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(Yahoo)   PETA pulls their 'be kind to sharks' ad after sharks eat two more people   ( divider line
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3206 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Sep 2001 at 10:22 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-04 10:27:01 AM  
I farking hate PETA.
2001-09-04 10:28:39 AM  
Wow! PETA did the smart thing! Way to go!

Now if only PETA had a surfing team...
2001-09-04 10:32:37 AM  
The campaign was to feature a billboard emblazoned ``Would You Give Your Right Arm to Know Why Sharks Attack, Could it be Revenge? Go Vegetarian, PETA.''

So PETA says the sharks won't attack vegitarians? I say we find a vegetarian willing to play the ultimate lotto and send him swimming along the coast (maybe marinated in blood?). If he gets attacked, he (or his next of kin) can sue PETA out of existance....
2001-09-04 10:34:42 AM  
Personally, these shark attacks are funny. Its nice to see humans getting what they deserve. No, i do not care how old the victims were, humans sure don't have a problem killing calves for veal now do they ? No.

Let the name calling begin.
2001-09-04 10:38:46 AM  
I think that whilst there are all sorts of arguments that could be brought into play the simplest and most powerful one is:-

we can outrun a shark on dry land, they can do it to us in the water.

Stay on the Farking beach if you dont want to be eaten.
2001-09-04 10:40:08 AM  
Let's just outlaw sharks.
2001-09-04 10:43:02 AM  
Someone's gotta teach a shark to bite PETA on the ass.
2001-09-04 10:44:47 AM  
You may be crazy, Ivan (well, I thought it was funny), but you're on to something.

Adm_crunch, that's hilarious. I'd throw a vegetarian relative to the sharks to get some $$$ out of PETA. Why the hell not, right?
2001-09-04 10:45:37 AM  
Check this out:

It's population vs. shark attacks in Florida. I'm not statistician, but that looks like a close correlation to me.
2001-09-04 10:51:29 AM  
Well see. If less humans would stop reproducing like some god damn disease, then their would be less shark attacks.
2001-09-04 10:52:32 AM  
PETA gives the rest of us vegetatarians a bad name. I understand and agree with some of the points they make (not, the militant prostyltizing they engage in however) but this billboard campaign is in appallingly bad taste. I'm glad they pulled it, but think they probably did so for the wrong reasons (asuming their spokesperson was quoted accurately and in context.)

Ultimately though, I think the most interesting thing is the conclusion of the article...."A series of shark attacks in what has been dubbed ``The Summer of the Shark'' have alarmed the public and generated huge interest in the marine predator. But shark experts say the number of attacks is no greater than usual."
What we have here is a media frenzy not an epidemic of shark attacks. But I guess if the media didn't get hysterical about these things, they might actually have to talk about real news and inform and help the public. Unthinkable!!!

2001-09-04 10:55:45 AM  
Save This...

by Denis Leary and Chris Phillips

I have no head for figures,
My hands cannot explain
Endangered animals and acid rain.

I see dead rivers running dry,
I see the activists who march and cry,
Now they cry - singin'

'Why must we desecrate this land?'
I'll tell you why:
Because we can, that's why.

Save the whales, save the seals,
Save the eagle, save the bison and the beach.
Why not save your breath?

Save the porpoise, save the dolphin,
Save the gerbil, save the raccoon and the rat.
Why not save some stamps?

I am a human, I'm a goddamn human being.
I walk erect!
See the cheetah, oh so supple, lean and quick,
As he chases a gazelle.
But he can't drive a car,
At least not very far.

I am a human, I'm a goddamn human being.
I can pay for sex!

"Hey, there's a great show on the Discovery Channel tonight,
The History of the Badger."
"Hmm, I wonder what badger tastes like?"
"I don't know, probably tastes like ferret."
"Wow, you've had ferret?"
"What's it taste like?"

I am a human, I'm a goddamn human being.
I can wipe my ass!

"What gives mankind the right to kill at will?
I'll tell you what -- guns,
Big farkin' guns with giant farkin' bullets, pal!"

I am a human, I'm a goddamn human being.
I can shave my balls!
2001-09-04 10:59:40 AM  
That's pretty damned interesting, WoodyTX. Makes perfect sense when you think about it - if there's thousands more people hanging around on the beach and in the ocean, then the sharks are bound to attack a few more. After all, they were there first.

That said, though, I'd rather battle the medical waste that washes up here in Jersey than a shark.
2001-09-04 11:00:08 AM  
I would probably give my right arm to see someone from PETA get bitten.

oh wait, that's my "masturbatin' arm" How about we go for the left one instead.
2001-09-04 11:11:03 AM  
PETA People who eat tasty animals.

I do agree with some of PETA's issues with experiments where conclusions are based on animal reactions to drugs and things that can't be directly compared to humans.
2001-09-04 11:12:32 AM  
``But right now people would just shoot the messenger without hearing the message.''

Ummm...we get your message....and we still want to shoot you!
2001-09-04 11:18:34 AM  
Are these the actions of rational people?!?! Clearly not. I say we hook car batteries to their genitals and force them to eat cheese burgers until they promise to drop this kind-to-animals bullshiat.

[image from too old to be available]
2001-09-04 11:26:04 AM  
Fubar: Denis Leary rules!

From PETA statement: "...and sharks aren't really to blame for doing what comes naturally."

Eating meat feels pretty damn natural to me. Veggie eaters are the ones suppressing their instincts. Get a grip, shark huggers!
2001-09-04 11:29:40 AM  
PETA is perhaps showing the least amount of compassion for the people expiring from shark attacks. Of course, if you're that stupid to swim in shark infested waters, then perhaps the punischment suits, but seriously, they should think twice before opening their mouths and making themselves look like the bad peopel of the situation.
2001-09-04 11:50:54 AM  
So if vegetarians get to blame us for the shark attacks, do we get to blame them for the Irish potato famine?

Maybe they should pay reparations to the Irish :P
2001-09-04 12:01:02 PM  
Good one HoJu. I think they did have a surf team, but they couldn't swim out past the break due to exhaustion from malnutrition.
2001-09-04 12:06:15 PM  
new show on FOX...When PETA Gone Bad!!!
2001-09-04 12:23:33 PM  
FBSimon: Yup, when I'm confronted by a militant vegetarian, I just give em a BIG smile. Let em get a good look at my INCISORS and CANINES.

Then I use em to take another bite out of my fried chicken.
2001-09-04 12:27:29 PM  
Maybe if they said there were several thousand PETA members in the sea off Florida people would stay out of the water?
2001-09-04 12:42:20 PM  
I'd give my right arm for a super-strong robot arm.
2001-09-04 12:45:30 PM  
fuzzymonkey, i agree. PETA is a fringe group. most of the vegetarians and vegans i know don't want to be associated with them. i'm vegetarian for personal reasons. i think that peta targeting children and frightening the shiat out of them, instead of explaining their opinions shows that they don't care to share information with people. they just want to make them stop eating meat, no matter what they have to say.
2001-09-04 01:05:49 PM  
I'm going to win the lottery one of these days, go to the PETA headquarters and have a great big Bar-B-Que right on their fron steps, you're all invited of course. Maybee we can get a few thousand gallons of milk and throw it on the employees as they try to get to work.
2001-09-04 01:07:27 PM  
Good point about the scare tactics Ailema....bout as effective as someone trying to scare me into eating meat-- 'oh you'll die of malnutrtion, not enough protein' ad nauseum. Bullshiat.
Give me an intelligent, reasonable argument, please.
2001-09-04 01:15:15 PM  
Why should I give you an intelligent, reasonable argument to get you to eat meat? It reduces demand and keeps the meat prices down. :)

I think the issue is, why is PETA so damned concerned with what I do?
2001-09-04 01:27:50 PM  
I think PETA actually condones cannibalism. They understand human's need for seared flesh, and that other animal's rights are FAR above those of the humans. Hence the cannibalism justification. As a matter of fact, PETA invested heavily in the movie 'Hannibal.'

I have no idea if Human meat tastes like Badger, or chicken for that matter. I have no animal point of reference, I can't bring myself to eat Human meat either, but I've become quite the Human breast milk connisseur. It tastes a lot like powerade, except without that powerade taste.
2001-09-04 01:40:09 PM  
Damn slackless PETA mofos...

And they could be doin right on..

Oh well...
2001-09-04 02:45:03 PM  
[image from vatican.rotten_com too old to be available]

these poor defensless fish, I can't believe we don't just feed them little kids in apology for years of harsh treatment....

2001-09-04 04:49:14 PM  
Eat whatever the fark you want... and let other people eat whatever the fark they want.

Either that or I'm going to come and beat the living shiat out of you.

Extreme Moderate
2001-09-04 06:38:07 PM  
I'm all for the rights of animals, (and no, I'm not a vegetarian) but PETA is just going to far. Maybe they should explain themselves to the boy who got his arm torn off by shark. "Yes Billy. That shark holds a personal vendetta against you and your people for the remorseless eating of so many of his friends." Give me a farking break.

These people are willing to throw out the whole food chain just because they feel eating meat is wrong. It's one thing to have an opinion, but forcing said opinion on others with an, ohh, I don't know, BILLBOARD is just farking obnoxious.

My opinion is PETA's ad execs have their heads up their asses farther than Pat Buchanon's.

The truth of the matter, folks, is that human beings are designed to eat meat. It's scientific fact. We don't have the hard enamel on our teeth that herbivores do. Which either means:

1. We were meant to eat meat
2. We were meant to eat washed, prepared vegitables (Very farking unlikely)

So if you're a vegitarian, be a vegitarian. Just don't be like PETA, and cram garbage about revenge down our throats.

Thank you. (Steps down from soapbox)

Graeme 'Bleeding Patriot" Laird, an insignificant teenager from canada.
2001-09-04 06:48:26 PM  
"It's one thing to have an opinion, but forcing said opinion on others with an, ohh, I don't know, BILLBOARD is just farking obnoxious."

Ummm, excuse me, but didn't you just describe every advertisement and political billboard in the country? By that statement, I hope you are campaigning against billboards all together, since they upset yor delicate sensibilities. And god forbid the billboard actually have a message on it worth thinking about!


I am a member of PETA, and not all of "you people" or us people are this stupid. All I want is for people not to stick rods up cow's asses and turn on the juice, for them not to slice off the beaks of chickens with hot wires, for them not to leave a cow with four broken legs to slowly die of thirst in the middle of a dirt road. Get a farking heart, you self-serving money-grubbing sheep-farking assholes.

Thank you.
2001-09-04 07:00:57 PM  
Hey, don't shoot the messenger.
2001-09-04 07:13:29 PM  
Just when you think PETA's gone about as far as they can, here comes CaseyPie to prove that, yes, they really are out there....

"I am a member of PETA, and not all of... us people are this stupid."

So it's just you?

BTW, can we clean, skin, and eat those "starving brown people"?

WoodyTX, the hunting grunt.
2001-09-04 07:55:50 PM  
How is this for a "modest proposal":

Eat the sharks.

Shark is, I understand, a delicacy in places like Japan.
If we have an overabundance of sharks off the coast of Florida, why do we not eat them? Seriously. Each surplus shark eaten might replace another steer eating off of cleared lands and filling the atmosphere with farts.
2001-09-04 09:17:14 PM  
PETA are hated more and more with each day that goes by.
2001-09-04 11:27:42 PM  
I love this... they pull the ad and as a result get on CNN Headline News tonight. So they got world wide exposure as a bunch of ignorant twats.

They keep shooting themselves in the foot. I have a suggestion... try harder...

[image from too old to be available]
2001-09-04 11:48:52 PM  

"All I want is for people not to.." Well, good then... sorry, this is the sad reality of procuring sustenance for an overwhelming amount of people in a post-industrial society.

Your energies would be a lot more effective in the education of folks: How 'bout spawning is not really the solution for loneliness. More people = more meat consumed = people making money on the effective 'manufacture' of living animals.

PETA: People Evading The hArd issues

Please, if you care so farking much, go talk a kid into avoiding random reproduction.
2001-09-05 12:14:30 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-09-05 11:18:25 AM  
"`Our message is that humans kill billions of fish, including sharks, each year, in the most hideous ways, and sharks aren't really to blame for doing what comes naturally, because, unlike us, they don't have choices when it comes to what to eat,' PETA spokesman Dan Shannon said."

"`But right now people would just shoot the messenger without hearing the message.'"

Well, Danny, that is because it is a F*UCKED UP MESSAGE!
2001-09-05 08:39:41 PM  
I am a surfer and i know how close sharks are in the water. At any given time a shrak is about 10 feet from you. I could careless b/c im not worried about snacking sharks. When i surf i always cary a dive knife w/ me straped to mi leg. So i dare any of those mother farkers to mess with me and i will fillet them and sling their entrails at PETA dudes. I also like fishing so screw PETA the dumbazes...

and it is true that humans dont have enough hard emamal to be vegitarians. cows have no feelings and no soul so peta can goto hell

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