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(The Smoking Gun)   Urine Trouble: Louisiana man arrested for hiding in women's bathroom and collecting urine samples   ( divider line
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10669 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Feb 2003 at 1:57 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-03 02:00:15 PM  
2003-02-03 02:00:17 PM  
Bet he's pissed
2003-02-03 02:00:47 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"What? What's wrong with that?"
2003-02-03 02:01:35 PM  
I hope he planned on using the piss to pass a drug test.
2003-02-03 02:02:26 PM  
"Ritual Acts"? What kind of ritual acts are we talkin here?
2003-02-03 02:02:35 PM  
I'm sorry! I just can't help myself!
2003-02-03 02:02:41 PM  
"Mr. Porche, you're pregnant"
2003-02-03 02:02:58 PM  
Man, this is my kind of FREAK.
2003-02-03 02:03:16 PM  
What the fark are "Ritualistic Acts?"
2003-02-03 02:03:20 PM  
My guess is: he was collecting the urine to run random EPTs for his doctrate in sociology.
2003-02-03 02:03:45 PM  
hoo-ee that don gonna be one good urine soup, I garonteee...
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-03 02:04:59 PM  
You have to be piss-poor to steal other people's urine.

2003-02-03 02:05:18 PM  
Good job flushing out bad guys.
2003-02-03 02:05:23 PM  
What, no picture of Mr. Golden Showers?
2003-02-03 02:05:23 PM  
Apparently I'm suffering from menopause!
2003-02-03 02:05:47 PM  
Where will this Big Brother-ism stop?
2003-02-03 02:05:55 PM  
Hey!!! He told me he was the towel/pee boy! shiat, I even tipped him a 5 spot!

/feeling violated
2003-02-03 02:06:41 PM  
Hahahaha this is too funny. Some people are very sick in the head, though.
2003-02-03 02:06:55 PM  
Finally someone creepier than me. :)
2003-02-03 02:08:07 PM  
Awww man, come on, who HASN'T done this?
2003-02-03 02:08:25 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
It was for "research."
2003-02-03 02:08:44 PM  
Why in the hell was there a 40 minute standoff?!
2003-02-03 02:08:56 PM  
That's just nasty.
2003-02-03 02:08:56 PM  
..okee dokee no more jokee, no more pee in the tea..
2003-02-03 02:09:19 PM  
Yuck! What a sicko...
2003-02-03 02:09:35 PM  
"You look like the piss boy"

[image from too old to be available]
"It's good to be the king"
2003-02-03 02:10:28 PM  
It could be worse. He cold have colected stool samples.
2003-02-03 02:11:29 PM  
Ritualistic acts? I have to go research the Lousiana Penal Code. Be right back.
2003-02-03 02:11:49 PM  
Get 'em while they're cold, 10 cents, iced cup of piss!

Hey the name of the police officer is brealon, is that a girl's name or guys, if guy, what was he doing in the girls restroom?!?
2003-02-03 02:12:23 PM  
What the heck kind of charge is "Ritualistic Acts"? Is obsessive compulsive disorder a crime? If so, I might be in trouble.
2003-02-03 02:13:05 PM  
Nothing says love like a lukewarm bag of piss.
2003-02-03 02:13:45 PM  
La. R.S. 14:107.1

B. (1) For purposes of this Subsection, "ritualistic acts" means those acts
undertaken as part of a ceremony, rite, initiation, observance, performance, or
practice that result in or are intended to result in:
(a) The mutilation, dismemberment, torture, abuse, or sacrifice of animals.
(b) The ingestion of human or animal blood or human or animal waste.

He's not guilty of a violation of this particular statute unless they prove that he ingested the urine.
2003-02-03 02:14:01 PM  
I'm guesseing that Ritualistic Acts is not an uncommon charge in Louisiana.
2003-02-03 02:14:40 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
farking freak
2003-02-03 02:16:11 PM  
Man, you got to be completely sick to want to do something like this. And to have to think up of the method of collecting the specimines....EWWWWWW!!
2003-02-03 02:16:12 PM  
us "lowsyanians" sure are weird and apparently can't use spell check much less know how to write properly in the first place.

there's not a whole lot to do in Houma anyway. i can see how this kind of thing can happen. this guy was probably just bored and for some reason decided that he should do this.
2003-02-03 02:16:38 PM  
He was probably selling them to female drug users who wanted to pass their drug screenings.

Still pretty gross, though. Gotta be a better way to make a buck.
2003-02-03 02:17:00 PM  
Now that's just taking the piss....
2003-02-03 02:17:10 PM  
Not necessarily so, Litig8r. It says "that result in or are intended to result in... (b) Then ingestion of human or animal blood or human or animal waste."

They can still hit him if they can prove he intended to drink it, and didn't one of the bags have a label that said, "Drink this"?
2003-02-03 02:17:24 PM  
Funny headline. Urine're in trouble..
2003-02-03 02:17:29 PM  
He's not guilty of a violation of this particular statute unless they prove that he ingested the urine.

According to the law, they'd just need to prove intent. Which seems a little unconstitutional, especially if there was no prior incident involving ingestion.
2003-02-03 02:18:25 PM  

Suddenly this bottle of Mountain Dew is wholly unappetizing.
2003-02-03 02:19:05 PM  
For some odd reason, I really wanna see a picture of this guy.
2003-02-03 02:19:54 PM  
He was probably selling them to female drug users who wanted to pass their drug screenings.

I second that. Just think of the profit potential!
2003-02-03 02:22:44 PM  
Don't blame him.. blame the europeans
2003-02-03 02:22:51 PM  
"Intent" when used in the legal context means a bit more than intent in the normal sense. To show intent here would require more along the lines of an attempt that he had taken steps to actually begin the consumption of the pouring in a glass.
2003-02-03 02:23:20 PM  
Oops, said "should drink." My mistake. Actually, that can be taken in numerous ways. Maybe it meant she should be a person who drinks, for whatever reason that may be important. Or maybe it was a note for himself.

What a strange person.
2003-02-03 02:26:05 PM  
"Young, high heels, should drink."

2003-02-03 02:30:11 PM  
I will never, ever understand some things. For that, I am eternally grateful.
2003-02-03 02:30:43 PM  
So it's against the law to drink urine? And they call this a free country?
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