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28183 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Apr 2009 at 11:57 PM (8 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2009-04-01 12:13:49 AM  

gator249: It's still March 31st on the west coast, geez. Happy April Fool's day!!!

I haven't gone to bed yet, due to this stupid paper, and thus still consider it the 31st also.
2009-04-01 12:13:50 AM  
it'd be funnier if the AF joke was that it really wasn't an AF joke.
2009-04-01 12:13:51 AM  
I like Fark now. It's like the various facebook overhauls which inevitably make things worse. Stick with the tried, true and familiar. Don't reinvent the wheel.
2009-04-01 12:13:53 AM  
2009-04-01 12:14:01 AM  
Happy April Fool's Day, Farkers!
2009-04-01 12:14:05 AM  
I just find the purplish rectangle at the top of the threads annoying.
2009-04-01 12:14:05 AM  
Personally, I'm a little miffed that I wasn't asked to participate in the beta testing. As one of the few posters that routinely exceeds the 140 character range for single posts, it seems to me that I would be an obvious choice to give the New Fark Experience the real acid test. Not to mention that the level of definition for my avatar would be a separate test all on its own. I suppose that I shall get over it someday, but I can't help feeling a bit hurt and unappreciated here and now.
2009-04-01 12:14:10 AM  
What no random post scrambler?
2009-04-01 12:14:11 AM  
Cheers, thanks for the good chuckle.
2009-04-01 12:14:11 AM

2009-04-01 12:14:14 AM  
The Tegan and Sara thing was a little far, even for today.

But I love you awful bastards anyway.

/and I wouldn't take a perl gig anyway, so there
2009-04-01 12:14:18 AM  
Could somebody bother explaining this to the people who don't get it, please?
2009-04-01 12:14:18 AM  

Korovyov: Uh-oh. Bracing for filter pwnage for the next ~86 kiloseconds.

They have us so well-trained, don't they?
2009-04-01 12:14:21 AM  
Meeeh... at least they tried to be funny... you know, kinda like FarkTV.
2009-04-01 12:14:28 AM  
I thought it was haxxord by pigs!!1
2009-04-01 12:14:41 AM  
Well I hope this is not the best that Drew can come up with on April 1..
2009-04-01 12:14:42 AM  
Bleh, should've guessed it was April Fools but it's still March 31st here, and I didn't wait for the link to load. =P
2009-04-01 12:14:56 AM  
2009-04-01 12:14:59 AM  
We'll get over it.

2009-04-01 12:15:01 AM  
clap - made me smile
2009-04-01 12:15:02 AM  
jessie: This is exactly why I'm not a TFer any more.!

2009-04-01 12:15:06 AM  

TheRaven7: Could somebody bother explaining this to the people who don't get it, please?

Just kill yourself. You're beyond hope.
2009-04-01 12:15:06 AM  
Meh, this year's prank wasn't as funny as the pigs, or the dialectizers in the past

Meh, this hyar year's prank warn't as funny as th' pigs, o' th' dialeckizers in th' past

Meh, dis year's prank wuzn't as funny as de pigs, o' de dialectizers in de past

Meh, this yeaw's pwank wasn't as funny as the pigs, ow the diawectizews in the past

Meh, thees yeer's prunk vesn't es foonny es zee peegs, oor zee deeelectizers in zee pest

meh, this ye4Rs pr4nk wasn"T as funny qas teh pigs, or teh dialectiazars int eh pas
2009-04-01 12:15:11 AM  

Coco LaFemme: I knew this was an April Fool's Day joke without even clicking on anything.

I mean 11:59, nothing. 12:00 am, now it's up? Not that clever.

Holy shiat, you're smart. I bet you're a rocket scientist or a chiropractor or something equally super smart.
2009-04-01 12:15:14 AM  
meh, April fools jokes are so predictable. That's why I always do mine on Christmas Eve.
2009-04-01 12:15:16 AM  

wegro: Coco LaFemme: I knew this was an April Fool's Day joke without even clicking on anything.

You should join Mensa or something.

I thought about it when I was in college.
2009-04-01 12:15:16 AM  
The long page load is the farking best part.
2009-04-01 12:15:16 AM  
Any follow ups on the missing white woman?
2009-04-01 12:15:18 AM  
Get off my lawn. Unless you have beer.
2009-04-01 12:15:20 AM  
2009-04-01 12:15:35 AM  

NobleHam: it's still March 31st here

This. Goddamn EST bastards.
2009-04-01 12:15:41 AM  
Anyone watching the nudity on adult swim? It's like the new fark experience but with toplessness.
2009-04-01 12:15:59 AM

Ahhhhhhhhhh yeah.
2009-04-01 12:16:07 AM  
The logo smacks of 'The New Windows Experience'. aka Windows 7.

/Is this Drew's way of saying Happy April Fools Day?
2009-04-01 12:16:08 AM  
Apparently Fark's been acquired by Zimbio
2009-04-01 12:16:09 AM  
I'm glad I don't pay for this shiat
2009-04-01 12:16:15 AM  
That was as funny as a kick in the balls. But funnier than Fark TV.
2009-04-01 12:16:36 AM  
A pox, a pox on thee saith the ghost of Lou Gosset Jr.!
2009-04-01 12:16:43 AM  
I was expecting a rickroll.

No seriously, I was.
2009-04-01 12:16:44 AM  
I'll get over it, but where are the just the Not-News links?
2009-04-01 12:16:48 AM  
It would actually be kinda funny if on April 1 was really useful.
2009-04-01 12:16:49 AM

Will there be hot chicks in The New Fark Experience?
2009-04-01 12:16:55 AM  
Nice try, but I never trust anything after 12am Eastern on April 1st.
2009-04-01 12:17:05 AM  
I hope the April Fool's joke is that the NFE is real. Not that I'd ever use Fark again, but it'd be farking hilarious.
2009-04-01 12:17:19 AM  
lol.. I thought it was funny
2009-04-01 12:17:27 AM  
Drew, total transparancy is great and all, but leaving crap like that spammer available forever can only encourage others to spam as well.

/Maybe 359° of transparancy?
2009-04-01 12:17:42 AM  
I love it!!
2009-04-01 12:17:45 AM  
That would make me stabby. I love the long tail synergy jabberwocky that he created with that non-cromulent fake site.
2009-04-01 12:17:54 AM  
Kinda funny when I'm an hour behind in good ol'central time.
2009-04-01 12:17:58 AM  
No such user 'SomeYungGai'. Tastes like chicken.

I liked it. Should've called it Facefark.
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