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(Huffington Post)   NBA to borrow $175 million dollars. No word yet on which player is going to loan it to them   ( divider line
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766 clicks; posted to Sports » on 27 Feb 2009 at 10:57 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2009-02-27 11:00:00 AM  
Um, subby, are you aware of what the $ means?
2009-02-27 11:02:26 AM  
They could ask Starbury for some, he just got his payday.
2009-02-27 11:03:53 AM  
That's a lot of money, in this economy
2009-02-27 11:15:57 AM  
175 million dollars dollars?!?

Thant's a lotta clams!
2009-02-27 11:20:22 AM  

Big Beef Burrito: 175 million dollars dollars?!?

Thant's a lotta clams!

Thant's some awful proofreading, as well.
2009-02-27 11:25:30 AM  
Probably just give Paul Allen a call:

DS: Hey Paul, we need 175 Million

PA: Let me check what's under the couch cushions.


PA: Got it!
2009-02-27 11:37:08 AM  
I bet only a few ever have that much cash in the bank. There ballin ballers!
2009-02-27 11:59:49 AM  
I know how some people around herefeel about this guy, but Bill Simmons put up a interesting piece last night in response to the $175-200 million loan (ESPN says it's $200 million). Basicaly, the NBA is in deeper trouble than we all know.

Link (new window)
2009-02-27 12:55:11 PM  
I have this crazy idea for all sports:

Don't pay your players un-godly amounts.


Next issue.
2009-02-27 01:20:43 PM  
Are they going to borrow it from Haynsworth?
2009-02-27 02:34:02 PM  
I rizz-OR'ed.
2009-02-27 02:57:35 PM  
Maybe the NBA should cut the giant pimple off their ass that is the WNBA

How many millions are WASTED on that GOD only knows

/has turned down free tickets about 5 times now
//seriously, they cant even give them away down here
2009-02-27 04:09:44 PM  
You know, I honestly don't like Simmons a whole lot, but I couldn't help but read that article and laugh. A lot.
2009-02-27 11:49:10 PM  
If David Stern is in need of a more sustainable market for an NBA team:

[image from too old to be available]

/Charlotte, Memphis, and New Orleans, we're looking at you!
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