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1322 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Feb 2003 at 9:22 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-03 09:25:35 AM  
2003-02-03 09:26:39 AM  
Isn't a mid-July thaw considered an early spring on Nova Scotia?
2003-02-03 09:27:05 AM  
In other news, Richard Gere's Gerbil has predicted a moist warm spring.
2003-02-03 09:28:01 AM  
sure.. That's right Lawtalker, and we all live in igloos.. :P

Nova Scotia = maine. Keep that in mind.. And you're from new England? For shame.
2003-02-03 09:28:50 AM  
Ok.. not New England then.. I read your profile a little too quickly. ;)
2003-02-03 09:33:36 AM  
Nova Scotia = Maine seems accurate. Of course, as I look outside the window, I see snow. I think Shubie Sam was a fake this year.
2003-02-03 09:37:25 AM  
Sorry- I just wanted to be the first to make a completely baseless crack about any part of Canada being too cold for human habitation. (In this thread that is.)

I was only born in New England (Rhode Island)- I usually only tell people that if I need to prove I'm better than them.

BTW- Count Your gerbil joke was darn funny.
2003-02-03 09:39:34 AM  
2003-02-03 09:47:24 AM  
All these people going around bothering these poor ground hogs.
They come out of their burrow looking to set up some love connections, maybe get some dirty groundhog love, and all these humans with nothing better to do, apparently, are sticking cameras in their faces. And what do they get paid for their TV appearances? Carrots.
My hamster told me it's going to snow a lot more before Spring.
2003-02-03 09:47:51 AM  
Chick3_16: Yeah.. there's snow.. but about 75% of what we had two days ago is gone. So shuddup and enjoy the melt! ;)
2003-02-03 09:48:17 AM  
I only listen to predictions from groundhogs that have starred opposite Bill Murray. You Nova Scotians should just forget about this and go back to eating donairs and curling.
2003-02-03 09:48:38 AM  

Now I'm all grossed out. Thanks.

2003-02-03 09:50:56 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-03 09:51:20 AM  
I can't believe anyone still believes that certain mangy critters can predict the weather.

Next thing you'll try to tell me is that there's some magical man, who lives in the clouds, that cares about touchdowns and stuff!!

And that's just crazy talk!
2003-02-03 09:52:37 AM  
Early spring... isn't that like july?
2003-02-03 09:54:06 AM  
mmmm.. Donairs....
2003-02-03 09:54:57 AM  

Them's fightin' words. I'll go down to that library tomorrow and...pick up a book my girlfriend put on hold.

Yeah, the rain was nice for sure. I was beginning to not be able to see the road from the sidewalk.
2003-02-03 09:58:32 AM  
sorry all. Bad joke. Apologies to Mr. Gere's gerbil.
2003-02-03 10:01:06 AM  
Here in Toronto we've been seeing positive temperatures for the last few days. Note I mean positive in the unit of degrees Celsius- that means above freezing for those of you who are still on the old system. :p
2003-02-03 10:07:48 AM  
Some admin please put my link up regarding Gen Beauregard Lee so we can start laying odds on which rodent will reign supreme.
2003-02-03 10:18:51 AM  
I hear that summer is on a Tuesday this year in Nova Scotia.
2003-02-03 10:18:59 AM  
It is pretty mild here in Southern New Brunswick. I'm about 65 miles east of the Maine border. We have been getting rain here over the last 2 days....its a mess!
2003-02-03 10:20:54 AM  
Chick3_16: if only the farker who smashed off the driver's side mirror on my car would fess up now, all would be well. Parkin' on frickin' Bayers Road in front of my frickin' apartment, and some ass-muncher didn't even bother to leave a note or anything.
2003-02-03 10:21:45 AM  
I thought you guys in NB were getting iced on. Or is that just Moncton/Riverview?
2003-02-03 10:25:36 AM  
Its been raining in the day, but it turns to freezing rain off and on. Especially during the evening hours. Moncton did lose their power last night. I heard 50,000 customers in Southeastern NB[Moncton area] had their power go out.
Right now here in Saint John, its overcast and a bit mild.
2003-02-03 10:32:22 AM  
Ranold: I was in Saint John last year for the ECMA weekend, and that city is so abismally laid out.. I swear everything is uphill. Both ways.

Oh, and it was freezing cold too. Nothing worse than walking back to the hotel at 3am, drunk like no other and having to scale those hills.
2003-02-03 10:38:44 AM  
yay early spring for me take that old man winter... i hate that guy
2003-02-03 10:44:01 AM  
Hey Sonician,
Thats uptown for you. :-) Lots of hills and one-way streets. I lived in Halifax before and it reminds me of club areas there too.
2003-02-03 10:50:18 AM  
And Shvoogie Sam goes ..."WOO--WOOOOO !!!"

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-03 11:05:56 AM  
Early last week here in Kingston is was frickin' crazy. -15 Weather, and we got like a foot and a half of snow. We're thawing out over here too.
2003-02-03 11:33:50 AM  
OK, snow stopped (for now). Way to go Shubenacadie Sam.

Here's one for you all.
Pronounce Musquodoboit.
2003-02-03 11:40:13 AM  
O, Canada, where a working definition of a canadian is one who can justify wearing flannel 12 months a year.

That being said, Halifax is the best place to live, if for no other reason than the donair slice at three in the morning while you stumble home.

*sigh* memories.
2003-02-03 11:41:02 AM  
It's still Snowing Chick3_16, I just walked from the Dunn to the Library (You go to Dal so I assume you know what I mean) and I got snowed on. Not much mind you, but still.]

Oh and no one but people from around here will pronounce Musquodoboit right. I was talking to a guy in Ontario a while back and he was calling it Musk-Squad-Ob-Oyt, comedy gold.
2003-02-03 11:41:20 AM  
2003-02-03 11:50:45 AM  
hmm still snowing here in Fall River... :(
2003-02-03 12:01:03 PM  
It's snowing in Miami....

Until Crockett and Tubbs catch up to us!
2003-02-03 12:02:05 PM  
It seems that there are alot of Nova Scotian farkers,
so far in this thread:


and thats out of just 21 posters.
2003-02-03 12:08:51 PM  

anyone remember Eddie Driscol(Great Money movie) ;}

"Agrie-cola Street"
2003-02-03 12:17:12 PM  
Yeah winter has sucked here in Montreal this year after a couple of mild ones. Ladies and gentlemen, please start using more hairspray and leave your SUV's running longer, we need more global warming to make this man happy.
2003-02-03 12:18:35 PM  
Wipqzun: That's cause Nova Scotia is secretly taking over Fark without Drew's knowledge.. keep watching.. soon the URL should be ;)

Oh.. and it's Mus-ka-dob-it.
2003-02-03 12:27:12 PM  
Arch Stanton Agrie-cola? Are you serious? How does one mispronounce Agricola?

But then again, my uncle is originally from Toronto and he still ocasionally calls it Da-lou-zie University.

I love our strange place names. Long live Chezzetcook, Tantallon, Petpeswick, Shubenacadie, Pockwock Lake and of course Whycocomagh. I dare anyone other than Nova Scotians to pronounce those.
2003-02-03 12:32:12 PM  
shiat, I just realized all of those except Whycocomagh is said how it's spelt more or less. I'll have to find some better ones.
2003-02-03 12:58:49 PM  
I was in Punxsutawney yesterday morning.
2003-02-03 01:07:54 PM  
Musquodoboit was the big one. Darn it SonicIan, you ruined my fun. And now the sun came out. I just walked from Studley to Sexton (Dal is really great with names I tell you. The building I'm in now while working on a French assignment was originally to be called the Arts and Social Sciences building, or the ASS building) and back and in that time the sun came out.

By the way Wipqzun, was that the library as in ugliest building on the planet or the one that's closed on Mondays?
2003-02-03 01:09:32 PM  
As for the NS invasion, SonicIan, Wipqzum and I all have one thing in common.

We all joined FARK in March, yet we've never met each other in person (that we know of).
2003-02-03 01:37:28 PM  
From a FARK photoshop contest last year....
2003-02-03 01:38:05 PM  
Oh.. and it's Mus-ka-dob-it.


"There needs to be a better word for weird...."

/Strong Sad
2003-02-03 01:38:33 PM  
Chick3_16: We were all supposed to meet at the FARK party last year in town but I couldn't make it as my parents were in town. How'd that go anyway? Any pics?

We should have another. I think there's more of us on here now then there was when that was talked about last summer.
2003-02-03 01:39:57 PM  
stupid photoisland​.jpg
2003-02-03 01:57:06 PM  
Only problem is, no one will notice till next year.
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