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(The Globe and Mail)   Dope-smuggling bears charged, put on diets - munchies blamed   ( divider line
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4048 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Feb 2003 at 2:02 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-04 12:27:05 PM  
HIGH-bernation. Drew's new band name.
2003-02-04 12:38:08 PM  
Country Bears' road show?
2003-02-04 12:51:17 PM  
Herbivore Hijacking. Will I ever stop?
2003-02-04 12:53:46 PM  
I know when I've got the munchies, nothing's more satisfying than raw Turkey.
2003-02-04 02:05:46 PM  
When the hell has dry dog food been found in the wild?
2003-02-04 02:06:57 PM  
The bear essentials.
2003-02-04 02:07:23 PM  
Ironically, this guy too wanted to be a veterinarian.
2003-02-04 02:08:29 PM  
When the hell has dry dog food been found in the wild?
It grows in Montana. That and Dental Floss.

/Zappa Reference
2003-02-04 02:08:33 PM  
I thought Turkey was diet food?
2003-02-04 02:09:26 PM  
Those poor bears, so young. Ursus minors y'know.

2003-02-04 02:09:47 PM  
i knew it...first it was the pic-a-nic baskets, and now this....
2003-02-04 02:13:19 PM  
Next it'll be smuggled in a box labled - Live Tarantulas, Awful Gross
2003-02-04 02:13:37 PM  
When the hell has dry dog food been found in the wild?

No can openers.
2003-02-04 02:16:10 PM  
Ok, I've read the article twice, and I still have no idea what the overweight bears have to do with the smuggling operation. They were decoys, but for what? I don't get it! Somebody please explain to me...please?
2003-02-04 02:19:16 PM  
Those idiots! Everybody knows you smuggle marijuana over the border by double sealing it in vaccum sealed bags and hiding it inside the sea.....

...uh.... Yeah. Those cops are national heros! Go America/Canada/wherever that story took place!
2003-02-04 02:19:24 PM  
What's REALLY ironic is that this bear wanted to work for the DEA. Go figure.
2003-02-04 02:21:47 PM  
a drug-sniffing dog, found about 75 kilograms of marijuana worth an estimated $500,000 in a hidden compartment in the trailer...

and now there's no more marijuana in the USA.

In other news, US Customs Service is attempting to drain the Pacific Ocean with a sump pump.
2003-02-04 02:29:38 PM  

I am guessing that the weed was stashed somewhere within paw's reach of the bears and likely with a sign that said "CAUTION - ANGRY BEARS -- DO NOT SEARCH OR EXAMINE CLOSELY".

Also I'm thinking the smell of bear might cover the smell of bc primo a bit.

OTOH, I usually have to declare smokes and booze and household goods going both ways over the border so I'd expect my TWO FREAKIN BLACK BEARS to get some scrutiny!!!!

It's also possible that the bears and 75 lbs of bud were a total decoy and that while customs was dealing with bear boy the "real" shipment of 2500 lbs being hauled by a nice senior citizen couple from Nanaimo was in the next lane.
2003-02-04 02:30:19 PM  
so much for their atkins diet... by the way you in the wild you find the dry dog food next to the bread
2003-02-04 02:35:54 PM  
Hey booboo put away the bong......... the Ranger is coming.
2003-02-04 02:38:15 PM  

DEA agents say that a popular way for smuygglers to transport cocaine is to use chicago bears.

[image from too old to be available]

2003-02-04 02:42:39 PM  
I bet those cops had one hell of a time trying to get into that trailer with a dog when there were 2 giant black bears inside.

"You go ahead."

"No way man, you go in first"
2003-02-04 02:42:44 PM  
well at least the bears weren't fed the dope in sealed bags.
2003-02-04 02:53:13 PM  
"Oh, bother; some days, you just can't get rid of a bong", said Pooh.
2003-02-04 03:09:09 PM  
First prime numbers, now this.
2003-02-04 03:31:52 PM  
Okay so $500,000/165 lbs/16 oz/1/8 oz = schwag
2003-02-04 06:51:55 PM  
Smokey the Bear says, "Remember, only you can prevent.... uh.... memory loss? Uh... drinking bong water? I forget, dude. Where's my berries?"
2003-02-04 06:55:27 PM  
20 years at.. what? $50-65k a year, per person? Subject to inflation, of course.

Better that then let some people get high and later contribute to the wealth of their local convenience store.. I mean, shoot each other before going out to get pregnant and run over handicapped children.
2003-02-04 07:48:40 PM  
I bet that guy was farking those bears.
2003-02-05 11:40:29 PM  
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