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(Sydney Morning Herald)   Australians receive fridge magnet to fight terrorism   ( divider line
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2003-02-03 03:42:31 AM  
The kit includes a fridge magnet with crisis contact numbers and tips on how to spot terrorists

I want to know what the tips are.
2003-02-03 03:43:51 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

can you hear me now?
2003-02-03 03:44:20 AM  
Former Liberal frontbencher Peter Deakin said: "A war has to have a strong moral imperative and I don't think I've seen the imperative here. I can't see any reason ... except to please our American masters."

That's right biatches. Now go to bed.
2003-02-03 03:48:49 AM  
"... except to please our American masters ..."

It's good to see that Australians have the proper perspective on the situation.
2003-02-03 03:49:42 AM  
gees, Downstairs, you beet me to the punch!
2003-02-03 03:50:03 AM  
Ack! Of all the armies I have trained with, i liked them the best!
2003-02-03 03:52:33 AM  
If you can read this fridge magnet, a terrorist hasn't blown up your house.
2003-02-03 03:53:31 AM  
Don't forget Aussies, despite us being your unquestioned master, the Jews are still our master. And then the aliens over the Jews. And then the devil over the aliens, although I don't see why the devil can't also have some deals going with the Jews and the Americans, just in case that whole intergalactic war thing doesn't pan out. But you Australia, are too wimpy to even be ruled by the Jews, aliens, or the Devil. You have to be ruled by Americans.
2003-02-03 03:53:55 AM  
...and i'm 1/2 Australian. Now I feel guilty for saying that... heh!
2003-02-03 03:54:56 AM  
I heard Hitler was from Australia.
2003-02-03 03:55:56 AM  
The only reason Howard got voted in was because the alternative was an even bigger dumbass.

Much the same with the Americans...wait...just about every political election.

If only Einstein lived long enough to invent Government-only nuclear technology the world would be a better place.
2003-02-03 03:57:07 AM  
Impaler, and for all his talk about German nationalism and crap, he really just wanted to throw some shrimp on the barbie with his mates and 'ave a good one'.
2003-02-03 03:57:11 AM  
Mr Howard said he was a "Liberal against war" who believed in preventing greater long-term danger and suffering by "taking steps now".
ok, Mr Howard. But when those steps involve war, aren't you contradicting yourself. You brought terrorists to Australia and all you can offer in defense is a bunch of fridge magnets that cost $15 million. someone get that country a real leader fast. And while you're at it, drop one off here in the US also.
2003-02-03 03:58:07 AM  
Ivory7th, Einstein was too humble, intelligent, and wise to ever hold a government position.
2003-02-03 03:58:33 AM  
Hey! Enough of the Australia bashing or I'll set my 'roo on ya!!
2003-02-03 03:58:58 AM  
Maximusverus, how did Howard bring terrorists to Australia?
2003-02-03 04:00:12 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-03 04:00:28 AM  
Ivory, sorry about the Aussie bashing. Americans really love Australia. For some reason or another, you guys are always associated with the hunting of the crocodiles though.
2003-02-03 04:01:01 AM  
Thirdhorseman, do you sleep?
2003-02-03 04:01:33 AM  
Hey ThirdHorseman, do you ever sleep?
2003-02-03 04:01:39 AM  
Well, this poll says it all.
2003-02-03 04:01:56 AM  
Clarification of my earlier post: If only Einstein lived long enough to invent nuclear technology that would desroy only the asshat world leaders, the world would be a better place.

I just finished a twenty six hour shift, and am quick to anger. Words are not coming easily!!!
2003-02-03 04:02:17 AM  
shiat shiat shiat
2003-02-03 04:02:53 AM  
Horseman - I think that is the best one yet.
2003-02-03 04:04:58 AM  
Goddamn thirdhorseman...I have no idea where to look for the original of that pic...

I commend you on your quickness with this one..

02-03-03 03:41:12 AM Sex_Master_Flex

02-03-03 04:00:12 AM ThirdHorseman
2003-02-03 04:06:20 AM  
The whistles go woo wooo!
2003-02-03 04:06:37 AM  
Bash us all ya bloody well want. We deserve it. Actually, most people here have the right idea, but it seems the politicans we voted for to speak for us in Parliament don't care what we think anymore.
2003-02-03 04:07:48 AM  
*sniffs the air*

Peeooh!! Close your legs, ya mangy troll!!
2003-02-03 04:09:39 AM  
Sleep is for the weak!
2003-02-03 04:12:15 AM  

I thought howard got in because we have a dumbarse population just like the rest of the world?
2003-02-03 04:16:39 AM  

Kim Beasly wasn't a very attractive alternative, and then there was Spottdespoija..and we know what happened to her. And it looks like Johnny's gonna win the next election too...Simon Crean ways in on the slease factor too much.

If you don't vote for someone because they're a sleaze, the congratulations!! Join the majority of the voting population.

However, if I was going to vote for Howard, I would need to fill out two pamphlet thingees: One for me, and one for the guy holding a gun to my head.

(Disclaimer: if I appear to be stupid, this post does not exist, it is merely the product of a sleep deprived, over caffeinated mind)
2003-02-03 04:21:50 AM  
yes yes youd have to be pretty farkin stupid to vote for John howard, maybe kudos whould of been a decent 3rd party candidate, meh whats it matter, either way we get screwed somewhere.
2003-02-03 04:23:27 AM  
well i couldnt exactly vote for Beazley or Howard (neither in my electorate) but at least i voted out an evil biatch (Kernot)

and does everyone have to aussie bash?

btw i havent gotten my terrorism kit yet :'(
2003-02-03 04:25:18 AM  
why shouldnt they aussie bash?... its fun, we're an easy target, just look how we are promoted overseas...
2003-02-03 04:27:07 AM  
Yup...democracy isn't the farking holy grail, there's still a lot to be desired.

I think Sex Master (ha!) must have fallen asleep. Hmm, I am having less and less reason to stay up here...
2003-02-03 04:29:12 AM  
Yeah I know ey...farking Steve Erwin better not come within a mile of my secret he is going to cop it!

Anyways, back to my Koala burger.
2003-02-03 04:29:43 AM  
Aussies don't worry about yourselves too much. Most Americans just love ya, we just like to make jokes about you sometimes. Don't worry about Howard too much. However bad he is he can't damage embarrass you more than Bush has embarrassed us.
2003-02-03 04:31:28 AM  
"he can't damage embarrass you"


he can't embarrass you more than Bush has embarrassed us.

Freud was right.
2003-02-03 04:32:04 AM  
haha, aussie give a damn?....well yeah maybe now. I wish we still had the old unpratriotic "whatever' apathetic goodness in this country, but no people had to start caring, I blame tetris.
2003-02-03 04:33:35 AM  
HTML document can be found here.
2003-02-03 04:33:38 AM  
the fridge magnets are for decoration only man..for decoration!
2003-02-03 04:35:23 AM  
Trust me guys and gals....If you were at war , that is a ground fighting war, you would definately want Australian and for that matter NZ troops with you.

If not for the determination and unwaivering loyalty, for the fact that they would make you piss yourself laughing, which is a good thing in such a horrible evednt.
2003-02-03 04:40:38 AM  
Yeah i got one on my car!
2003-02-03 04:49:29 AM  
Crikey, if any terrorists come around here we'll just sneak up on 'em and jamb our thumbs up their buttholes.
2003-02-03 05:04:38 AM  
I have two children who go to school. They enjoy art.

Therefore, I can never have too many fridge magnets.
2003-02-03 05:13:17 AM  
Apart from Steve Irwin and Russel Coight, has anyone in Australia actually said "Crikey!" in the last 30 years?
2003-02-03 05:24:49 AM  
I say Crikey! all the time. Plus check out
this website, good for a Crikey and good for all the political Aussies I see on this thread.
2003-02-03 05:26:27 AM  
Loved that HTML page:

If you wish to report suspicious activity and do not speak English well, call the Translating and Interpreting Service and ask them to contact the 24-hour National Security Hotline and interpret for you.

Yes, read this carefully if you cannot speak English well.
2003-02-03 05:26:35 AM  
my bad, try this
2003-02-03 05:35:38 AM  
Bumjube they arent proper fridge magnets they are those dodgy calender type ones u get from all the local pollies.

i used to put those stupid magnets on to those dodgy calenders for the polly and got payed like $20 per 1000. twas a total waste of time and it was boring as shiat work. luckily i dont have to do that no more.

btw those magnets are good as they come in a massive roll and have adhesive on the back. i used to freak my brother out when he found a massive long strip stuck to the inside of his pc next to the hard drive.

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