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(via Obscure Store)   New DUI defense: Lawyer plucks client's glass eyeball out in courtroom   ( divider line
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1846 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Sep 2001 at 10:20 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-04 10:33:03 AM  
If only one or both of his names were "Lionel" or "Hutz" this would have been far funnier.
2001-09-04 11:58:25 AM  
What the fark. That is so stupid. It's like saying "It can't have been me that killed my wife. The glove doesn't fit"....
2001-09-04 01:36:30 PM  
That would have been great to see, especially if he pulled out the wrong eye.
2001-09-04 01:58:00 PM  
I think I'd like to have a robot attorney, so he could impress the jury by pulling his own head off during closing arguments.
2001-09-04 02:59:10 PM  
Another case of blind justice
2001-09-04 03:04:39 PM  
Where's 2GlassEyes to chime in on this?
2001-09-04 03:45:15 PM  
"It was one of the most eye-popping legal moves in recent Philadelphia history."

I think the worst thing about that article is that the author probably had a smirk while writing that line.

"socket to 'em" hehe, get it SOCKET...eye socket har har


its clever in such an unoriginal way
2001-09-04 07:51:44 PM  
That is defense?! Umm, if you're a lawyer, shouldn't you try to prove your client's innocence, instead of incriminating him further?

Simply put:
Driving Drunk = A stupid, irresponsible, inexcusable crime

Driving Drunk AND with a glass eye = Just frigging stupid
2001-09-04 10:46:52 PM  
First the "Twinkie" defense, then the hot farking coffee at McDonalds, now the "glass eye" defense??

Where is Judge Judy???
2001-09-04 11:34:47 PM  
Don't you have to have reasonably good vision to be issued a driver license? Having only one (real) eye is NOT having good vision, especially given that you pretty much lose the ability to judge distance in that case. I'd like to know who in the hell issued this moron a driver license in the first place...
2001-09-05 09:48:04 AM  
Antinorm: You can be issued a driver's license
(in cali) if you have one good eye. The guy that does
all of my friend's tattoos(don't laugh he's very good!)
has one eye and drives just fine.
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