor.
2001-09-04 07:01:59 PM  
Awsome movie man! "Yo Killa, Kill!"
2001-09-04 07:02:16 PM  
I haven't found a decent contact here on the east side of DC since I moved from HI a couple of years ago. I would even be happy with a little seedling friend.
2001-09-04 07:05:42 PM  
"Unfortunately, the Coast Guard vessel caught fire while returning home. A rescue boat was sent, but the crew refused to jump off."
2001-09-04 07:09:56 PM  
3horn... They could probably get more drugs off the street at less cost even if they bought retail
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