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(New Scientist)   Fast music linked to car crashes   ( divider line
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5944 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Feb 2003 at 11:07 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-04 11:09:06 AM  
no shiat...
2003-02-04 11:09:43 AM  
"Jesus built my hotrod."

Best song ever if you need to be somewhere ten minutes ago.
2003-02-04 11:09:53 AM  
One more radar lover gone!
2003-02-04 11:10:46 AM  
I mistread that as "Fart music linked to car crashes" and thought "WTF is fart music? I don't want to know..."
2003-02-04 11:10:57 AM  
Then why the hell was Aerosmith's "What it Takes" playing when I totalled my Pontiac? I hate that song now....
2003-02-04 11:11:58 AM  
Yikes. I better take that JJ Fad disc out of my car.

The "S" is for "super"
The "U" is for "unique"
The "P" is for "perfection" and you know that we are freaks.
The "E" is for "exotic"
The "R" is for "Raps"

So all you something somethings better stay the hell back.
2003-02-04 11:12:42 AM  
Does Sammy Hagar still insist on driving 56 miles an hour everywhere?
2003-02-04 11:12:47 AM  
So if the speed of the song equates to how fast you drive...that means old people listen to alot of lumbering death chants? Makes sense.
2003-02-04 11:12:57 AM  
"People who listen to fast music have more accidents, whereas people who listen to slow music have sexier accidents."
2003-02-04 11:13:11 AM  
Once again I submit that Tatu could be a savior in this situtation. Soothing sounds of lesbians. ahhhh I think I'll try to work them into every post today.

2003-02-04 11:13:22 AM  
I coulda told them that -- Praga Khan is worth 20 horsepower at least.

Bubb Rubb remixes make you weave all over the road and blow stop signs, though.
2003-02-04 11:13:32 AM  
Reluctantly crouched at the starting line
Engines pumping and thumping in time
The green light flashes, the flags go up,
Churning and burning, they yearn for the cup
They deftly maneuver and muscle for rank
Fuel burning fast on an empty tank
Reckless and wild they pour through the turns
Their prowess is potent and secretly stern
They speed through the finish, the flags go down,
The fans get up and they get out of town
The arena is empty except for one man
Still driving and striving as fast as he can

The sun has gone down and the moon has come up
And long ago somebody left with the cup
But he's driving and striving and hugging the turns
And thinking of someone for whom he still burns
He's going the distance
He's going for speed
She's all alone (all alone)
All alone in her time of need
Because he's racing and pacing and plotting the course
He's fighting and biting and riding on his horse
He's going the distance
2003-02-04 11:14:41 AM  
Fast music might make you crash from being agro, R&B will make you crash cuz you're snapping your fingers and not steering, Country will make you crash because it makes your IQ drop, Rap will make you crash cuz you can't hear the horns or screeching brakes coming at you, Easy Listening will make you crash because you fall asleep and drive 10mph on the freeway....and Mexican Horn music, that will make you crash from everyone trying to run you off the road for playing that annoying shiate!:)
2003-02-04 11:15:21 AM  
But listening to droning ballads puts you to sleep. It's a lose/lose situation

2003-02-04 11:15:56 AM  
CanuckGuy, Ministry farking rocks man! (The new album is amazing)
2003-02-04 11:17:23 AM  
Well, the fast music thing works in movies, why wouldn't it work in real life? The last time I got pulled over, (no ticket, hahahaha)I was doing 85 in a 60 zone and listening to "Danger Zone." Sheer coincidence, I'm sure.
2003-02-04 11:17:54 AM  
speed metal
2003-02-04 11:18:34 AM  
Jerry was a race car driver,
And he drove so goddamned fast;
He never did win no checkered flag,
But he never did come in last.
Jerry was a race car driver.
He'd say "El solo number one";
With a bocephus sticker,
On his 442 he'd light 'em up just for fun .
2003-02-04 11:18:42 AM  
I was driving down a heavily speed-trapped road the other day when Social D's "Don't drag me down" came on. I was doing 98 miles an hour before i realized how fast i was going. I had to concentrate to keep it under 50 (speed limit = 45)
2003-02-04 11:18:47 AM  
I thought Kevin Bacon settled this debate in the 80's.
2003-02-04 11:18:51 AM  
02-04-03 11:12:57 AM MyrnaMinkoff
"People who listen to fast music have more accidents, whereas people who listen to slow music have sexier accidents."

Not only sexier but more satisfying!!!

Hey I saw a guy drive into a hydro-tower last night...Betcha he was listening to Creed!!!
2003-02-04 11:19:43 AM  
The tempo ranged from a slow 60 beats per minute up to a fast and furious 120 beats per minute or more.

120 beats per minute?!?! Dear God! How can the human brain process such unthinkable tempos? /sarcasm

WTF? Since when is a jaunty tempo of 120 considered "fast and furious?"
2003-02-04 11:20:35 AM  
I'm going to connect my tach to a midi-in through my laptop that will control the speed of the song I'm listening to.
I'll then accellerate till something interesting happens.

Or maybe I'll go back to sleep.
2003-02-04 11:20:38 AM  
I blame it on the dact that I have to switch away form listening crappy music. I also listen to german music (how did you guess industrial?), so I cannot know what the lyrics mean so that I do not give it much attention (the music just seems like an "instrumental" piece so I opnly have to hear it not understand the lyrics in it.

I just memorized the position of my "next" key on my cd player, so I dont have to give it extra attention that could be used to swerve out of the way of the moron who did not read the road signs.

I have never had my car damaged in the five years I ahve been driving. The only time I have been stopped by police was because I did not signal a lane change and I have been driving on the shoulder, I say the cop was hoping to bust a beerrunner but got me instead.
2003-02-04 11:22:06 AM  
Nightsweat I'll see you and raise you...

The land of race car ya-yas.
The land where you can't change lanes.
The land where large, fuzzy dice still hang proudly
Like testicles from rear-view mirrors.
2003-02-04 11:24:07 AM  
BillDarryl, to place two cliches in one? "Cake" or death?
2003-02-04 11:24:36 AM  
I listen to Mojo Nixon when I drive.chicks dig it man! and I find my accidents tend to be more ironically humorous.

Debbie Gibson is pregnant with my two headed love child!!!
2003-02-04 11:25:46 AM  
wow. thats thought provoking I guess. If you've never driven, or caught a ride with someone who listens to music.

Any Ministry song can be utilized to prove this
2003-02-04 11:27:27 AM  
i think this is why the stations are playing the most boring mellow music during rush hour. they must have a theory that faster paced music makes people more prone to road rage.

i got news for them. my car was built for speed, so what i listen to isn't going to make one bit of difference.
2003-02-04 11:27:34 AM  
Many confounding factors = bad science

could it be that people who like fast music also happen to be more aggressive people?

In other solid scientific news, smoking weed makes you pregnant.
2003-02-04 11:30:32 AM  
Daytona 500 by Ghostface would make anyone drive fast
2003-02-04 11:30:42 AM  
Correction: Asshat drivers who cant drive fast get into more accidents when they cant control their impulses while listening to music.
2003-02-04 11:31:31 AM  
They don't mention the complexity of the music... I know for me, I can drive to the fastest 4/4 rock/punk/electronic songs no problem, but for some reason if I try to listen to Miles Davis in my car, I feel like my head is going to explode. But maybe I'm just weird like that.
2003-02-04 11:32:19 AM  
I listen to loud music and have never had an accident.
My sister doesn't listen to loud music and has had a few accidents.
I guess that disproves the whole theory.
What? It doesn't? Why not, weren't you listening to what I just said?
2003-02-04 11:33:40 AM  
<<<could it be that people who like fast music also happen to be more aggressive people?>>>

I'm guessing you didn't read the article
2003-02-04 11:34:03 AM  
Hrm, guess I better stop listening to Flight of the Bumblebee when I drive.
2003-02-04 11:34:15 AM  
[image from too old to be available] Oh man, this one time I was totally rocking out to REO Speedwagon and put my ride in a ditch...

I got nothing.
2003-02-04 11:34:39 AM  
soon i discovered that this rock thing was true
jerry lee lewis was the devil
jesus was an architect previous to his career as a prophet
all of a sudden, i found myself in love with the world
so there was only one thing that i could do
was ding a ding dang my dang a long ling long

ding dang a dong bong bing bong
ticky ticky thought of a gun
everytime i try to do it all now baby
am i on the run
why why why why why baby
if it's so evil then?
give me my time, with all my power
give it to me all again (wow)
ding a ding a dang a dong dong ding dong
every where i go

everytime you tell me baby
when i settle down
got to get me a trailer park
and hold my world around
why why why why?

ding ding donga dong dong ding dong
dingy dingy son of a gun
half my time i tell you baby
never am I all for sure
why why why why why baby
sicky sicky from within
everytime I stick my finger on in ya
you're a wild wild little town biatch
now how 'bout ding a dang dong dong dong ling long
dingy a dingy dong a down

everytime you tell me baby
when i settle down
got to get me a trailer park
and hold my world around
why why why why?

in my dang a ding a ding a ding dong
a sticky sticky son of a gun
ding a danga danga dong dong ding dong
why why never know
why why wack a dong a dang ding dong
then you take it on the bill
ding dang dong don't dong

i wanna love ya!

why why why, why why darling
do you do you tell me to play?
half the time I talk about it all now baby
you know what I'm talkin' about I said
why why why it'll
ticky ticky ticky ticky
son of a gun
ding ding dong a bong bong bing bong
ticky ticky thought of a gun

bing bing bang a bang a bang bing bong bing a bing bang a bong
binga bing a bang a bong bong bing bong bing banga bong

bing bing bang a bong bong bing bing binga binga banga bong
bing bing bang a bang bang bing bong


ding dang a dang bong bing bong
ticky ticky thought of a gun
everytime I try to do it all now baby
am I on the run
why why why
it'll ticky ticky ticky ticky ticky ticky
dawn of a gun
bing bing bang a bong a bong bing bang a
ticky ticky thought of a gun
bing bip bip a bop bop boom bam
ticky ticky through the day

if you got a doubt 'bout baby
the memory is on the bed
why why why why why
darlin' uh it don't know
when my time is on
might tell me never do it on his own
if my time was all as is yours
make me burn a wish
when my time with you is brutish
no I'll never not ever

why why why why why why baby heavy hell
alone and it's here it's this thunder
the thunder oh thunder

jesus built my car
it's a love affair
mainly jesus and my hot rod
2003-02-04 11:35:22 AM  
I don't think it's just the music. Hell, I got pulled over listening to Bob Marley "Legend" on one of the first beautiful Saturday's of spring doing 80 mph in a 55 mph. Between the music, the fresh air, beautiful day, being out in the country, etc,. I was lovin' life and not paying attention to driving.
2003-02-04 11:36:27 AM  
Nightsweat: Nice Cake!
2003-02-04 11:37:19 AM  
In Cd changer right now, "Queens of the Stone Age", "Mudvayne", "System of a Down", "Chevelle", "Disturbed". I drive not even to the grocery store without my radar detector.
2003-02-04 11:38:03 AM  
Leviathan....any time you can post a picture of Anchower, you don't have "nothing".

hola amigos
2003-02-04 11:38:55 AM  
Crank the theme to Starsky & Hutch (season 2) and you'll be guaranteed to crash
2003-02-04 11:39:35 AM  
Tadpole: "Queens of the Stone Age" and "Chevelle"...excellant choices.
2003-02-04 11:39:51 AM  
Sheesh. If you're gonna post ministry, at least post something that truly rocked, like something from "With Sympathy"

[image from too old to be available]

I don't know who this "Al Jourgenson" dude is, but he doesn't hold a candle to "Alain Jourgenson"
2003-02-04 11:40:12 AM  
Excellent even.
2003-02-04 11:40:35 AM  
2003-02-04 11:40:42 AM  
It's funny how
To drive your stupid car
It's funny how
'Cause I never get that far
And you put my brain in overload
And i can't change gears
I cannot see the road

You got concrete eyes
And I cannot see your face
And I failed in life
'Cause you crushed me with your hands
And you put my brain in overload
I can't change gears
I cannot see the road
2003-02-04 11:41:54 AM  
Naah, country music causes accidents 'cuz it makes you go out and drink a case of pabst blue ribbon or hamm's...

And for those late night runs to KMFDM at autobahn speeds, there can be only One.. Fahren Rechtig!
2003-02-04 11:42:03 AM  
Whoops, that was Phil Spector.

I meant:

[image from too old to be available]
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