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(CBS News)   Attemped shoe bomber's lawyers argue he was acting in defense of his religion   ( divider line
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2003-01-30 12:46:16 PM  
2003-01-30 12:46:40 PM  
that's good stuff
2003-01-30 12:46:53 PM  
Who was he defending his religion from? Nike?
2003-01-30 12:47:55 PM  
lawyers say the darndest things
2003-01-30 12:48:02 PM  
God damn I hate liberals.
2003-01-30 12:48:06 PM  
Well, they are his lawyers. They have to defend him somehow.
2003-01-30 12:48:30 PM  
give him an empty plane and let him blow himself up inside it. everyone wins.
2003-01-30 12:48:56 PM  
Wait a sec. Let me try something ...

Nope. Doesn't pass the giggle test.
2003-01-30 12:49:44 PM  
Nobody thinks about the poor shoes! :(
2003-01-30 12:51:08 PM  
They truly wear the hat of the ass.
2003-01-30 12:51:51 PM  
If your religion needs -defending-, you're in a cult.

'nuff said.
2003-01-30 12:51:56 PM  
I have no problem with that. In our system, everyone's entitled to a defense. What else would you expect his lawyers to argue? They don't have much to work with.

I don't envy his lawyers.
2003-01-30 12:52:00 PM  

Lets talk about abortion.
2003-01-30 12:52:13 PM  
Hannity will be all over this...
2003-01-30 12:52:21 PM  
He should blame Allah for not giving a fark about him.
2003-01-30 12:52:24 PM  
I blame Reebok or maybe Adidas. Anybody but Richard Reid. Or maybe Robert Reed.

2003-01-30 12:52:26 PM  
I would never expect behavior like that from someone who practices Islam, the religion of peace.
2003-01-30 12:52:33 PM  

[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-30 12:55:15 PM  
His lawyers are defending him as best they can? This is disgusting. I for one will not tolerate this sort of lunacy.
2003-01-30 12:55:46 PM  
He should have had one of these:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-30 12:55:58 PM  
Priceless daft loon, that's no defense, it's a punchline.

Heave him out of a Cessna 170 at 5000 feet over a nice, brightly lit oil refinery and see if Allah was even vaguely pleased by this twit. If so, he should be able to flutter down safely like a feather.

If not, he'll get a wee taste of what his fellow passengers would have experienced had his bloody shoes gone *pop*.
2003-01-30 12:56:30 PM  

Hmm. By the look on his face, I think he wants to start a mutiny, arrg ! Must be a Buccaneers fan.

[image from too old to be available]

2003-01-30 12:57:01 PM  
THIS is why I could never be a public defender. Please tell me that they're public defenders. because if they're not... ugh. If they woke up one morning and said "I'm gonna defend the scum of the earth today, that's a good idea" Then I'm disturbed. But if they're public defenders then its cool I guess - just doing their jobs and all.
2003-01-30 12:58:58 PM  
Christianity, Islam, neither one can claim moral superiority over the other. Too many dead, too many crusades, too many jihads. Most organized religion is more than just the opiate of the masses, it is a weapon for persecution.

As Carlin put it.

''Do you believe in God?''
*bang* ''Dead.''

''Do you believe in God?''
''Do you belive in MY God?''
*bang* ''Dead.''

''Millions of dead motherfarkers just because they gave the wrong answer to the God question.''
2003-01-30 12:59:14 PM  
If he were Reed Richards, he could just squirm his bar through the bars.
2003-01-30 12:59:37 PM  
I was wondering what on earth one could come up with to defend a person found with a shoe bomb on a commercial airliner. As religious extremism is pretty poo-pooed upon these days maybe they could have gone with 'My client has fallen arches and the only thing he could find on the day in question to support his poor feet were some plastic explosives he just happened to have lying around.' Ok, maybe not.

His lawyers certainly know they're in an impossible place, but they'll get publicity out of it too; barring some freak shift in reality, though, I don't see this guy getting off lightly. At this point, it's more trying to see how little they can get him charged with than whether or not he's guilty.
2003-01-30 01:00:39 PM  
Seriously, Don't blame the lawyers.
He needs a fair trial to legitimize any punishment he receives. The lawyers have to defend him SOMEHOW. What would you folks do if you were his defense team?
2003-01-30 01:01:23 PM  
Yes. Evil lawyers.

how dare they ask for files and convince him to plead guilty.

Evil, evil defense lawyers.
2003-01-30 01:01:57 PM  
At this point, it's more trying to see how little they can get him charged with than whether or not he's guilty.

I think the guy's freely admitted his guilt already.
2003-01-30 01:02:50 PM  
Yes, Tigger, but they'll throw about 30-300 charges at him and his lawyers will try to get the jury to convict him on as few as possible.
2003-01-30 01:03:28 PM  
If I were on his defense team?

I'd make him plead out. Fast.
2003-01-30 01:03:37 PM  
They could have at least come up with something better, like "my client didn't do it, and when he gets off, he'll go out on a hunt for the real shoe-bombers."
2003-01-30 01:04:55 PM  
OK, I understand that his lawyers have absolutely nothing to work with here, but defending his religion? Againt a jet plane full of civilians? Seriously, you guys, come on! What ever happened to the temporary insanity plea? I think that's what I'd go for if I were this guy's defense team. It seemed to work for a lot of asshats in the 80's.
2003-01-30 01:06:19 PM  
You can't MAKE him plead out, TellarHK. If he's as nutty as I think he is, he probably refused to plea out and wants a trial thinking he'll show us all the glory of his religion or something. His lawyers have to give him a defense and this is probably the best they can come up with given the client they have to work with.
2003-01-30 01:06:38 PM  
01-30-03 12:52:26 PM Miles_OToole
I would never expect behavior like that from someone who practices Islam, the religion of peace.

Yeah, well I'd expect Christians, who profess love and consideration of their neighbor, to not by such judgemental, prejudiced assholes. Go figure.
2003-01-30 01:06:51 PM  
The lawyers have to say something. They have to defend their client. Whether or not it works is up to the judge and jury to decide. But legal council has to work for you.
2003-01-30 01:06:57 PM  
The shoe was not lit you must acquit.
2003-01-30 01:09:57 PM  
did they try on the shoe on him? did it fit?

2003-01-30 01:10:48 PM  
Hamb, yours is better (it rhymes)
2003-01-30 01:11:31 PM  
Brilliant. Now let's put that SOB to death on the basis that we're defending our country.

I don't think there's too much doubt that the gene pool is better without the asshat.
2003-01-30 01:12:18 PM  
Why doesn't anyone ever try to blow up prisons? That would be the best tragedy ever.
2003-01-30 01:12:32 PM  
Amen CrotchrocketSlim!
2003-01-30 01:13:50 PM  
Skinink -- looks more like a raiders fan... except he's not actually wearing a mask.
2003-01-30 01:14:01 PM  
Well, if it was done in the name of religion, then everything is fine. No harm ever came from religious people.
2003-01-30 01:14:18 PM  

The guy deserves a defense. And being an Arch-Liberal from the evil state of California where everyone must have gay anal sex and receive an abortion every year regardless of gender, I say: If this is the best defense he's got, then he's going to jail.

See how that works, my Republican friends? I (and thus all Liberals as we are all sheep) am happy because he at least receives a trial and a defense. The Conservatives (macho cowboys all) will be happy as he will be punished for his crimes.

Thus the system works.

And that's why the Conservatives are truly pissed.

2003-01-30 01:15:24 PM  
In a nutshell: "My invisible Sky-God Allah, who created all and is omnipotent, must be defended by blowing up an airplane full of his minor creations".

Makes perfect sense to me.
2003-01-30 01:16:56 PM  
Christianity, Islam, neither one can claim moral superiority over the other.

What?!? As an athiest, even I can see the moral superiority of Christianity over Islam.
2003-01-30 01:19:02 PM  
I say we strap his sorry ass to the next daisy cutter we drop on one of those third world muslim shiatholes
2003-01-30 01:19:19 PM  
Does any here really believe that his shoe bomb would have caused any real damage? Jail him for being a criminal and a dumbass, but throw some reporters and public officials in jail too for sensationalizing the whole thing way past believability. Show me a high explosive you can light with a fuse and I might change my tune. He had a "weapon of mass destruction"? Right...
2003-01-30 01:21:16 PM  
The shoes! Show the shoes!
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