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(ABC News)   In all likelihood, the hamburger or hotdog you are eating for Labor Day is past its expiration date   ( divider line
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2001-09-03 08:52:32 AM  
makes me wish I was a vegan
2001-09-03 08:52:48 AM  
Well done, burn 'em. They'll be okay. Put lots of farkin' mustard on 'em, too.
2001-09-03 08:52:54 AM  
Well yeah, how else could you sell 2 lb of processed meat for $0.50.. Nasty hot dogs
2001-09-03 09:22:00 AM  
hotdog = warm canine
2001-09-03 09:32:55 AM  
Hey! You makin' fun of my old lady's cookin??
2001-09-03 09:35:54 AM  
And don't forget kiddies, Elvis Presley died on the toilet with 27 pounds of undigested meat in his bowels. 27 pounds!!! Mmmmm, pass the burgers.

You ain't nothin' but a hot dog,
clogging up my ass.
You ain't-uh nothin' but a hot dog,
boy it's hard to pass.
2001-09-03 10:08:14 AM  
Hot dog is the only meat that when you leave it past it's expiration date it goes good.
2001-09-03 10:55:53 AM  
Fantom, it wouldn't do you any good to become a vegie. You would just trade in all of the bacteria and hormones for pestcides, and chemical fertalizers. The only REAL solution is to stop eating all together. Just drink water... OH, wait. Bad stuff in water too. and air for that matter. guess you could just wrap yourself in a plastic bag... unless you were alergic.
2001-09-03 12:34:24 PM  
Lets see here, I happen to have a package of Oscar Mayer all beef hot dogs here and according to the ingredients...

Corn Syrup
Autolized Yeast
Sodium Phosphates
Gopher Spleen
Sodium Erythorbate (?)
Sodium Nitrate
Florida Ballots Chads for filler

Since beef is bad for you and theres no "beef" in the litle suckers I guess theyre ok to eat..
2001-09-03 12:52:34 PM  
2001-09-03 01:11:17 PM  
Irradiation would kill any bacteria in meat and other foods and virtually eliminate salmonella, E. coli, and similar types of contaminants, but it uses that scary stuff, radiation. So continue to have tens of millions of real cases of food-borne illness each year rather than take the hypothetical risk of some problems (ones that the FDA hasn't managed to find, with all its scrutiny) with irradiation.
2001-09-03 01:15:19 PM  
Guess I'm going to have to stop buying the store brands Irascible. I always have to add my own Vagisil. BTW, LMFAO !!!!!
2001-09-03 01:34:26 PM  
yeah yeah yeah. Everything these days will kill you.
2001-09-03 02:18:15 PM  
You notice that they recall this shiate after they run tests on it, not after thousands of people get sick. Truth is a little bacteria won't do you any harm. It's like Carlin says... all this anti-bacterial stuff is only making people weak. WEAK!!! Their immune systems don't get any exercise!

One dude dies and everybody gets upset. Eat the damn burger already, take a bite for PETA's sake.
2001-09-03 02:39:19 PM  
just eat the farking burger and shut the fark up......

if you get sick it is natural selection.....
2001-09-03 02:42:35 PM  
Exactly Undertoad, people forget that your bidy needs exposure to bacteria to maintain an immunity against it. Not to mention that all the anti-bacterial stuff kills the good bacteria your body needs as well...

2001-09-03 02:42:58 PM  
er body

2001-09-03 07:59:59 PM  
In canada, the food is top quality, it's diseaseless
American food is crappy, canada rules
2001-09-03 08:36:12 PM  
Oh, man, you have to love the scientific research done by the folks who write these articles. I thought "NewsMax" was bad... but this is a "mainstream" outlet, and the best they can come up with is:

"That's because although inspectors are required in production plants, bacteria are often invisible"

Excuse me... "often" invisible? As someone (forgive me for not remembering who) coined the phrase in a recent photoshop contest... "Christ on a bike!" Show me a visible bacteria, and I'll show you my jiggling butt as I haul it in the opposite direction!
2001-09-03 09:20:35 PM  
So like I give a rats ass if it's past the expiration date. It's cooked, it tastes good, and it goes good with mustard and beer.
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