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(Winnipeg Free Press)   Lawyer wants to ban parents from spanking their kids   ( divider line
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1123 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Sep 2001 at 12:00 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-04 12:12:00 AM  
seems like he didn't get enough spankings as a child.....
or too many and is trying to get back at his parents?
2001-09-04 12:16:15 AM  
I think I wanna ban lawyers from living.
2001-09-04 12:20:56 AM  
Fine, just hit em in the back of the head. Easy when driving just reach into back seat and wham. Dad used to do it all the time.

2001-09-04 12:22:08 AM  
Dad was not a good speller when he was yelling.
2001-09-04 01:01:19 AM  
Heh. I can't wait for the argument over whether or not it's effective or morally right to biatchslap the little bastards.
2001-09-04 01:05:49 AM  
Another example of someone that has too much time on their hands - just like Senators ;)>
2001-09-04 01:06:01 AM  
Didja know that the old crooner Bing Crosby (bub bub bub boo) actually used to have a "discipline night" for his boys where he would arbitrarily beat their ass with a belt for good measure? It's true. It's in a book.

That's all. Go on back to what you were doing. Stop looking at me.

2001-09-04 01:27:18 AM  
This article is about CANADA.

It's horribly cold in Canada.

You don't need to spank your kids in Canada; just make them stand outside for a while to enjoy the frigid, wondrous, horrible horrible pecker-freezing beauty that is Canada.

Ah, Canada.
2001-09-04 01:52:15 AM  
We are far more sophisticated in Canada than to spank our kids. We just tell them to stick their tongue on frozen metal.
2001-09-04 02:03:22 AM  
We do that in America, too. Of course, once they're stuck, we spank them.
2001-09-04 02:17:57 AM  
Just trying to enhance his own clique: Ban the spankings and far more brats will grow up to be dambass shysters like this one.
2001-09-04 03:01:01 AM  
Bah,give them spankings occasionally,like once every 2 months(usually the length of time many kids go before doing something really major to warrant it).Keep up till age 7.That's the age when most kids seem to start to be able to be reasoned with.

And Canada has nothing on the US!
2001-09-04 03:18:36 AM  
More dumb kids that don't listen = more lawsuits = more money for money grubbing lawyers.
2001-09-04 06:05:59 AM  
Here's the dumb biatch's website with her phone number.
2001-09-04 06:07:15 AM  
Oops. Yes, I'm retarded.

Here's the dumb biatch's website with her phone number.
2001-09-04 06:59:58 AM  
Sounds to me like she (Cheryl Milne) needs to be spanked.
"Now bend over... You naughty, nuaghty girl... That's it...
{{Whack}} Who's your daddy? {{Whack}} Who's your daddy! Say it! {{Whack}} Say it, you naughty little biatch! {{You like it when daddy smacks your ass, don't you? {{Whack}} Beg for more!"
2001-09-04 09:04:34 AM  
Canada...'nuff said.
2001-09-04 09:09:30 AM  
I was spanked as a child, and I'm a perfectly functioning member of I type in an online message bored.

I'll kick anyone's ass who says anything!!!
2001-09-04 09:24:47 AM  
I'm fine with this as long as my kids can still spank me.
2001-09-04 09:28:54 AM  
I wonder if PETA would object if we changed the hunting laws from deer season to lawyer season?
2001-09-04 10:55:05 AM  
Would you like someone to slap you around if you talked back to them, say, at work?
2001-09-04 11:07:46 AM  
I don't know why people find this offensive. the problem I have with corporal punishment is that when you turn 18 it is suddenly a crime. If we are going to teach kids that it is ok to hit someone who is pissing you off then, once the turn 18, that they will get arrested for doing so we are sending a mixed signal. If it is OK to hit a defenseless child, in order to teach them a lesson, then it should be ok to hit a dumbass adult for the same reason. Only fair after all.
2001-09-04 11:51:43 AM  
Can't we all just give-that-mofo-attorney-and-them-
little-gangstahs-a-good-baton-shampooin'- along?
2001-09-04 11:59:32 AM  
Rebbic...What was that rambling non-sense? I spank my child to make him understand that he did something wrong... I don't spank my child for no reason. I feel this is reason we have the problems we have with children today. the kids feel like they can get away with anything and the most your going to do is ground them, send them to bed with out dinner or give them a time out...there is no fear of the consequences(sp?) of their actions. So what do I care if I pump round after round in to my class mates with an AR-15 I've never gotten my ass beat for smacking around the neighbor kids. Lets disapline(sp?)our kids
2001-09-04 12:06:42 PM  
And another society dooms itself.

farking do-gooders. Now theres an oxymoron for ya.
2001-09-04 01:12:06 PM  
This just in: Lawyers want to ban everything... thats how they make their money.
2001-09-04 01:44:14 PM  
I'd like to ban lawyers from spanking our better sensibilities.
2001-09-04 02:26:21 PM  
Or perhaps ban them from spanking their "nether regions".
2001-09-04 02:34:32 PM  

In my own experience with friends and family (and myself), I've found that teaching your children that you'll listen to them and pay a reasonable amount of attention to them works considerably better than any form of discipline. My nieces and nephew are far and away the best behaved children (ranging from under 2 to 9) I've ever encountered, and I'm fairly certain none of them have ever been spanked.

Regarding a legal ban on any form of "corporal punishment", however, I have to ask: Who's going to make the decision on what's "corporal punishment" and what's interveining to prevent imminant harm to your child. One can give a kid a pretty good bruise grabbing him and yanking him away from a fire. I knew someone who, for two years coontil the probation was up and the record expunged) had a criminal record for some lower degree of child abuse because he spaked his kid to keep him from trying to jump around in the bathtub (it cause a bruise, which was seen by their child-care worker, who, by law, had to report it). Police didn't see any problem. Social workers didn't see any problem. Asshole prosecuter saw another way to force someone to plea to a charge involving a weekend of jail time, thus improving his position ever so slightly in the Bowl Coalition Poll (or whatever the hell scorecards Lawyers keep track of everything on).

I can just see it. "I'm sorry Mr. Jones. Throwing your child is a violation of the law. We're taking him away from you and putting you in prison. No, we don't care that you were throwing him from in front of a car, which then proceeded to hit you landing you in this hospital that we're arresting you in. Your son did something against the rules and your response was to take physical action which injured him. That's cut and dried Corporal Punishment. You're legal responsibility was to allow him to be hit by the car, and then to place him in "time out" until either he healed or for eternity, depending on the result of the collision." (Ok, a bit extreme, but so's the change in the law that's being advocated.)

2001-09-04 02:50:01 PM  
Spanking is sort of a last resort thing in my family. There are times when I feel a real urge to spank my son, but mostly it's because I'm angry or upset. Then again, one can never forget that one of the major stepping stones toward adulthood that a child must make is to test his boundaries. To find out what he can get away with. All you parents know this. my husband and I usually give our son upwards 10 chances to do as he's told - and usually we just tell him to do things that would end up benefitting him, anyway - before he gets a swat. And while it's not true that it's hurt me more than it hurts him, I don't hurt him. I think with most kids, it's the humilation of being forced into a submissive position that does the trick more than the actual pain of impact.
2001-09-04 02:56:56 PM  
"Elias, come on, it's time for bed."
"Elias, time for bed."
"No!" Jiggle-dance in place
"Elias! Time...for...bed!"
"No no no no..." Throws self on floor, head down
"Eliasss..." threatening voice
*sigh* "Elias, I'm going to count to three. One...two...I mean it now...two-and-a-half..."
"I'm really serious, Elias it's time for bed. Come here."
Elias proceeds to cry
"You're sleepy. You're yawning. Your eyes are red and you fell asleep on the recliner. It's time for bed."
Elias runs behind couch"Noooo!"

At this point, a good swat on the behind is needed.
2001-09-04 02:58:54 PM  
I was terrified of a spanking. However, it wasn't until I was over 20 that my dad mentioned that he never spanked me. I really had to search my memory to realize that, indeed, he hadn't. But the fear was enough.

Now, if it's outlawed, would that have worked? I think not.
2001-09-04 03:11:31 PM  
There is a school Just outside of Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) called St. John's School of Alberta. No doubt barrister Milne makes often reference to it in her Jihad. It is the most physically demanding school in North America. For every offense the result is beats across the ass with a two-by-four. Not doing your homework is two beats, as is fighting, bullying, stealing, etcetera. Smoking is five. Running away is six.

I got the most beats in the entire school my eighth grade year (1993-94).

Every day after class you would see guys lined outside the principals' office and later lined up in front of the bathroom mirror comparing to see who has the biggest welts. Making sure your toddler quits monkeying around and goes to bed is one thing. Violating teenage boys is another.
2001-09-04 03:34:24 PM  
"Children are clearly a vulnerable group in society that is not given equal protection," Milne said.

That's cause kids have NO RIGHTS. Period, till they turn 18. I'll admit right up front that yes, I have spanked my son. In fact, we just had a conversation about the difference between getting a spanking and just plain hitting someone when you don't get your way. He knows the difference, because he's never been arbitrarily smacked.
Duh. He doesn't go around idly hitting other kids, or pulling the wings off flies, or tying cans to dogs' tails.

There is a difference, people. There IS a difference.
2001-09-04 04:06:54 PM  
(to that insipid attorney)

2001-09-04 06:54:52 PM  
Ban spanking?

Hasn't youth crime been on the rise in the last 20 years?

Haven't the number of laws banning punishment parents/teachers can inflinct on children been on the rise?

What do we want, nice obediant(yet tramatized by the "abuse") children, or reckless beligerant(non-spanked and full of BS rights), clidren?

Really lets think people, I garentee this lawyer is a single women with a cat, and no kids!
2001-09-04 09:27:08 PM  
Spanking Lawyers should become legal.
2001-09-04 10:46:16 PM  
As I have heard many lawyers say, "Never do anything in anger."
2001-09-04 11:23:29 PM  
Anyone remember that kid a few years back that divorced his parents? I think his name was Gregory, or something like that.
2001-09-05 06:53:40 AM  
Bycustin1 makes the most excellent point of all..
Since the feel good and teach with love crap of the late 60's and early 70's, positive parenting and the steady erosion of a parents rights to discipline with corporal punishment, kids have been showing more and more indifference to rules and have become ever more violent, belligerent, rude and disrespectful.
I remember when, in grade school and jr. high, the principal would patrol the halls with a yard stick in one hand and a note book in the other... His job was simple and effective... Whip ass and take names...
If he called your parents... It was your ass on the line...
Now if a principal calls home, a parent is more likely to say "Wha' Da fark you do to mah kid?"
Granted, the kid prolly knifed a teacher or muged a schoolmate.
Yeah... Positive parenting and repealling corporal punishment have worked so well so far...
2001-09-05 09:20:11 AM  
For the safety and health of all the kids in Canada, I will take their spankings for them. It's the least I can do.
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