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(ComCast)   John McEnroe duped in art scam. WHAT ARE YOU, BLIND???   ( divider line
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1129 clicks; posted to Sports » on 27 Mar 2009 at 1:50 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2009-03-27 10:31:50 AM  
2009-03-27 10:56:02 AM  
2009-03-27 11:03:53 AM  
The perp lives right down the road from Natasha Richardson's grave. Weird.
2009-03-27 11:29:50 AM  
And the 'D' is for 'Diamond!'

For some reason the fact that Mike D's mom lost money with this guy, bothers me more.
2009-03-27 12:12:50 PM  
All art is a scam. It's about the only gig going where something can be worth a million times more just because the guy who made it is dead.

/Art director
/Can't wait to die and get rich.
2009-03-27 01:29:07 PM  
If only Garfunkel had stayed with Simon, he wouldn't have had to resort to scamming people.

It's a sad, sad day.
2009-03-27 02:05:08 PM  

Control_this: You CANNOT be SERIOUS.

I submitted this with that headline.
2009-03-27 02:26:16 PM  
They knew it was a fake when he stayed between the lines.
2009-03-27 02:31:07 PM  
blogs.e-rockford.comView Full Size


/Should never have showed him that freak book.
2009-03-27 02:43:20 PM  
To be honest I can't get behind the sad tag on this one.
2009-03-27 02:51:07 PM  
Hey, Mac, I'm shiat-faced. We're gonna need a driver.
2009-03-27 03:05:31 PM  
i22.photobucket.comView Full Size

Would like to help
2009-03-27 03:19:53 PM  
Dear John,

Karma is a biatch.

Your childhood nemesis.
2009-03-27 07:45:32 PM  
Came here for JOHN MCENROE MY CHILDHOOD NEMESIS, leaving happy.
2009-03-29 12:34:20 AM  
The headline made me chuckle. If I were allowed to give a +1, I would. Ah screw it, +1 Subby!
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