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(Nasa.gov) NewsFlash Space shuttle Columbia explodes on re-entry. All on board killed   (spaceflightnow.com) divider line 117
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2003-02-01 01:29:44 PM
I remember when the Challenger exploded. My daughter was all of about a month old. Now this. Funny how close the dates are, too.
2003-02-01 01:39:27 PM
Reagan's speech after the Challenger disaster
One of the most beautiful speeches ever given.
2003-02-01 01:46:04 PM
Ummm... a man from Palestine, TX just called in to NBC.

2003-02-01 01:52:46 PM
Think about the ratings!
2003-02-01 02:43:24 PM
The tire pressure comment could be an indication that the craft was heating up in an unusual way and the tires were being heated and the pressure was going up . . .
2003-02-01 02:56:31 PM
Isn't there a couple of FARKers who work for NASA who posted on the OTHER shuttle disaster thread earlier in the week? If so; This must be hitting you very hard, and my deepest sympathies.

This is just nasty.
2003-02-01 02:59:30 PM
Thats what i was thinking Worthlessjuan. Or possibly those old cracks in the engine from ages ago.

So sad.
2003-02-01 03:34:54 PM
What an engineer's nightmare . . . maybe recognizing damage (insulation or ice striking the wing on lift off) that possibly means the craft is doomed, but what can you do, it's like losing your wheels on take-off . . . everything is cool, till you land.
2003-02-01 04:03:33 PM
This sucks. Today sucks, I have a date and this news just makes the day worse.
2003-02-01 04:38:23 PM

"Worst. Reentry. Ever."
2003-02-01 05:18:12 PM
C'mon... loosen up, shake it off, more people died in car crashes while I typed this. Someone make a joke already.
2003-02-01 05:30:03 PM
Nutdip while this is no doubt true, let's put it in perspective. The people in those car crashes who died did not have the assistance of thousands of people, the benefit of the best minds science has to offer, or the eyes of the world on them. Not to say that their deaths are not as tragic, but NASA takes great pride in making orbital travel as safe as possible. Astronauts are monitored at every point of their mission. They don't take a shiat without Houston knowing about it in some way. This will affect the entire space program, which means it will affect thousands of jobs and cost millions, if not billions of dollars.
2003-02-01 09:35:39 PM
This aint to good.. even though we all know of the risks of space flight.. its not the point.. this is not good.. and is sad.. :-(
2003-02-01 09:38:47 PM
godspeed to them all, we must continue this endevour otherwise their sacrifice will have been in vane.

god bless,
2003-02-02 02:29:52 AM
Jesus... I was in Beaumont TX helping my dad get mulch for the lawn when this happened. May Dea Magna be with the familys of the astronauts.
2003-02-02 05:09:46 AM
So NASA has degerated into a huge publicity stunt into a laughable publicity stunt where the only reason to launch if to fry the next token to a crisp.

How about getting politics out of science so we stop wasting money sending people into space? Retire the shuttle already.
2003-02-02 03:36:35 PM
I am still wondering why NASA didn't have the face recognition technology available to see defects on a wing of the shuttle. As some people have pointed out, within the 16 days the shuttle was in orbit, the Hubble satellite could have been pointed at the shuttle instead of me.
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