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2003-02-05 07:39:48 PM  
I seriously don't get the reasoning that goes into what gets cleared for Fark and what doesn't. There is absolutely nothing unique about these pics that aren't on a million other sites.
2003-02-05 08:22:19 PM  
Hey I am not biatching Admins , but Christ what a tease.

Is that Lillith from Frasier or one of the Robert Palmer girls?
2003-02-05 08:28:43 PM  
Woohoo! Don't get many leg links on Fark :-p
2003-02-05 08:58:00 PM  
Anyone can find this crap on stileporn.com. We want better boobies!
2003-02-05 09:14:19 PM  
I wouldn't doubt it if this were a repeat. All too familiar to me...
2003-02-05 09:47:43 PM  
2003-02-05 11:11:49 PM  
2003-02-05 11:37:40 PM  
C'mon, guys. How often to you get to see a fine nekkid woman AND a Kawai baby grand? I think y'all are getting jaded.
2003-02-05 11:56:26 PM  
I like her shoes........
2003-02-06 12:49:10 AM  

2003-02-06 12:49:49 AM  
2003-02-06 12:50:29 AM  

"Hey! If you were this woman..and you were horny...would you hit yourself?"
"It's a simple yes or no question. A baby could answer it!"
2003-02-06 12:51:34 AM  
2003-02-06 12:51:52 AM  
Hey Norm!!!!! Hey!
2003-02-06 12:51:58 AM  
heh, but there is something unique... it's a caucasian woman who ISN'T BLONDE.
2003-02-06 12:53:16 AM  
Found some good pics on this site on the left...a plethora of them.

Mostly SFW...
2003-02-06 12:54:00 AM  
I'd like to have sex with her.
2003-02-06 12:54:38 AM  
Agreed, McBotulism. I too would engage in coitus with the aforementioned woman.
2003-02-06 12:56:03 AM  
JOHNDX should be the sole boobies administrator, he always comes through with the goods

2003-02-06 12:56:24 AM  
I'd hit it ...
But I'd be afraid it would hit me back.
2003-02-06 12:56:25 AM  
Was not worth the sextracker cookie it put on my computer. Is it just me or are the boobies links sucking ass lately? Also while I'm ranting let me just say I HATE Maxim. What is worse than taking women that are hot and want to get naked and putting clothes on them?? Anyone? If anyone can tell me real quick how to put a link here I'll show you much finer boobies. I know html to make it clickable but I don't know how to get it to open a second page like FARK does, any help will earn you boobies.
/rant over
2003-02-06 12:57:45 AM  
Wow.... JOHNDX, always on the boobies prowl. Excellent work, detective.
2003-02-06 12:57:54 AM  
just post it self_made_hell, we can cut and paste. trust me. in other news, loud fapping noises heard from my house..
2003-02-06 12:57:59 AM  
McBotulism I too concur with your fawnicatory reasoning.
2003-02-06 12:58:06 AM  

<a href="http://linkhere.com">Text for link here</a>
2003-02-06 12:58:35 AM  
Yeah... I didn't click the link to enlarge.
2003-02-06 12:58:53 AM  
JOHNDX: Your site has "Random Manbabe" at the top. I'm not sure I want to see that...
2003-02-06 12:59:27 AM  
Ummmm. Sorry wrong thread... I am drunk
2003-02-06 12:59:57 AM  
Self_made_hell, probably because Maxim aims to be an entertainment magazine and not porn.
2003-02-06 01:01:06 AM  
JOHNDX: Your site has "Random Manbabe" at the top. I'm not sure I want to see that...

have I ever let you down? C'mon, live a little! LOL
2003-02-06 01:08:02 AM  
Nice :-) Maybe it's just me, but the Japanese boobies link was way better :-)
2003-02-06 01:12:58 AM  
I cant boobies till i get home from work, even some of the links in total suck and these losers who post sites with pop ups galore
2003-02-06 01:16:42 AM  
trust JOHNDX; it's clean. I was also highly concerned by 'random manbabe', but carried on.
Good, despite my being one of the few with no special attraction to asian women
2003-02-06 01:18:01 AM  
hehe, actually, his site is equal-opportunity boobies, I'd only checked a couple of the pics before returning to confirm its quality :-p
yeah, I'm dumb, I know...
2003-02-06 01:18:56 AM  
JOHNDX, I'm sorely disappointed by the lack of random manbabe in the link you posted.

I mean....um....I'd hit it?
2003-02-06 01:18:58 AM  
...and now, back to homework...
2003-02-06 01:19:04 AM  
I'd hit it, but I do have to say that the Japanese boobies were much better. In fact I think I might go turn Japanese now.
2003-02-06 01:23:08 AM  
Well..how about some nice bikini pics?

2003-02-06 01:23:32 AM  
2003-02-06 01:24:08 AM  
Heehee, check out this guys bachelor party!

2003-02-06 01:24:58 AM  
2003-02-06 01:25:12 AM  
She looks like a second rate chrissy m. Yeah, I like porn.
2003-02-06 01:26:23 AM  
All hail JOHNDX!
2003-02-06 01:26:58 AM  
Or these many many pages of Sexy lady galleries

NSFW either....have fun. I need another beer.
2003-02-06 01:28:01 AM  
why do you even HAVE threads for boobies links?
2003-02-06 01:28:09 AM  
damn, all these nice pics and my girlfriend isn't here to help me in my time of need, ah well, bye bye kitty!
2003-02-06 01:28:54 AM  

I'd just make the link. Any farker who cant hold shift while they click a link deserves whats comin to em. However, maybe just maybe this would work:

<a href="http://link.com" target=new>boobies!</a>

Maybe target="new" cant remember, and that just might totally fark up your link and cause the imbalance in the force necessary to end the universe, I'm mostly guessing here
2003-02-06 01:30:46 AM  
This is begging to be ps'd. If only I wasn't stuck on mars.
2003-02-06 01:32:18 AM  
michael, unlike you we prefer women not children (a joke on the name you choose, your fault) therefore we try to have as many pics as we can, the best way to share more pics is via the posts in threads.
2003-02-06 01:33:09 AM  

target="new" or target="_blank"
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