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(Some Haligonian)   Halifax FARK party - March 22nd (tenative). Donairs, toques and "aboots" not required. Sign up to the mailing list if you're even remotely interested   ( divider line
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870 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Feb 2003 at 2:10 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-05 09:38:22 AM  
Do I have to join a Yahoo group to recieve info?

I'm over in Fredericton. Might be interested but it will take me alot of resources to get there.
2003-02-05 01:01:22 PM  
The info will be updated on the main page as well.. I just don't have any info yet. The group would be cool to join, so I can have an idea of how many are interested.
2003-02-05 06:37:41 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Take off, eh?

I'm teasing, I'm a Canuck too. Left coast, though. Else I'd be more than happy to come drink all your beer to your party.
2003-02-05 06:42:44 PM  
Halifax is only about a 10 minute drive from me. And by 10 minutes I mean two days.
2003-02-06 02:12:24 AM  
Yeah, where the fark are the Toronto fark parties?
2003-02-06 02:12:32 AM  
You jerk-offs! I just graduated from King's and left that stinkhole. Now you go and have a party there, while I'm probably the only farker in my whole town.
2003-02-06 02:13:16 AM  
Incidentally, if there ARE any other farkers in Peterborough, let me know.
2003-02-06 02:16:16 AM  
Dude, I'm like an hour's drive from Peterborough.
2003-02-06 02:18:14 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-06 02:18:26 AM  
uhh wait a min, are there any americans in this thread?
2003-02-06 02:19:07 AM  
Dude, I'm like an hour's drive from Peterborough.

If that means Oshawa, you can go *$%@ yourself.

/hoping to start first ever Ptbo/Osh-kosh flamewar on Fark
2003-02-06 02:24:19 AM  
US of A, here.
2003-02-06 02:27:28 AM  
Nope, Collywobbles, I'm from Scompton.
2003-02-06 02:27:33 AM  
Saint John smells like paper mill. *sniffs outside* yech.

Never been to Halifax yet.. can't get there either for Fark party... lack of car sucks.

Charlottetown is cool, the downtown isn't huge so all the drunks go to only about 2 or 3 pizza places when the numerous bars close.. there's just... people en masse walking downtown at 2 am.. It's great.

I miss Southern Ontario.
2003-02-06 02:31:44 AM  
<sarcasm>Will this Fark party have a stellar attendance as the others in the past have?</sarcasm>
2003-02-06 02:31:52 AM  
Scarberia -- even worse. Actually, I grew up in Bramladesh, which is worst of all.
2003-02-06 02:33:05 AM  
Saint John is in New Brunswick, right? Correct the Floridain if he's wrong but I think Halifax basically all of Nova Scotia.. My father went there once in college, and, though he said it was nice, the fact that he hasn't been back yet is telling.
2003-02-06 02:36:25 AM  
A great resident of Texas.
2003-02-06 02:36:38 AM  
Ouch, I pity you dude.
2003-02-06 02:37:58 AM  
Saint John is indeed in New Brunswick, but many hope it will just sink quietly into the Bay of Fundy. I don't understand what you're trying to say about Halifax, and Floridian is not spelled "Floridain".
2003-02-06 02:38:28 AM  
Im originally from Halifax, Pennsylvania, population 2 grand and some change, and I was pretty baffled until actually read the thread.
2003-02-06 02:47:34 AM  
Will anyone actually show up?

Does anyone want to put me up for the night? I hear that you New Scotlanders are famous for your hospitality.

Just kidding.

Seriously, I am looking for a good reason to check out Halifax. It might make for a good weekend if someone could give me some things to check out. I have yet to travel east of Ville de Quebec, but I am looking forward to exploring the Maritimes.
2003-02-06 02:50:25 AM  
Hah! If the bay rises enough, the local mall and walmart will be sufficiently flooded (as it's built on land below sea level.. apparently it has happened before)... The town will go under mob rule and we'll all have to live in Moncton, and I don't speak french that well..
mmm wavey.
(this is what a lack of sleep does to you)
2003-02-06 03:25:03 AM  
Aragon was friends with the Floridain.

(weak LOTR humor)
2003-02-06 03:26:45 AM  
Predictable and expected slurs upon Canada and the East coast thereof notwithstanding, there are many great reasons to visit Nova Scotia (most of which are not in Halifax).
However, NONE of these things exist in February...with the exception of downtown bar density.
Nova Scotia has pristine beaches you can have all to yourself, spectacular scenery, friendly people, the warmest waters North of the Carolinas (Northumberland Strait), great food (if you love lobster and salmon)...but NOT in February.
In February, there's a few mediocre ski hills (barely fit for a toboggin), a crappy AHL hockey team, league curling and a populace that generally only ventures outside to curse the snowplow for filling in the driveway again.
Oh sure, you can GET lobster...but it's not the same as buying it off the dock and boiling it on the beach on a perfect summer day.
IF I were in the home province, I'd show up for the FARK party, but I have the good sense not to be IN Nova Scotia in FEBRUARY!
When I roamed the streets, the Seahorse Tavern on Argyle St. was a pretty good place to drink, although I've heard it has since fallen victim to neon and VLT's.
There's no shortage of decent food, but the best pizza was from Tomaso' donair came from the Greek Souvlakia hole-in-the-wall at the corner of Spring Garden and South Park...cater corner from the Public Gardens.
If Joe Murphy is playing somewhere, that's a good place to start. Best of luck to you all.
2003-02-06 03:27:58 AM  
Um, are you going to be serving sausage like most Fark parties?
2003-02-06 03:47:56 AM  
I was born in Halifax. But now I'm in Vancouver, BC. And I see no Fark party here.

2003-02-06 04:47:46 AM  
Weird.. I'm going to Vancouver soon.. but if i have a fark party there I promise Jimmy Dead won't be the sponser.
2003-02-06 04:53:27 AM  
Sweet. A Vancouver Fark party without Jimmy Dead! Afterward we can hit every bar in the province!

Wait a minute. Wait a cotton-picking minute! Who's Jimmy Dead? Another Farker? Hosts bad parties, I take it? I wouldn't know... I've actually never been to a Fark party before, though I would like to go to one. I think. What exactly does insue at these gigs? Give me the "in theory" bit and the "in reality" schtick.
2003-02-06 05:29:29 AM  

How's the surfing? I heard that Fredricton had good surfing, does it extend out to Halifax?

I won't surf that far north at this time of the winter, but I might want to this summer. I surfed Massachusetts 2 years ago and it was cool except for the bugs. Do you have monster bugs?
2003-02-06 05:54:44 AM  

Cartman: I'll ro-shambo you for it!
Genki: Whats ro-shambo?
Cartman:It's where we kick eachother in the nuts, and when someone falls down, they get the frisbee.
2003-02-06 08:09:25 AM  
Tatum don't lie, NS is a hole and you know it as well as I do!

it's bloody farking cold, and i'm tired of having to shovel my goddamn steps off!

HS is especially "nothin special"except...hey, you could have the FARK party at the casino! that'd be pretty cool...

of course..i have no car, and it's prolly a several day walk from my town...bleh

maybe there are a bunch of farkers on the uni may have SOMEONE show up for the party yet...
2003-02-06 08:10:39 AM  
There's lots of great things to do in Halifax... and if you're willing to drive about 45 mins, there's a whole lot more.
Halifax proper though, I was planning on using the Seahorse Tavern as a watering hole as the evening winds down. That place still rocks. (and hasn't fallen victim to much of anything..)
And while the submission says no donairs.. really.. if your in Halifax, it's basically a given.. especially after a bender.
2003-02-06 08:12:51 AM  
Actually.. I think the turnout for this could be really good. Depending on how serious the out-of-towners are, arrangements could be made either for floors to sleep on, or cheap hostel/hotel rooms. Since this is the first attempt to have a successful party in Halifax (last year was an unmitigated disaster..) I want to have it as a good launching point.
And just cause it's Halifax, doesn't mean this isn't more of a "Maritime FARK" party.. cause that's what I want..
2003-02-06 08:15:36 AM  
Can we go to the Anne Murray Museum??
2003-02-06 08:16:34 AM  
There will be Anne Murray-ing. At all.
Or Rita MacNeil-ing.
End of discussion.
2003-02-06 08:17:36 AM  
Halifax hasn't had any AHL team in years. We now have awesome Junior Hockey power. It's like the AHL, only every player plays their ass off so they can get drafted by the NHL. Go Mooseheads.

Put me down for one of those party thingamajiggers. I'm up for a good watering down now that my tuition's paid off.
2003-02-06 08:27:38 AM  
The second attempt should be much better considering,

A) The university kids are still in class.
B) It's highly unlikely we'll all have something come up yet again for this.

I'm up for some money tossing.
2003-02-06 08:28:09 AM  
Chick3_16: you should appreciate the by-gone days of the Halfiax Cidatels and their 500 fans.. I remember walking into any Sobey's a couple of hours before game time and picking up tickets for free.. they couldn't even give them away...
2003-02-06 08:52:24 AM  
I tried to do this last year...I even had a mailing list which several people signed up for. Let's just say that not many people showed up :(
2003-02-06 09:17:30 AM  
count me in to beats the town of anti-go-nowhere
2003-02-06 09:25:15 AM  
Steev: I remember.. and had plans to help out and go, then my parents decided they were coming down that weekend, and I had to drop out on the party. I'd like involement from lots of people on the planning and co-ordination as I think we're ready for a full-on gig this year.
2003-02-06 09:25:46 AM  
Yeah Steev, I remember that dark July night. This time will be different. I mean, what else is there to do in March?

Ah, the days of free Citadel tickets. Those were the days. Now I just pop into Sobeys to work. Yep, happy days.

We've gotta do this though, in hounour of #742, let's do this.
2003-02-06 09:30:51 AM  
So it looks like we have a good initial base of interest to work with. I say that some of us should get together over coffee, sit down and chat. If for nothing else, to all meet for once.

A low-key coffee shop would be nice for that.. like Bob and Lori's on Gottingen or something. Anyone available this weekend?
2003-02-06 10:05:01 AM  
a Halifax party? cool!

I'll go!
2003-02-06 10:24:37 AM  
Any FARKERS from Northern Ontario ???????????????
2003-02-06 10:39:38 AM  
Nova Scotia is beautiful. Halifax is merely OK.

I was up there for my honeymoon. And I was intrigued by all the greasy spoons with their signs advertising "donairs". Having never heard of the term, I went into one of the shops and asked the cook what a "donair" was. After he described it to me, I said "oh, like a gyro". He most emphatically insisted it was *not* a gyro. So I ordered one. And let me tell you, he lied. A donair is indeed exactly a gyro. But in Halifax, you can buy one on every single street corner.

Oh, and everyone in Halifax is funny-looking.

(Hey, everyone where I live (Queens) is funny-looking, too.)
2003-02-06 10:46:07 AM  
Donairs are similar but the sauce they use is unique (and way better than the gyros crappy stuff).

Everyone's normal looking here. I don't know what you are talking about.
2003-02-06 10:48:41 AM  
donair is sort of like a gyro and sort of like a kebap...minor variations. i prefar kebap, it is not so farking sweet.
2003-02-06 10:54:00 AM  
Haligonian? I guess you do learn something new every day.
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