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(NYPost)   New Playboy editor saves the world from the horror of a nude Carnie Wilson spread   (pagesix.com) divider line 85
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2003-02-01 09:58:07 AM
actually back in the 1960s the average playmate was brunette.

2003-02-01 10:21:07 AM
"There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that Mr. Hefner's girlfriends will not be considered for the pages of Playboy," said a spokeswoman.

In other words, Strom Hefner can continue to use the promise of a centerfold fold spread to get bubbleheaded near-teens to play doctor with him. Ick.
2003-02-01 10:25:07 AM
Hef's getting it on with 10 year olds now? Double Ick!!!
2003-02-01 10:41:09 AM
Y'know... I think I'd like to see Carnie's pictures before making my decision. If she's comfortable enough naked to even have the pictures taken, who gives a shiat if she's a little thick?

And, did anyone see the Friar's Club Roast of Hefner? His seven girlfriends were there. His seven identical girlfriends were there. They all looked the same, they were all pretty much dressed the same... I'm almost positive they used the same doctor when they got their new titties. Every time Kimmel would make a joke about them, the camera would switch to the girls, and none of them looked like they understood that a joke had been made about them. They just sat there with perplexed looks on their faces and tried to laugh along with everybody else.

I don't want to see women like that naked. I wanna see women like Renee Zellweger (however that's spelled) or Stacy Keibler. Torrie Wilson's a step in the right direction, though she actually fits the prototype. Carnie would be a step in the right direction as well, I think. Vanessa Carlyle (or Carlisle?).

I think the word I'm looking for is "individuals". Maybe "Unique individuals". Playboy isn't supposed to be a magazine you get to look at run-of-the-mill strippers. Every model in there needs to take one's breath away in the same manner that Heather Carolin did.

You can get pictures of the surgical clones with huge cocks stuffed into them anywhere on the net without even looking.
2003-02-01 11:19:43 AM
hey, redhead with curves. i'd hit it. nobrainer. yeah, she's not skin and bones. good for her.
now, even though i don't guess that there'd be much more to see in playboy that wasn't in Mulholland Drive, i'd love to see Laura Elena Harring do a pictorial.
2003-02-01 11:43:39 AM
hell, if she looks anything like her, i'd DEFINITELY hit it...

women who are actually shaped like REAL women... *sigh*

oh, NSFW, btw...
2003-02-01 12:07:30 PM
Looks like some overtime for the resident airbrusher.

If you don't know what I mean, go find the playboy pics of Belinda Carlisle. Good lord, looks like her entire body was painted from scratch, with only the head being an actual photograph.
2003-02-01 12:42:39 PM
I like the rubies as well as the beanpoles!
2003-02-01 01:06:24 PM
Yeah, all the Playboy spreads look the same. Give me small real breasts over plastic baloons.
Actually, I have a good number of Playboys from the 60's and 70's. The women looked real then. I don't know how it is that Playboy could locate lots of beautiful women with good sized REAL knockers back then, but can't now.
But can you consider Carnie Wilson "real" looking, after all? She is also a product of cosmetic surgery.
2003-02-01 01:25:57 PM
Strom Hefner...brilliant Reactron !!!!
2003-02-01 01:26:44 PM
Never mind that she's god-ugly. Ick.
2003-02-01 01:26:57 PM
if it wasnt for the college issues(ie, Girls of the Big 10 etc)and the occasional celebrity skin, Playboy wouldnt be worth picking up.

Carnie=Roseanne Barr=GAG!

I'd rather see Shakira with clothes ON then see that!
2003-02-01 01:35:56 PM
Since this new editor is going for realistic, will that mean the return of the 70's bush?
2003-02-01 01:37:11 PM
I also stopped getting Playboy after a decade, when all variety seemed to disappear from the playmates, and I couldn't tell them apart anymore. Blonds galore, all the same. Though the pics I saw recently of Miss January 2003 were hot: 35, brown hair, and a bit of six-pack abs!

I say give Carnie a chance. And forget about Agulera, I never want to see ALL of her piercings. Carmen Electra would be a repeat, we've already seen all of her. Shakira, well, hell yes!
2003-02-01 01:40:06 PM
So we can finally get a centerfold who's not a generic, fake-tit, bleach blonde slut who's currently banging Hefner?
It's about farking time. The Playmates were becoming so boring and predictable that I'd actually take one glance and skip right to the articles. I love naked girls as much as the next guy, but when you the see the same biatch every month, it starts getting a little old.
Maybe if they featured more variety in their playmates, got rid of their lame pictorials of the latest dumb reality show biatch, and printed one farking issue that didn't have a picture of that asshole Fred Durst somewhere in it, I would consider re-subscribing.
2003-02-01 01:52:37 PM
2003-02-01 01:55:29 PM
I dunno. If she was comfy enough to wear her birthday suit, it might be worth a look. Plus I do tend to perfer the curvey type women. I'm so sick of the bleached boob-job bimbo. Playboy certainly went to Hell in the 90s, as the trend of the latest girl Hef was banging--which means they all look the same!--being the centerfold really destroyed the US version. Although I seem to recall a Spanish version with the women's soccer team that was FAB!
2003-02-01 02:01:44 PM
Carnie who?
2003-02-01 02:29:15 PM
random thoughts
1~I already gots me a fat girl at home...
2~When I discuss Playboy w/ my friends,
its like,"Did you read that Interveiew w/ Al Micheals?"
3~Lacko Pinko
4~Carmen Electra=Dennis Rodman
(ya hear that? That was the sound of a million weeners going flaccid at once)
5~The best thing about last issue was a pic in the back of Rebecca Gayheart's nip hanging outta her dress at some party.

note to self...Too much coffee equals too much typing...
2003-02-01 02:55:32 PM
a "hero" tag? wtf? playboy refuses to post nude pictures of a woman who has a NATURAL weight, and we say that they are "hero's"??!? you people make me sick. i'd take wilson over practically any other fake celluoid playboy model.
2003-02-01 03:05:13 PM
You know....she really isn't all that fat anymore...she has more of the "normal" looking womanly body. Congrats to her surgury and on sheading the pounds *clapping*

I also like how the article states that they don't want anymore fake blonde cookie-cutter bodies....but yet....Carmen Electra will be in the April issue and Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears are big targets for future magazine spreads.....Bunch-O-Hypocrites.
2003-02-01 03:46:55 PM
Thank you Photogeek that was a nice example of "natural". :)

I would like to see Carnie Wilson nekkid. Oh, and that gal from "Less than Perfect" The show is lame but she is HOT!

2003-02-01 03:48:48 PM
02-01-03 09:05:09 AM Understudy
Playboy needs more redheads.

I agree!!! Bring on the Red.
2003-02-01 05:08:44 PM
Fat chicks give better head.

2003-02-01 05:35:36 PM
That's not funny, Qermaq...

and after being stupid enough to get that surgery done, playboy SHOULD put her on the cover, Surgery Scars and all!!
2003-02-01 06:11:03 PM
I buy Maxim,Stuff and FHM because they are not stuck in the 80's like Playboy.... Almost no useful/entertaining articles since then either...That "Aspirational" lifestyle with $10,000 watches and $200,000 cars is better served by Robb Report...than a "mens" magazine....

The Playmate of the year contest has become a joke since, Hef's Girlfriend/Wife wins every year...
2003-02-01 06:23:59 PM
Mr E Squirrel, Maxim, Stuff and FGM would be as good as Playboy, IF they featured full frontal nudity. But they don't.
2003-02-01 07:27:44 PM
beach boys rule
2003-02-01 07:59:50 PM
Playboy doesn't show any pussy, and even if they did, who needs printed prOn anymore? They will have to rely on Playboy.com, and videos to be profitable.
2003-02-02 02:58:14 AM
02-01-03 03:05:13 PM Ivana_Stolichnaya
I also like how the article states that they don't want anymore fake blonde cookie-cutter bodies....but yet....Carmen Electra will be in the April issue and Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears are big targets for future magazine spreads.....Bunch-O-Hypocrites.

You took the words right out of my mouth.
2003-02-02 06:04:52 AM
Degrawj: I don't see how you can call Carnie Wilson's weight any more natural than those blonde bimbos' boobs regularly featured in playboy.

read the article again

first paragraph mentions she had " laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery" to lose that weight.

if you don't know what it is, i'm sure you can find yourself some more info on the net
2003-02-02 06:10:28 AM
or i could look it up for you: laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery
2003-02-02 12:41:05 PM
jessica biel. thora birch. christina ricci. to name a few (that I really wouldn't mind seeing naked).
2003-02-02 07:26:41 PM
Playboy sucks. I'm all for someone else taking the reigns and making it a good magazine again. Too bad they have to resort to making it a carbon copy of Maxim to do it.
2003-02-04 07:50:18 AM
so there is justice in this world.
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