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(ESPN)   NFL to review various new overtime proposals   ( divider line
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2003-02-05 10:07:38 PM  
First team to score six points wins.
2003-02-05 10:30:48 PM  
how about this: if each team has the same amount of points at the end of regulation...IT'S A FREAKIN' TIE!
2003-02-05 10:33:01 PM  
people watching the game should dial special 900 #'s. $1.99 per call. The line with the most calls after 2 minutes is the ruling on the field.
2003-02-06 12:16:37 AM  
Let the teams kick their crappy 3-points until accidents occur...

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-06 05:40:03 AM  
how do i post articles on fark :S

2003-02-06 05:41:48 AM  
rock paper scissors.
2003-02-06 05:44:08 AM  
I really like flzcarson 's idea.

Maybe they should all be immediately tested for steroids, and the team which has ingested the most will be declared winner, since they would have won anyway.
2003-02-06 05:50:26 AM  
" a season that produced a league-record 26 overtime contests (including one playoff game) and in which 11 of those games were won by the team that had the first possession."

I don't think this is correct. This statistic seems to suggest that the team does NOT have first possession of overtime has a 58% chance of winning. I know this is incorrect.
2003-02-06 05:51:25 AM  
Simple. Erect a dome in the centre of the pitch. Choose a player from each side. Two men enter, one man leaves.
2003-02-06 05:52:57 AM  
Ahh, "11 of those games were won by the team that had the first possession..." ON the first possession. A lot more of them went on to win it on say, the third possession.
2003-02-06 05:53:13 AM  
Dheliker I think that means that 11 teams won on that first possession, meaning the other teams had no opportunity to be on offense.
2003-02-06 05:57:24 AM  
2003-02-06 06:10:34 AM  
Both a decisive end to the game and a way around salary caps:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-06 06:12:43 AM  
NFL to review various new overtime proposals

You know, its bad enough when I go to a game and have to see "Doris, Will you Marry me? Section 300, Row 15, Seat 5)" on the Jumbotron, now the NFL is reviewing proposals in OVERTIME?

It makes no sense, I tell you!
2003-02-06 06:13:23 AM  
NFL to review various new overtime proposals

Do the hokey-pokey and turn yourself around.
2003-02-06 06:23:53 AM  
Whichever team has the best looking naked cheerleader.
2003-02-06 07:06:58 AM  
26 overtime games and 11 were won by the team with first possession? Doesn't that mean 15 were won by the team that got the ball second?

Why would they want to revamp THAT? Unless it's to give the team that wins the toss the chance to change its mind about who gets the ball first?

They have anyone who actually THINKS in the NFL?
2003-02-06 07:33:34 AM  
I thought the football season was over. What's this stupid overtime discussion?
2003-02-06 07:40:24 AM  
easy way round this:

set attack bat loose in the arena. Damn idiots deserve to die for being so wishy-washy about their sport
2003-02-06 08:11:45 AM  
I'll roshambo you for it
2003-02-06 08:18:33 AM  

They failed to state all the facts. 11 out of 26 were won by the team that got the ball first and scored on the opening drive. The other team never had a chance with the ball.

In my opinion, 5 would have been too many.

But then again, I'm a bitter steelers fan... :(
2003-02-06 08:42:19 AM  
College football overtime.
2003-02-06 08:48:11 AM  
Two words: Fifth quarter.
2003-02-06 09:03:08 AM  
Fifth quarter! then, Sixth Quarter! then, Seventh Quarter!

You catch my drift. Personally I'd like to see some ties, but American don't like having non-results. It's a psychological thing to do with Vietnam and Korea.
2003-02-06 09:35:14 AM  
Like Sikobabel said, 11 of 26 were won ON THE FIRST POSSESSION. That means that even if the other 15 went roughly 50%/50%, the team that won the toss would be winning 18 out of 26 games (since one ended in a tie). That comes out to 70%* winning percentage.

*Yes, the 70% is not an exact winning percentage, because I used the assumption that after the first possession the teams had an equal chance to win. However the ultimate goal in overtime is to have a roughly 50% chance for both teams, so that ability and not luck (winning a coin toss) will be the larger determining factor.
2003-02-06 10:13:36 AM  
I like college football overtime, but they'll never use it. It was based on high school overtime rules, and the NFL will never make a move copying their policies to reflect high school football.

5th quarter.
2003-02-06 10:19:03 AM  
Yep, I a new quarter. Only fair.
2003-02-06 10:26:26 AM  
I would say 5th quarter for somewhere between 5-10 minutes, with both teams getting 3 more timeouts, so that a receiving team that can run that much time off the clock and deny the opponent from having a meaningful possession will have to have really earned it.

I think a guaranteed full-length 5th quarter would be too dangerous.
2003-02-06 10:34:14 AM  
To get rid of the cheap ass "won by a field goal" game, how about a rule that makes it so you can only attempt a FG of say 45 yards or more, and only on 4th down, or maybe no FG attempts allowed at all in sudden death? Or better yet, like Kylie said, play another quarter. Sudden death sux. But if they're going to win in sudden death make them put it into the end zone.
2003-02-06 10:41:31 AM  
I also like the idea of another full quarter. Although it wouldn't really be a quarter at that point, it'd be a fifth. They probably wouldn't say that, though.

I think the college overtime shootout is stupid. But that's just me.
2003-02-06 10:41:57 AM  
I hate sudden death in football. It makes no sense to do the way the game is played. In a game like hockey where possession changes frequently, it works. Not in football.

A full fifth quarter works for me. Another solution would be to make it so an overtime victory must be by a margin of at least 4 points. That way, if a field goal is scored on the first possession, the other team has a chance to counter. If a touchdown is scored on the first possession, game over.
2003-02-06 10:47:17 AM  
How about if the team that elects to receive automatically loses if they turn the ball over, no punts allowed?
2003-02-06 11:01:43 AM  
Go with the college long as there no flags thrown 2 minutes after the play was called dead, and the stage has started to roll onto the field to present the Canes with that big crystal football.
2003-02-06 11:06:13 AM  
Score for Score, meaning if you kick the field goal they can win with a touch.

What they really need to deal with is change of posession reviews, too many are non-reviewable currently.
2003-02-06 11:12:38 AM  
college overtime is so much better
2003-02-06 11:39:35 AM  
The_Synergism: I'm noticing a little bitterness...Get over it, will ya?!

Anyhow, I really like the 5th quarter idea, maybe only 5 minutes, though. I mean, the players are dead tired after a 60 minute game. A whole extra quarter could really be bad for the players. If, after said 5th quarter, the game is still tied, then the game is a tie.
2003-02-06 11:48:13 AM  
They really oughtta change the challenge rules. You only get 3 challenges per game? WHat if the refs keep making crappy calls?
I think you should only get 3 overruled challenges. Meaning, if you challenge, and are unsucessful, it counts against you. If you are sucessful, you still have 3. If the refs make a bunch of bad calls against you, you shouldn't be penalized for it.
2003-02-06 11:49:43 AM  
NFL overtime is fine as is.

The NFL wanted close, tense nail-biters and they got what they wanted.

LaDainian sucks.
2003-02-06 11:57:47 AM  
I like all of the suggestions mentioned in the article: first to six points, each team guaranteed at least one possession, etc. My suggestion would be: if you get possession with a lead, you win.
2003-02-06 12:52:30 PM  
WriteInCandidate "If you get possession with a lead, you win."

I like it a-loht

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-06 12:53:04 PM  
Let the first team scoring five points win (or 1 point after overtime expires).

That way the flip winner has to take it to the house (TD) to win on first possession. If they choose to kick the FG, they have an advantage, but still have to play it out.

Why five (not six)? Add a Safety (2 points) into the mix.

Summing it up...

Touchdown = 6pts = Victory
Field Goal + Field Goal = 6pts = Victory
Field Goal + Safety = 5 pts = Victory

More points after Overtime = Victory
Same points after Overtime (non-playoff) = Tie
Same points after Overtime (playoff) = Another Overtime
2003-02-06 01:27:21 PM  
LawTalkingGuy, I'm not sure if you're being facetious or not, as I'm using Lynx. The scheme I mentioned would allow for back-and-forth lead changes, which would be cool. It would be equivalent to saying, if you're behind and lose possession, e.g. via turnover or on downs, you lose.
2003-02-06 01:39:43 PM  
Write in Candidate Oh I was being totally serious, I think that is a great idea. I just now realized that posting a "Dumb and Dumber" pic made it seem like I was insulting you. I just posted it to illustrate my pronunciation of "I like it a lot."
2003-02-06 02:28:05 PM  
I like the sudden death in overtime, but agree that winning on a field goal on the first possession sucks. How about eliminating overtime field goals altogether? You must score a touchdown to win. If no TD is scored by the end of overtime, its a tie.
2003-02-06 02:55:57 PM  
I like first possession after a lead = victory. If you can't at least score a field goal on your possession after the other team's field goal, you should lose. The drive after that lead is gained will be an exciting one I think.
2003-02-06 02:58:40 PM  
I'd really like to see them go to a system similar to college, except I think that the pros should each get a possession on the opponent's 35 yard line instead of the 25. They should have to at least move the ball a little to get into a reasonable field goal range.

If not this idea, then a full 15 minute overtime period with NO SUDDEN DEATH...SUDDEN DEATH SUCKS ASS!
2003-02-06 03:01:50 PM  
SuburbanCowboy: I agree with you about the challenge rules...that would keep the pressure on the refs to make good calls to keep the flow of the game from getting farked up...sometimes they make calls that are just so amazingly bad that you have to use a challenge, and then you don't have it later for a really controversial one.
2003-02-06 04:01:50 PM  
Depends on what show is being pre-empted. If they get in the way of King of the Hill they should do a full 15 min quarter with the clock running for the full 15 mins. If there's a possibility of pre-empting Futurama they should just leave it as a tie.
2003-02-06 04:30:47 PM  
I think it needs to be changed. Allowing teams to win and end the games on the 1st possession is the same as scoring a run in the top of the 10th and having the game end.

I like the 5th period idea, with each team getting 2 timeouts and one challenge - with the same end of half/game rules as apply in regulation. If the 5th period ends, then it's a tie. In the playoffs, you could have sudden death OT after the 5th period, with the requirement that each team get a possession in the sudden death period.

But I don't see it happening. While football is a game to many, it is a television show to the people who throw the most money on the pile. And my plan may be good in terms of fair play, but not very good for TV scheduling.
2003-02-06 05:23:34 PM  
What's with everyone posting 'fifth quarter'? Can't have a 'fifth quarter'....
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