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(Sydney Morning Herald) Boobies Protestors show their boobies to make important statement of.... uh.... they've got boobies (not safe for work)   ( divider line
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2003-02-05 12:26:40 AM  
Imagine this

I know nothing about a domestic issue (say, interest rates)

I say that the government should do something, someone refutes me because they know something about the issue

I chuck a wobbly and say that because "my voice" isn't heard i'm going to whip out my weener and have a plane take a photo of it

Can't protesters come up with a case based on logic, facts and "political analysis" (although remember that women can't do this apparently)
2003-02-05 12:30:35 AM  
"reclaim the bush" could be similar - albiet a little less crazy sounding?

Well it was about throwing the traitorous leftists into the void. No more apeasing dictators. As Americans we have a clear way to make the world a better place today.

Taking Dictators down used to be something the left was all about. Now they live in some fantasy world where Bush is the be all and end all of evil.

Now we have a President that backs up what he says. No appeasement, hence north korea and Iraq. You will learn to play in the modern world.
2003-02-05 12:31:27 AM  
Chrisifa: There is nothing wrong with expecting your elected officials and those they hire to manage the government programs to know more than you and control interest rates, etc.

However saying you have no idea what you are talking about but virulently oppose whatever it is and will show your tits to prove it isn't going to win you converts. It will get attention, but men just want to see the tits. They will have to put out before men will change their minds ;)
2003-02-05 12:31:42 AM  
need to find some more of the blonde in the middle :)
2003-02-05 12:33:37 AM  
Rikulrn: Your world is far too simplistic.
2003-02-05 12:34:22 AM  
Wldncrzy14 You mean all lesbians aren't young 18 slim and wouldn't mind me watching?!?!? I think you're wrong.. according to the mail I recieve in my hotmail account, They even said I could join!
2003-02-05 12:34:52 AM  
the plane tried to take a photo of my weiner but they said their lens wasn't powerful enough.

anyway, I liked this quote: "It's the only way we will be noticed and heard". Noticed, yes. Heard, no. What is the sound a naked boobie makes? and does anyone care to hear it?

However, the ladies here are what naked protesters should look like. get the baby and the guys out and we're locked in the upright position.
2003-02-05 12:40:56 AM  

Not great boobies...but boobies all the same.
2003-02-05 12:43:03 AM  
"Rikulrn: Your world is far too simplistic."

Tell me how, show me how standing up for modern American Values is simplistic. Show me how not being able to drive in Saudi Arabia because a person is a woman is simplistic. Show me how the wholesale slaughter of tribes in africa is simplistic because they are not willing to surrender there rights and become muslims.

Show me how standing up for freedom of religion and basic human rights is simplistic. Call me simplistic, I welcome that tag if it if fits me in your generalisations.
2003-02-05 12:44:11 AM  
No appeasement, hence north korea and Iraq. You will learn to play in the modern world.

That's funny. I've haven't heard Bush and Co. do so much as mention North Korea in about a month. It seems like we've gone back to our old policy of "ignore them, maybe they'll go away".

Of course, I may have to ask what the hell does North Korea/Iraq/various dictators have to do with PETA?
2003-02-05 12:46:54 AM  
i lika da boobies
2003-02-05 12:48:46 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Y'know, I'm still kinda new here, and I'm just wondering if this is the first ever boobies thread to turn into a flame war. Is this fark history in the making?
2003-02-05 12:50:49 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-05 12:54:13 AM  
"Of course, I may have to ask what the hell does North Korea/Iraq/various dictators have to do with PETA?"

They were protesting a war that has not happened yet. Colly I think you have found the first boobie war thread. I am going to sleep. Night all.
2003-02-05 12:54:35 AM  
if you're asking that then you must be new here...welcome...
2003-02-05 12:54:49 AM  
Rikulrn I don't mean that your opinions of horrible regimes and cultural attitudes is simplistic, but your opinion of people from the left. You just listed elements of society (women forbidden to drive, etc.) that would obviously be objected to by the western world in general, left or right.

I did not call "standing up for freedom of religion and basic human rights" simplistic, you put that up as a strawman. I never said that.

I suspect what you mean is that you object to people disagreeing with the US on military matters, and if they do disagree, they then must approve of violent dictators because they refuse to support war.

There are many horrible dictatorships in the world. Why not invade everyone who doesn't meet American standards?
2003-02-05 12:56:22 AM  
Activism has jumped the shark, as of this moment.
2003-02-05 01:06:18 AM  
Thats not child porn, that can be considered art. Child porn means any pictures or movies that depictes minors involved in sexual activies, not just being held up in the air.
2003-02-05 01:09:24 AM  
GOddamn hairy unwashed ferals...including men and a NOT worthy boobies.

I call Shenanigans. Shenanigans! Shenanigans!
2003-02-05 01:10:13 AM  
"Activism has jumped the shark, as of this moment."

I wonder if they've hidden any eEggs in those activists...?
2003-02-05 01:11:23 AM  
Why would bush worry about N. Korea, Iraq is the one with the oil. That's OBVIOUS.
2003-02-05 01:15:25 AM occurrence here. Welcome to the show kid.

And as for the pict in the article. The naked man-ness that appeared totally ruined my chubby...

2003-02-05 01:19:08 AM  
Now that I've got your attention, don't go to war.
2003-02-05 01:27:33 AM  
Wldncrzy14: While I may or may not agree with the young lady's opinion, I appreciate you posting the pic, cause she is nice to look at.
Rikurln, you're taking your politics way too seriously if drowning and murdering a young semi-naked woman who painted herself as a tiger to protest what she perceives as animal abuse, is somehow an appealing strategy or a good idea. You do realize if you go far enough to the right you come back around on the left, don't you?
I don't consider wearing body paint for political protest really a good way to make your point, but death by drowning seems a bit severe, don't you think?
2003-02-05 01:34:50 AM  
So I see the Boobies link and I'm all like, "All right! Time for some self-lovin'!" and then I open the page and the pic is loadin', and meanwhile I'm unbuckling the ol' belt and grabbin' a handful of Kleenex and then the pic comes up and I see Boobies and I'm all, "Schweet! Them there tittes are gonna serve just fine and... wait... wha-what the hell?! Why there be a friggin' baby in the shot?" And then, like all the air being let out of a tire, Lil' Rightmindx is suddenly totally out of commission, and I hear myself screaming, "Noooooooo!" *sniff sniff*

Er, can anyone Photoshop that damn baby out and make the pic actually fappable?
2003-02-05 01:37:51 AM  
"Why would bush worry about N. Korea, Iraq is the one with the oil."

Kim chi, my man. Vast, untapped reserves of kim chi.
2003-02-05 01:40:03 AM  
Prime Minature John Howard listens to one woman only. Kinda like Rumpole...she who must be obeyed.

Cos Janette really, really wants to help Laura select the curtains for the new imperial palace.
2003-02-05 02:08:15 AM  
Rightmindx: You admit you are a lunatic. Why are you still telling people what boobies to look at?
2003-02-05 02:10:54 AM  
Ah man! Almost a weiner's link.....NUTS!!!!!
2003-02-05 02:13:30 AM  
"The naked man-ness that appeared totally ruined my chubby"

Oh well, darn. We were all going to invite you to the next gangbang but since you are all sensitive that way, never mind.
2003-02-05 02:31:07 AM  
Grrrr.......get your goddamn politics out of my boobies threads! Assheads!
2003-02-05 02:36:32 AM  
And I'm going to Byron on Monday... what timing!
2003-02-05 02:44:12 AM  
Get you boobies out of my .... mmmm...boobies. Wait, what's happening?
2003-02-05 03:09:49 AM  
Well, geez...thank goodness there were no *ugly* people there...that might have actually *stopped* the war...
2003-02-05 03:12:49 AM  
"You got your boonies in my chocolate"

"You got your chocolate on my boobies"

What the hell is the problem?
2003-02-05 03:26:35 AM  
This crap story has even made it into the 7.30 Report (current affairs show after the 7pm News}.

Jessica Alba's in Sydney, you twits. Wake up! go interview her!
2003-02-05 03:47:29 AM  
I'd hit it.
2003-02-05 04:21:20 AM  
Apparent Nuisance

You don't help your cause when you admit you are stupid but if you flash tits men will look at you and you might be able to manipulate them that way.

So how many of you would be posting on this thread if the story had been about a bunch of women laying closed in the forest so they spelt out 'NO WAR' ?

Big fat zero.

Point made ?

Also - since when is that pic not safe for work ? If it's on the outer cover of the best selling newspaper in a very big city, I'd think that qualifies as safe for work. Just breasts, not so very scary.
2003-02-05 05:56:19 AM  
....and everyone was poking fun at the Aussie's yesterday, now they just wish they were poking.

Oi Oi Oi
2003-02-05 06:11:46 AM  
"If it's on the outer cover of the best selling newspaper in a very big city, I'd think that qualifies as safe for work. Just breasts, not so very scary."

What with the economy the way it is, why push your luck?
2003-02-05 06:48:03 AM  

Finally. The imminent war wit Iraq is producing some tangible benefits.

Thanks hippie chicks! At first I wasn't sure... but hell, bomb away! Hopefully, more hot hippie chicks will show all.

Cry havoc, and let slip the horn-dogs of war!
2003-02-05 07:27:26 AM  
I was checkin' out all the naked buttocks, and I came up with this slogan:

"They're nude.
They're rude.
2003-02-05 07:51:18 AM  
Notice how the photographer carefully set up the shot so there would be no weiners in view. My wife biatches about this all the time. If there is a nudity in a movie, it means boobies or sometimes bush, but almost never weiners.

As for me, I have no complaints... :)
2003-02-05 07:56:41 AM  
Just so we're clear: this has been done before.
2003-02-05 08:14:37 AM  
In response, myself and 184 men from the local steelworkers union here in Pittsburgh will be disrobing and spelling out "Cheaper farking gas prices" on the Steeler's field now that they are taking a much needed vacation.

And we aint waxing nothing first, neither.
2003-02-05 09:17:15 AM  
Since PETA was brought up...
PETA pinup calendar
2003-02-05 09:24:20 AM  
Eeeewwwwww, those chicks have HAIR under their ARMS!!! Eeeewwwww.
2003-02-05 09:24:45 AM  
"Reclaim the bush?" Someone should have posted the pic of the front end loader running up a woman's thigh.
2003-02-05 10:11:51 AM  
"The sort of thing Grace Knight will be doing."

Yeah, right. The picture looks like a staged shot with models. Look at the way the girl on the right is standing. There's not a naked protester in the world that looks like that. What a cunning stunt.
2003-02-05 10:40:43 AM  
goddamn dirty hippies. put some clothes on, pack the hookah and find a phish show or something
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