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(ESPN)   Penn State: A drinking school with a football problem   ( divider line
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9659 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Feb 2003 at 5:31 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-01 05:33:05 PM  
Damn, he's old.
2003-02-01 05:33:22 PM  
c'mon, it's central pennsylvania. not much more to do than get drunk and play football.
2003-02-01 05:34:09 PM  
hay cool i comented in the top 5 kik ass
2003-02-01 05:35:26 PM  
joepa is the man. he even gets product endorsements.
2003-02-01 05:35:33 PM  
That's got to be the best headline I've seen in awhile.
2003-02-01 05:35:42 PM  
i wonder if that's why my high school has a football problem...
2003-02-01 05:36:19 PM  
What? This has nothing to do with the space shuttle accident!

Anyway, JoePa will be coaching until he dies. I still remember in 1999 when they were ranked #2 and we beat them in Happy Valley. That was one of my favorite games ever.

Go Gophs!
2003-02-01 05:37:04 PM  
Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 76 ?
2003-02-01 05:37:48 PM  
Cooperstown was given the title of a drinking town with a baseball problem....unoriginal bastards!
2003-02-01 05:37:53 PM  
Man, I hate that headline.

There are stupid shirts they sell down here at FSU that say "Tallahassee - A drinking town with a FOOTBALL problem"

Hate it Hate it Hate it
2003-02-01 05:39:06 PM  
Yet another reason to bomb those farking Iraqis! Right, Georgie?
2003-02-01 05:39:31 PM  
Penn state: A drinking school with a football problem?

Wait til you see the university of alabama...might not rank as high as penn state in the princeton review, but DAMN do we have a football problem
2003-02-01 05:40:52 PM  
This link: A boring article with a unrelated headline problem.
2003-02-01 05:45:36 PM  
"University of Florida- A football school with a LOSING problem"
2003-02-01 05:46:10 PM  
That's really no problem at all with me
2003-02-01 05:47:46 PM  
"Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when we 69?"
2003-02-01 05:48:40 PM  
I also would have no objections!

Going to the game tommorrow?
2003-02-01 05:49:35 PM  
Quick1: Feh. Go Bucks! Big 10 4 LIFE!
2003-02-01 05:52:16 PM  
2003-02-01 05:54:57 PM  
2003-02-01 05:55:27 PM  
Nolesnumber1 and raggot:

Now now, play nice. I'm an FSU alum (grad in '99). So is my brother, who is now getting his PhD at UF. Even so, I find it hard not to be happy when they lose....
2003-02-01 05:56:38 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-01 05:59:53 PM  
I grew up 4 blocks off of PSU's campus. I lived 2 doors down from Delta Tau Delta's fraternity house. I know all about the drinking problem at Penn State....
2003-02-01 06:02:01 PM  
hopefully i'll leave psu before joe does
2003-02-01 06:02:33 PM  
finally, a topic without serious gravity. damn, i needed brevity on fark.
2003-02-01 06:03:12 PM  
Hee hee. No other PSUers will be commenting here tonight, there all out getting drunk. Its great walkin down Beaver Ave. after bars close and laugh at all the drunks try to get down to College Ave through all the slush/snow/ice without fallen down. And the stories!
2003-02-01 06:07:37 PM  
damn i feel like a loser then for not being out getting drunk

thanks Hansenator

i guess i should go study or something
2003-02-01 06:08:29 PM  
Btw, JoePa is awesome, but would be even more so if he would take some risks and not run the ball EVERY SINGLE first down. He is so predictable, even I can call what plays hes going to call.
2003-02-01 06:09:02 PM  
although trips on the loop are pretty interesting at 2 AM, not quite as fun as watching them slip and fall i guess, but still funny
2003-02-01 06:10:31 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-01 06:11:48 PM  
Penn State, bah! Everybody knows that the National Champion Ohio State Buckeyes rule the Big Ten! Go Bucks!

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-01 06:14:19 PM  
Buck? Shmuck! Buckeyes look like retards with all the girly stickers on their helmets. I bet they have posters of my little pony in their lockers.
2003-02-01 06:15:49 PM  
all you OSU people can suck it

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-01 06:17:22 PM  

*1996 flashback*
2003-02-01 06:19:12 PM  
2003-02-01 06:20:42 PM  
ok then lets go, everyone together

2003-02-01 06:23:13 PM  
....yeah i need to get drunk
2003-02-01 06:23:34 PM  
I swear someone's been going through every story I submitted this week and posting with a different source a few days later. I'm not paranoid mind you, since I *know* everyone's out to get me.

BTW: Joe Pa is Mr Integrity, gonna miss him when the time eventually comes.
2003-02-01 06:29:12 PM  
Noles - No way. Even though it is D-3, St. Lawrence is still the school with the losing problem - 1 win in the past 4 years. 'nuff said.
2003-02-01 06:31:56 PM  
Gasp! He has more wins than The Bear?

They sell those dumbass shirts down here at UA too. And I thought it was an original idea.
2003-02-01 06:33:59 PM  
Those of you who know me should expect this. Go Buffs.
2003-02-01 06:34:32 PM  
Buck? Shmuck! Buckeyes look like retards with all the girly stickers on their helmets. I bet they have posters of my little pony in their lockers.

Not to mention the fact that their mascot looks like a testicle.
2003-02-01 06:35:07 PM  
Backgroundnoise: Why don't you have a bio?
2003-02-01 06:35:20 PM  
Hm, I thought JoePa still had that title. And in shorter game# than Bowden
2003-02-01 06:37:54 PM  
just scroll down

2003-02-01 06:39:25 PM  
True Quick1, true.
2003-02-01 06:54:46 PM  
You know it. See y'all at the Phyrst tonight.
2003-02-01 07:01:51 PM  
WOO HOO! I finally hit double digits with this submission!
2003-02-01 07:09:19 PM  
2003-02-01 07:09:56 PM  
Not to mention the fact that Woody Hayes pwns all.
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